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Tomb Raider games and Last Remnant on sale via Steam today only

The PC game download service Steam continues its week long sale of games from Square Enix and their Eidos brand today with price cuts on a number of games in Eidos's Tomb Raider series. There's also a discount on 2009's fantasy RPG The Last Remnant.

From now until 11 am Eastern time on Thursday, you can get that game or Tomb Raider Anniversary, Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Underworld for 50 percent off their normal price. You can also get all three Tomb Raider games together in a bundle for 60 percent off. Finally all the Tomb Raider games can be bought together with The Last Remnant for 66 percent off their normal price. begins its after Christmas sale

So you might have gotten some money or maybe a gift card for your Christmas present. What can you do to use them? The folks at have some suggestions on how to spend it as it launches their after Christmas sale on their site. As one might expect, their sale has a mix of older and more recent PC games at cut down prices.

Among the more recent games are The Sims 3 for $34.90, The Last Remnant for $27.90, Left 4 Dead 2 for $37.90 and Modern Warfare 2 for $49.9. The older games in the sale can be bought for as low as $1.90. has new PC game sales this weekend has decided to take a bit of a head start on the weekend sales front this time out. Their 48 Hour Madness sale, as usual, brings massive price cuts to a number of more recent and older PC retail game titles. The sales end at 3 am ET on Saturday.

Among the games on sale this week include The Last Remnant for $29.90, F.E.A.R. 2 for just $24.90, Medieval II: Total War Gold Edition and Rome: Total War Gold for just $9.90 each and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow for a mere $4.90 each.

The Last Remnant gets special sale on today

Memorial Day weekend is winding down but if you are still seeking a new PC game deal has made the PC version of The Last Remnant their "Deal of the Day" today. The Square Enix fantasy RPG can be bought at today for $26.98.

At the moment that price is 33 percent off its normal price tag of $39.99. The Unreal Engine 3 based game got slammed when it was released for the Xbox 360 in 2008 due to lots of technical issues. However the PC version has gotten much better reviews thanks in part to the fact that the tech issues found in the Xbox 360 port are not evident in the PC port.

[Via Joystiq]

This week in PC games: March 23-29

The last full week in March brings a number of major PC retail and downloadable titles down the pike along with a big downloadable expansion:

Stormrise - The Creative Assembly releases this original sci-fi RTS game for publisher Sega featuring battles on a future Earth between technological and biological-themed factions. If you just have Windows XP and DirectX9 installed, you can ignore this game; it's one of the very few that's a Windows Vista-DirectX10 exclusive.

Gallery: Stormrise

Steam issues in Europe kept people from playing The Last Remnant

While Square Enix's upcoming PC port of their RPG The Last Remnant isn't due to ship to the US until this coming Tuesday, the game was released over in Europe this past week. Unfortunately the people who first bought the game found out the hard way that these days having a high-powered PC isn't all that is needed to play a title.

For the PC port, Square Enix decided to use Steam to authenticate its copies of the game. But as our sister site Joystiq reports, the Steam client told the people in Europe who bought it legally and put in the appropriate code that the title could not be unlocked. However Square Enix has apparently fixed this issue, saying, " . . .any technical glitches were resolved within a few hours." Still it's really annoying to buy a game and find out you can't play it because of a "technical glitch" that you can't control.

Download: The Last Remnant Demo

This is the demo for The Last Remnant, a fantasy RPG by Square Enix scheduled to release for the PC on March 24 and via Steam on April 9. This demo lets you visit and experience the first few dungeons and towns found in the retail game. You can also freely change the line-up of your unions to make the most of the Last Remnant
battle system. "The Games for Windows version boasts a host of new features, these include; giving the player the choice to select Japanese or English voice-overs, improved character animations, the ability to allow multiple leader units to form unions and faster gameplay during battles." Continue reading after the jump for system requirements.

Download The Last Remnant Demo (1 GB)
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The Last Remnant PC to be released March 24 in stores; April 9 on Steam

Square Enix's PC port of their fantasy RPG The Last Remnant was first announced last July at E3. Today the publisher announced that the PC version would finally ship to stores on March 24 with a number of new features, including faster gameplay in battles, better character animations, a way to allow multiple leader units to form unions and a way for the player to switch between English and Japanese language versions.

However if you think buying a game in a store is old-fashioned. Square Enix has a separate press release today announcing that The Last Remnant will be the first game from the publisher to be made available via Valve's Steam service. The Steam version will be released on April 9 and will use Valve's Steamworks platform in some way, although specifics were not mentioned. In the meantime you can download the game's separate benchmark tool right here at Big Download.

Download: The Last Remnant Benchmark Tool

The Last Remnant, a fantasy role-playing game by Square Enix, will be releasing on the PC sometime this Spring. So, one of the first things people ask is, "How well will this run on my computer?" This benchmark tool will answer that question and give you a first-hand experience of the game's fantastic graphics. Be aware that even though the benchmark tool itself in in English, the instructions are in Japanese. Continue reading this post for directions on use.
Download The Last Remnant Benchmark Tool (274 MB)
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The Last Remnant gets more specific PC release date

One of the few new PC game announcements of E3 last July came at Microsoft's E3 press conference, where Square Enix announced that it's Unreal Engine 3 powered fantasy RPG The Last Remnant would also be coming to the PC some time in the future but did not announce a release date.

This week Square Enix announced that the PC port was now aiming for a spring 2009 release time period. The Xbox 360 version, released back in November, got slammed by critics in part for its performance issues. Square Enix's press release stated the PC version would have extra content but no specifics were mentioned.


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