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More one-day sales today on Direct2Drive

Direct2Drive's 24 Days of Christmas promotion is nearing its end and the PC game download service still has a few one day sales items to promote. Today's one day sales include Eidos' sneaker shooter game Thief: Deadly Shadows and Atari's temporal themed first person shooter Timeshift. Each game is now on sale for one day only for $9.95 each.

Direct2Drive also has a Tomb Raider game bundle deal combining Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary in one download package for $22.50. Finally yesterday's Torchlight $9.95 sale that started today will last for just one more day. Runic Games' action-RPG can be bought for that price until 1 pm Eastern time on Thursday.

Back and Forth: Time Travel In PC Games

It's one of science fiction's oldest and most popular themes: time travel. Characters that travel to the past or future, alternate timelines caused by making one simple historical event happen differently or even personal manipulation of temporal forces are all themes that have been explored by a number of games.

With the upcoming demo of Darkest of Days coming up tomorrow, Big Download decided to look back and look forward at games that used time travel, alternate timelines or time manipulation as their main themes. Some of the games were well done and others . . . well, you will see what we mean when you check out our latest gallery feature.

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More former Sierra/Vivendi Games show up on Steam

Last week we reported that Rebellion had bought a number of former Vivendi Games properties from Activision Blizzard but it seems Activision has kept the rights to a number of those games as well. Today five former Sierra/Vivendi Games properties are available to download via Steam under the Activision publishing banner.

Among the games listed are the Space Quest Collection and the King's Quest Collection, each collecting the classic Sierra adventure game series. Also included are two more recent downloadable titles, Aces of the Galaxy and 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures. Finally the hardcore first person shooter Timeshift has also been added. All five titles are available for 25 percent off their normal Steam prices until June 30.

Saber Interactive to use Havok for physics effects in future game

It's been a while since we have heard anything from Saber Interactive. The game developer has been pretty quiet since the 2007 release of their temporal-themed sci-fi shooter Timeshift (shown above) for the now defunct Vivendi Games. However it appears that the company is still around thanks to a new press release today.

Intel-owned game physics software maker Havok have announced that Saber Interactive plans to use their software for a future game. Specifically, the unanounced games will use the Havok Destruction tool which will be used "to punch holes in walls, buckle scaffolding, shatter windows, and even bend metal to create a truly dynamic and evolving cityscape." No other details on the game were announced.

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