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Tribes Ascend concept art shows off Drydock map

Lots of Tribes players and fans are anxious to find out how developer Hi-Rez Studios plan to revive the cult hit sci-fi shooter series with the upcoming multiplayer shooter Tribes Ascend. This week, the game's official Facebook page posted up the first concept artwork for one of the maps, titled Drydock, that's being made for the game.

As you can see above the art style for the game is pretty much spot on compared to previous games set in the Tribes universe. There also seems to be some kind of energy blasts hitting the ground from above. Whether those blasts come from natural or man-made sources remains to be seen. Tribes Ascend is currently set for release before the end of 2011.

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Tribes Ascend concept art pops up on Facebook

Tribes Ascend's announcement by Hi-Rez Studios last week was a welcome surprise to fans of the long running Tribes shooter series. Now the game's official Facebook page is making fans "like" it by promising to reveal concept artwork from the title as more and more fans "like" the page.

The first couple of concept art images are already in places showing off some Blood Eagle armor types and more are promised when and if Facebook users continue to "like" the page. While concept artwork is nice we would prefer to see some in-game screenshots. Hopefully those won't be held hostage for long.

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Tribes Ascend will be first game for Hi-Rez Studios' Tribes revival

tribes ascent
Developer Hi-Rez Studios' previously announced revival of the Tribes sci-fi shooter franchise will be getting a new installment. Previously, the developer announced plans to create a persistent online game known as Tribes Universe. While that game is still being planned, Hi-Rez Studios has now announced that before that game comes out it will release a digital download title called Tribes Ascend that sounds like it will be more like the multiplayer shooters that started the series with Tribes 1 and 2.

In its press release, Hi-Rez Studios' founder Todd Harris said that in their testing for Tribes Universe, "We've had tremendous fun play-testing and realized the potential of a multiplayer focused title ahead of Tribes Universe. The community has been waiting for a multi-player shooter that is the modern successor to T2. Tribes: Ascend is that game." The game is due out in late 2011 for the PC and also for the Xbox 360. A teaser trailer for the game can be seen after the jump:

Tribes Universe launches sign ups for alpha testing

Earlier this week developer Hi-Rez Studios revealed that it had acquired the rights to the Tribes game franchise with plans to make a first person shooter MMO called Tribes Universe. Today it launched a web site that will allow folks to sign up to be picked to participate in the upcoming alpha test for the game.

Alpha testing for the new game is expected to begin in early 2011. The press release also confirms that the acquisition of the Tribes IP also includes the previous games in the game's Starsiege universe. As you can see above the logo for Tribes Universe has also been revealed.

Feature: A quick history of Tribes

This weekend's out of the blue announcement of a new game in the Tribes series of sci-fi shooters by developer Hi-Rez Studios likely has the attention of some old school gamers who remember where they were when the original game in the franchise was first released. However it's also likely that many people reading this web site have never played, or even worse, never heard of the Tribes series.

So we decided to whip a quick history of the Tribes franchise for those of you who have yet to play any of the games in the series. The franchise was a massive influence of the first person shooter genre, particularly in its multiplayer features. In many ways the first game in the series was years ahead of its time but its successors never achieved the audience that the first game did.

Tribes franchise acquired by Hi-Rez Studios; Tribes Universe in development

One of the oldest first person shooter game franchises has a new home. Hi-Rez Studios, who released the sci-fi first person shooter MMO Global Agenda earlier this year, has announced that it has acquired the rights to the Tribes game franchise. Hi-Rez is already at work on the next game in the sci-fi shooter series, to be called Tribes Universe.

The surprise announcement was made in a post late on Saturday on the official Global Agenda message boards (free registration required to read the message) by Hi-Rez Studios' CEO Erez Goren. In his message he stated that the idea behind the Tribes acquisition actually started when they realized they could not expand Global Agenda in terms of player and map size beyond the game's current limits so the decision was mad to make an all new game that would have support for over 100 players at once with massive levels, vehicles and more.

