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This Week In PC Games: April 11-17

It's another fairly slow week for new PC game releases but there's still some interesting titles coming out, including the launch of a new MMO, a RTS game with weather effects and an expansion pack for a popular action-RPG game.

Magicka: Vietnam - This is the first mini-expansion pack for the sleeper hit action-RPG from developer Arrowhead Game Studios and publisher Paradox Interactive. Yes for $4.99 the game will add a new campaign where the wizards fight off creatures in the Vietnam jungle with spells and guns while trying to rescure POWs, Rambo style. Look for a new challenge map to be added to the game as well.

World of Tanks taking pre-orders for US and Europe launch

World of Tanks is technically a free-to-play MMORTS title but the WWII-themed tank game from developer is using a microtransaction business model for revenue. Today the developer announced a special pre-launch deal that will allow US and European players to purchase in-game coins at a discount.

From now until the game's US-Europe launch date on April 12 you can get 12,500 in-game coins for $45, 18,700 coins for $67 and 25,000 coins for $90. Each level of pre-launch deals will also come with access to an exclusive in-game tank (А-32 from USSR for the light level, Pz V/IV from Germany for the medium level and the M6A2E1 from the USA for the Heavy level).

World of Tanks to officially launch in US and Europe April 12

After several months of closed and then open beta testing, developer has announced that the US and European territories will finally get their official launch of World of Tanks very soon. Eurogamer reports today that the game will officially launch on April 12.

The free-to-play WWII strategy-themed MMO has already been released in Russia with claiming that in that country that World of Tanks has achieved a new world record for having the most players playing the game at one time on one server. says that 91,311 players were on the Russian server on January 23.

World Of Tanks open beta begins

As promised, developer has launched the open beta test for its WWII strategy MMO game World of Tanks in the US and in Europe. Players in the US can sign up to participate in the beta via this web site while European players have a separate web page for sign up to join its own servers.

There's no word on how long the open beta will last but it's expected that the official launch for the game will happen sometime before the end of March. In the meantime a new trailer that shows off the various features and armored vehicle battle action from World of Tanks can be seen after the jump:

World of Tanks open beta begins January 27

After several months of closed beta testing for Europe and North America, developer announced today that the open beta test for its WWII RTS MMO game World of Tanks will finally go live on January 27. The developer states that over 260,000 players participated in the closed beta test with about 2 million battles fought on the virtual war field.

The open beta test will allow any player to try out the game and also plans to release new maps, tanks and new gameplay modes during the test. World of Tanks should get the green light to officially launch by the end of March 2011.

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World of Tanks claims new world record for largest number of players on one server

Watch out EVE Online. There's a new sherriff in town and its name is World of Tanks. Developer's WWII RTS MMO game has now claimed the new world record for having the largest number of players on one server. EVE Online previously set the record with 60,453 players on its one server back in June 2010. claims that on Wednesday its World of Tanks Russian server had a whopping 74,536 players online at one time. So now the ball is in EVE Online's court. recently announced that it had over 1 million registered players around the world. The US and European version of the game is in closed beta and will officially launch later this quarter.

World of Tanks goes over 1 million registered users

The world of MMO games has mostly been about fantasy- themed RPGs but some titles have broken off from the crowd. One of them is developer's WWII-themed MMORTS game World of Tanks. Today the company announced that the game has registered over one million users in the US, Europe and Russia.

The game itself has been officially launched in Russia since August but the game is still in its closed beta test phase in the US and Europe. Wargaming is currently adding additional European-based servers and plans to officially launch World of Tanks for Western audiences sometime in the first quarter of 2011.

Reminder: World of Tanks beta code giveaway

We launched our World of Tanks closed beta test last week but we still have some of the 1,000 codes we were given by developer to give out to our readers. The actual closed beta test doesn't start until Thursday so you still have some time to get a code to try out this unique WWII themed MMO title.

Simply email us at and if we have any of the beta codes left over we will send one your way. You can also download the beta client from our super fast servers ahead of the beta's launch on Thursday. Check out our original post to find out how to redeem the beta code.
Download the World of Tanks Closed Beta Client (1.08 GB)

World of Tanks closed beta code giveaway at Big Download

Earlier this year developer, the makers of the 2009 WWII RTS game Order of War, announced its plans for World of Tanks, The free to play turn-based strategy themed MMO is also set in WWII and will feature over 150 different types of armored vehicles and will have everything from small skirmishes to massive campaigns.

The game will be entering into a closed beta test on July 8 but the folks at Wargaming,net sent us a tankful of beta codes for World of Tanks (1,000 codes in fact) to give out to our readers ahead of the closed beta launch. All you have to do is send an email to and we will give out the codes until we run out of them. Check below the jump for instructions on how redeem and download the client. And much thanks to for the codes.

Download the World of Tanks Closed Beta Client
(1.08 GB)

World of Tanks announced

There are MMOs that try to become a "World of Warcraft killer." Then there are MMOs that try to use World of Warcraft as a kind of jumping off point to say, "We are completely different." Hence the announcement today of World of Tanks, a WWII themed turned based strategy MMO from, the same folks behind the WWII RTS game Order of War.

The game will feature over 150 different types of armored vehicles from the time period, covering the US, Germany and the Soviet Union. The game will support everything from small random battles to massive campaigns "where mighty clans fight for hundreds of provinces employing grand strategy, diplomacy and economic power." The free-to-play game is scheduled to launch sometime this fall. You can check out a funny teaser trailer for the game after the jump:

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