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Command and Conquer-Victory Games web site officially launches

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It may have been prematurely launched earlier this week but now Electronic Arts has relaunched the Command and Conquer web site, officially revealing that the newly formed Victory Games studio will be in charge of the next game in the RTS game series.

Right now the site is pretty bare bones with an introduction to the game's new community manager and a chat with Victory Games' head Jon Van Caneghem. He talks in vague terms about their plans for the next C&C game, saying, "We've put together a team made up of some of the best talent from previous Command & Conquer games along with a great mix of quality industry veterans. He also stated that the full reveal of the game will be made later in 2011.

Command and Conquer revival to be handled by EA's new Victory Games [Update]

The Command and Conquer RTS franchise's last game was released back in March 2010 with the release of Command and Conquer 4. However even before that game shipped out from Electronic Arts the publisher had already announced plans in November 2009 for a revival of the series under the leadership of Might and Magic's creator Jon Van Caneghem. The EA memo announcing the move stated that the new game would use, "a new digital model that is going to re-ignite the fan base for this franchise."

Now the Command and Conquer web site has gotten a makeover, announcing that the new C&C game will be developed under EA's newly revealed Victory Games label with offices in Los Angeles, Austin and Shanghai. There's a brief chat with Van Caneghem on the site where he confirms that a new C&C game for the PC is in the works but details will be revealed later in the year. He adds that the work that he and Victory Games are doing will be more than just making an new game, saying. "That means updating a lot of the core technology to create a stable base for future development, and leveraging that work on this first game." Some have already speculated that means the new C&C game could be a digital download-only product.

Update: Looks like the web site might not have been ready for prime time: it has disappeared.

[Via Rock Paper Shotgun]

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