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Monday Night Combat for PC gets a chicken; a GIANT CHICKEN!

Monday Night Combat for the the PC just got a new free automatic content update via Steam. The multiplayer shooter from Uber Entertainment has added a new Crossfire map, Uncle Tully's Funland, to the game. The map comes with a new spawn creature, Chickey Cantor. And yes, he's a chicken, a GIANT CHICKEN! (Cue Warner Bros. Animation theme song).

Chickey Cantor can give your team big single-life buff if you shoot him and make him fly away. He can also be ridden for eight seconds for extra money. New bot spawn buttons have also been added for Jackbots, Black Jacks, Slims, Scramblers, Gremlins, Gapshots and Bouncers. The full patch list can be seen at the Uber Entertainment web site. You can also check out a trailer showcasing the features after the jump

Monday Night Combat PC gets free weekend and 33 percent off sale

Monday Night Combat is starting to become a lot of people's new Saturday night thing. The PC version of the future sports themed multiplayer action game from developer Uber Entertainment has gotten lots of good reviews since being released on Steam in January.

Today Uber Entertainment launches a free weekend of play for Monday Night Combat. From now until 4 pm Eastern time on Sunday you can download and play the full PC version of the game. In addition from now until 1 pm Eastern time on Monday the price of the game has been cut to just $10.04. You can also get the game's four-pack deal at a discount for $30.12.

Monday Night Combat PC update adds Cardboard Tube Samurai (sort of)

monday night combat pc
Just ahead of PAX East 2011, the team at developer Uber Entertainment have just released a new PC version update for its multiplayer action game Monday Night Combat. The update, via Steam, has some neat content additions, including being able to outfit the game's Assassin character in Penny Arcade's Cardboard Tube Samurai.

Other new additions include new Outlander gear for your team (complete with new taunts) and a new All-Star player ranking system where players can guage how good of a player they are compared to other players on a server. Your player rating will automatically adjust; if you are on a killing spree your rating will go up. If you keep getting killed the ranking will go down. You can check out the new content for the game at the trailer after the jump:

If you are attending PAX East 2011 this weekend you can drop by the Uber Entertainment booth and get access to a code that will unlock an exclusive Authentic Battle Damage version of the Cardboard Tube Samurai outfit. You will also see a preview of an upcoming new map, Uncle Tully's Funland.

Monday Night Combat celebrates Valentine's Day with new update and video

Monday Night Combat is a game that has a bit of goofy humor in it anyway and this week the multiplayer shooter's developer team at Uber Entertainment decided to make a little love, not war, with a new content update via Steam. The update adds some Crimson Gear for all of the game's Pros. It also adds a "Broken Heart Headshot Effect" for anyone playing the Sniper and wearing the Crimson Gear. There's also a new "Rose Petal Death Effect" for any Pro wearing the same gear.

But that's not as fun as the newly added music video "You are My Pitgirl" as we get to hear how someone just love the female member of a Monday Night Combat team. We have to agree.

Review: Monday Night Combat

Team Fortress 2 has been the undisputed champion of team-based, competitive multiplayer chooters. With characteristic classes, high-octane gameplay, and continued support from the developers, it's no wonder that TF2 has gone on to become one of the biggest games on the PC. However, they certainly don't have a monopoly on this sort of creativity, and upstart Uber Entertainment has managed to deliver an incredible freshman game that is on par with, if not better than, TF2. Monday Night Combat is a polished masterpiece, and despite a few nagging issues, it remains the best multiplayer shooters we have played in almost four years.

Monday Night Combat trailer crosses over with more franchises

Monday Night Combat is one of the better multiplayer shooters out there, and it's finally left beta on the PC. To commemorate the occasion, the developers at Uber Entertainment have released a launch trailer that shows off almost every aspect of gameplay. In addition, they have also crossed over with two other incredibly popular franchises: Team Fortress 2 and Penny Arcade. This trailer shows off the different additions to both MNC and TF2, as well as the new Penny Arcade bot. Let's just leave it that it's mildly not safe for work.

Download Monday Night Combat 'PC Launch' Trailer
Check out all Monday Night Combat downloads

Monday Night Combat PC released; Team Fortress 2 and Penny Arcade content added

As promised, developer Uber Entertainment has released the (non-beta) version of Monday Night Combat for the PC. You can buy the game via Steam for $14.99 or in a four pack for $44.97 which gets you four copies for the price of three. The PC port launches with some new features such as the Pro Gear system that will allow players to customize the look of their player characters. There's also a crossover with the Penny Arcade comic strip as the Juice Bot character might pop up to replace the normal mascot during a match.

If you purchase the game before February 1 you will also get some Team Fortress 2 inspired items for your Monday Night Combat characters. If you own Team Fortress 2 you can also get some Monday Night Combat wearable items for that game as well.

Monday Night Combat PC delayed until January 24

The official release of the PC port of Monday Night Combat was scheduled for release on Monday, January 17. However the final PC version of the third person multiplayer shooter-futuristic sports game won't be out next week after all. Developer Uber Entertainment announced a one week delay for the PC port; it's now due out on January 24.

According to a post on the game's official Steam message boards, Uber team member Chandana "Eka" Ekanayake stated, "We'd like to have a solid launch with more bug fixes and more time to polish as well as add some new content." People who pre-order the game now can still gain immediate access to the beta version of Monday Night Combat.

Contest: Win one of four Steam codes for PC version of Monday Night Combat

You may have checked out our interview earlier today with a rep from Uber Entertainment about the upcoming PC port of Monday Night Combat. Now you have a chance to actually win a copy of the cool third person multiplayer action game. We have four Steam codes for the title that we will give away to some lucky readers. The nice thing is that the code can be used to download the beta version of the game immediately

So how do you win? It's pretty easy:

  • To enter, post a comment on this contest page.
  • The comment must be left before 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Friday, January 7
  • You may enter only once.
  • Four winners will be selected in a random drawing.
  • Those four winners will each be sent a Steam code to download Monday Night Combat (valued at $14.99 each)
  • Click Here for complete Official Rules. You must be a resident of the US or Canada (excluding Quebec) who is 18 years or older to enter this contest
Our thanks to Uber Entertainment for sponsoring this giveaway. Good luck.

Interview: We chat with Uber Entertainment about Monday Night Combat PC

The Washington State-based game developer Uber Entertainment got a surprise hit on its hands with its first game Monday Night Combat. The interesting mix of third person shooter combined with a futuristic sports-game show motif, plus a healthy dose of humor, made the game a best seller when it was released for the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade download service last summer.

But it looks like PC gamers will be able to benefit from Uber's decision to bring the game to the PC platform. The title, which is available via pre-order on Steam, will have a number of features that the Xbox 360 version didn't have such as dedicated server support, upcoming editor support and more. Plus people who pre-order the game before its January 17 release can go ahead and play the beta version right now.

Big Download got some more info about the PC port from Uber's executive producer and art director Chandana "Eka" Ekanayake, including hints about post-release content updates and more.

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