Goren states, "While working through the design we kept coming back to one old and loved game that represented many of the concepts we where incorporating into the new game (Jetpacks, vehicles, large open space, three armor types, futuristic weapons, etc)." Of course Goren is describing Tribes and the company apparently decided to go ahead and purchase the Tribes IP. The previous owners of the Tribes property,, have confirmed the purchase via its own message board post, saying, "HiRez owns all rights and any questions regarding Tribes development should be directed to them." Specific financial numbers for the deal have not been revealed.

Goren stated the new Tribes Universe will have, among other things, a fully persistent world with three factions, massive maps that are 10 times the size of the largest Global Agenda map, ground and air vehicles, "lots of weapons", jetpacks, clan support, "skiing." and more. Goren assured Global Agenda players that the game will continue to be supported and updated while Tribes Universe will be developed by a separate team at Hi-Rez. Alpha testing for Tribes Universe will begin at the start of 2011 and according to Goren, "Global Agenda players with level 50 characters will have priority in entering Alpha and Beta testing."

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Irrational Games confirms first CG trailer for next game to debut August 12

A while back Irrational Games asked people to call in and give their guesses about the next game that the folks behind the original BioShock are working on. Today a new episode of Irrational's official podcast had the best of the fan's guesses (we really liked the Myst Babies for the Nintendo DS guess).

Then the podcast turned serious as the podcast confirmed that a GC trailer for the unannounced game will be shown on Thursday, August 12. That's the day after a planned press event will be held in New York City to reveal the game to the media for the first time. The podcast then talked to a number of Irrational team members about how excited they are that they will soon be able to talk about what they have been working on for the past few years. Stay for the full podcast to here one of the fan's suggestions of a rather ... interesting ... ideal for a game.

Release of free browser version of Tribes still up in the air

Some of you may remember that over a year ago GarageGames and its business announced that they had purchased the Tribes IP rights. They also announced plans to offer the original Starsiege: Tribes multiplayer shooter as a free game via the browser site. They even showed a beta of the browser version running at PAX last September.

Since then, however, there's been little news on the progress of bringing the version of Tribes to the public. In a recent video blog on the blog site, reps from the company state," . . . we absolutely want to do these things but we have to take care of ourselves (InstantAction) first)." is still in transition as of the time of this post; the main site is still down as they move to a streaming game business model. However the the video blog gave no clear idea of when will be back in operation, nor when the promised Tribes release will take place. You can check out the video blog after the jump.

Freeware Friday: Tribes 2

Welcome to Freeware Friday, a weekly column showcasing excellent games that you can play free of charge!

is a classic of the multiplayer FPS genre, and has influenced many games since its entry into the market. Games like Battlefield or MAG owe a debt to Tribes, as Tribes was the first truly massive first-person multiplayer experience. The level of detail and scale on the maps and gameplay was awesome, and almost every modern team-based shooter can trace its lineage to Tribes. However, the success of Tribes didn't stop with the first game. It extended into a franchise that has received two sequels. The latest, Tribes Vengeance, was not all that good, but the immediate sequel Tribes 2 was absolutely fantastic. Released for free a while ago to commemorate the launch of Vengeance, the authorization servers went down in 2008, with the community releasing their own in 2009. It's now completely freeware, and anyone who wants to enjoy this updated classic can do so once again.

PAX 2009: InstantAction Tribes hands-on impressions

While the original Starsiege: Tribes first person shooter is available as a free downloadable title, wouldn't it be cool to just play the game on a browser. GarageGames and InstantAction plan to do just that very soon with their web browser based version of Tribes. We got a chance to play a beta of the Tribes browser game at PAX 2009 this weekend.

Basically if you played Tribes when it first came out almost 11 years ago you will be familiar with the browser based version. It's basically the same game with a few extra bug fixes, according to InstantAction reps. The game is also purely multiplayer (no bots here) so you and your friends will have to join servers and play in the game's massive levels, defend bases, build and repair turrets and items and more. In short it's going to be pure nostalgia fun.

But will there be more to come? While InstantAction already has a kind of spiritual successor to Tribes running on their servers (Fallen Empire: Legions) they did say that if the browser version of Tribes turns out to be a hit they could add new content to the game (the company now owns the rights to the Tribes franchise). There's no release date set for the InstantAction version of Tribes but based on our playtime it shouldn't be too much of a wait.

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