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Yar's Revenge for the PC released

After a delay of about a week, publisher Atari has officially announced that the PC version of its Yar's Revenge remake is now available to purchase and download. At the moment the only place to get the game is via Atari's own site but its likely that the game will show up on other PC download sites later today.

As we have previously reported this remake of the classic 1982 sci-fi arcade shooter was developed by Killspace Entertainment and has more of an anime-like art style. The game also has support for local co-op play. It's now available to play for $9.99.

This Week In PC Games: April 18-24

One of the most anticipated PC games of 2011 is finally released this week. We also get a downloadable remake of a classic arcade game, a humor-filled adventure game and a sequel to a cult classic fighting game.

Portal 2 - The original game was only a couple of hours long and released as part of The Orange Box in 2007. Now Valve is ready to give the sequel to the acclaimed puzzle-shooter game its own spotlight. In addition to a long single player campaign where we return to Aperture Software to deal with GLaDOS we also get another separate two player co-op campaign.

Yar's Revenge remake due out for PC next week

Today publisher Atari announced that the remake of its classic sci-fi action-arcade game Yar's Revenge is now available to purchase and download for the Xbox 360. The press release made no mention of the announced PC version of the game, however.

Big Download contacted Atari's PR head today and he told us that the PC port is still very much in the works and will be released sometime "early next week". There's no specific release date yet. The game from developer Killspace Entertainment is also coming to the PS3 but there's no word yet on when that version will be available.

Yar's Revenge trailer goes bug hunting

Yar's Revenge is all about bugs and guns, and the developers have reinforced that point with this trailer. It explores the creation of the Qotile, the weapons that Yar has at her command, and the Zorlon cannon. It's an interesting face being put on an old franchise, as all of these names and elements were present in the original Atari title. We can't help but feel a little apprehension at the in-game footage, though.

Download Yar's Revenge 'Bugs and Weapons' Trailer
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Atari reveals latest financial numbers

Atari is the latest game publisher to reveal its financial numbers. The company announced that for the nine month period that ended on December 31, 2010 it had 41 million euros in revenues. While that's a decline of 55.7 percent compared to the same period a year ago Atari said those results were within its expectations.

Atari's latest game, the open world driving title Test Drive Unlimited 2, was released last week. It has a number of downloadable PC games due out in the next few months including remakes of Star Raiders and Yars Revenge along with Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale and Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime. It's next major retail game release will be The Witcher 2 in mid-May.

Exclusive: Yars' Revenge gets new video that shows art direction and gameplay

In 2010, Big Download was the first web site to offer up the first teaser trailer and the first interview about its upcoming revival of the classic Atari arcade shooter Yars' Revenge. Today we are glad to offer up yet another exclusive video about the game.

This time the video, narrated by the game's producer Michael Fahrny, goes into the art direction of the game and its anime influences. We also get a brief glimpse of gameplay from the new version of Yars' Revenge. Currently the game is under development by Killspace Entertainment and is scheduled to be released via download for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 later this spring.

Download the Yars' Revenge Art of Yars video at Big Download

Exclusive: We chat with the producer of Yars' Revenge

As we first announced earlier today, publisher Atari is working with developer Killspace Entertainment on a remake-reimagining of the classic 1981 sci-fi action game Yars' Revenge that's due out in early 2011. You have seen the teaser trailer and now we have the first details on the game itself. The title's producer at Atari, Michael Fahrny, gave more details on how Killspace got the job, why the remake will have a Japanese anime art style, what story of weapons will be used, how the two player co-op mode will work and much more.

Editor's note: Atari has elected not to show any in-game screenshots of Yars' Revenge at this time.

Exclusive: Yars' Revenge remake announced; teaser trailer released

Last week, publisher Atari offered up its upcoming game release schedule during its quarterly financial press release. One of the games mentioned in the schedule was the previously unannounced Yars' Revenge. Today Big Download can officially reveal the first details on the title. For those of you who have a long memory this is indeed is a remake of the classic Atari sci-fi arcade game that was first released back in 1981.

This new version is the first game that's due to be released by Killspace Entertainment, a Hollywood-based studio made up of former members of Obsidian Entertainment and the now shut down Pandemic Studios. Its remake of Yars' Revenge will have a Japanese anime art style as it tells the story of a nameless Yar who was previously brainwashed by the Qotile empire. Now having broken from their control, the Yar battles back against its former masters. Look for massive aerial battles, multiple endings and local support for two player co-op.

The game is due for release in early 2011 for the PC (via digital download) as well as the Xbox 360 and PS3. Big Download will have the first interview about Yar's Revenge later today but for now you can check out the debut of the game's teaser trailer

Download the Yars' Revenge Teaser Trailer now at Big Download

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