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Stargate Resistance multiplayer servers to shut down January 15

Stargate Resistance, the third person multiplayer shooter, is officially on its last legs. The downloadable-only game is no longer available for sale and now the game's official web site has revealed that the multiplayer servers will shut down for people who have already purchased the game on January 15.

This news comes shortly after the game's original developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment won a court fight to claim the assets of Stargate Resistance back from Dark Orbit Games, who attempted to continue the game's development after Cheyenne Mountain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year. Even though it won the battle, Cheyenne has now also lost the war as the game license rights to the Stargate franchise have now expired.

Stargate Resistance back in original developer's control after court ruling

The continuing saga of the Stargate game license took yet another left turn this week as a judge ruled that the assets of the multiplayer third person shooter Stargate Resistance be returned to the game's original developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. The company released the digital download game earlier this year and then just a few days later filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Not long after that a group of former Cheyenne team members claimed to have taken control of future support and updates to Stargate Resistance. The group, which called itself Fresh Start Studios and then Dark Comet Games, indeed did release a number of patches and content updates to the game. However in August Cheyenne slapped the companies with a lawsuit saying the transfer of the game's assets was "improper" which the judge apparently agreed with this week.

The web site Nerdvana reports that even as Cheyenne wins this court case it is still under Chapter 11 and has a new receiver in place to handle its ongoing financial issues. There's no word on if Stargate Resistance will continue to be updated under its new-old owner. Adding to the problems is that the company's Stargate game license has now expired with its owner MGM althought Cheyenne's chairman and CEO Gary Whiting is claiming that the receiver is working to get that license back.

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Stargate Resistance now in Dark Comet Games' hands

The fairly confusing saga surrounding the release of the multiplayer shooter game Stargate Resistance took another turn today as it was revealed that a new game developer, Dark Comet Games, has taken over the continuing development of the title.

In a press release, Dark Comet Games said its company was formed by the original developers of Stargate Resistance under the direction of Firesky. The new company will continue to update the game with a new map and other new content planned for release "in the coming weeks". The game was first announced and released by Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment who later filed for bankruptcy last March. Previously Cheyenne stated the game's development would be moved to a new company called Fresh Start. It's likely Dark Comet Games is simply the final name for Fresh Start.

The press release makes no mention of the status of Stargate Worlds, the MMO game that Cheyenne was developing until it turned its attention to Stargate Resistance.

Stargate Resistance development continues at new studio

Earlier this year, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment announced that the developer of the recent third person multiplayer shooter Stargate Resistance and the long-in-development MMO Stargate Worlds has filed for bankruptcy. Now the developer has issued a press release announcing that a receiver has been assigned by the bankruptcy court to run the company and check out their current financial situation. When a receiver is brought in, chances are that a company like Cheyenne is close to shutting down.

However the development of Stargate Resistance is still active as a number of Cheyenne's shareholders have formed a new company, Fresh Start Studios. Cheyenne has delivered all of Stargate Resistance's assets to Fresh Start who are now in charge of support and updates. Indeed a new update to the game was released earlier this week.

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Stargate Resistance developer files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

It looks like the financial problems of game developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment have finally caught up with it. The team behind the upcoming MMO Stargate Worlds and the just released third person multiplayer shooter Stargate Resistance have now filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That means the company can now restructure its various debts with the hope of coming out of bankruptcy (with court approval). Cheyenne Mountain has also announced on its site that they have distanced themselves from now now former CEO Gary Whiting "alleging various wrong doing against the Company"

So what does this mean for future updates to Stargate Resistance? According to an official statement posted on the game's message boards, "....our entire staff is in-house working on upgrades and expansions for Stargate Resistance, and we continue to be motivated and excited by the response we've received from our customers." In the meantime the statement seems to reflect a hope that this is just a bump in the road rather than the end of it, saying. "This will all be sorted out in the legal and proper manner, and all of us on the development side of things hope it's done as quickly as possible."

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Stargate Resistance to be released on February 10 [Update]

Late in 2009, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment announced plans to release Stargate Resistance, a third person multiplayer action game set in the TV series universe that serves as a side project to their still ongoing work on the MMO Stargate Worlds. Now the developer has officially anounced that Stargate Resistance will be released via download on February 10. Pricing has yet to be announced.

There will be some kind of pre-order announcement soon and it sounds like the game will have some special relationship with the Direct2Drive download service. The developer stated they will offer some exclusive free content if folks purchase the game from Direct2Drive ahead of its release. You can find out more about the game in our recent interview at Big Download.

Update: That Direct2Drive pre-order is now live. The game is being priced at $19.95 and offers extra weapons, emotes and armor for both the Soldier and Goa'uld classes.

Interview: Cheyenne Mountain talks about Stargate Resistance

Fans of the Stargate TV shows have been waiting patiently to get a PC game based on the sci-fi franchise. They have had to deal with the cancellation of one first person shooter and the delays of the MMO Stargate Worlds. However the development team behind the latter title, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, has decided to move on a new Stargate-themed title, the multiplayer third person shooter Stargate Resistance, while still working on Stargate Worlds.

Big Download got a chance to ask some questions to Kathryn Dutchin, the producer of the game, to find out more about their plans and also get an update on Stargate Worlds.

Stargate Resistance multiplayer shooter in 2010; Stargate Worlds still coming

We've been covering the saga of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's financial issues with getting their long-in-development MMO Stargate Worlds off the ground for some time now. This week the developer made a surprise announcement with the reveal of Stargate Resistance, a all new multiplayer-oriented third person shooter based on the TV series universe that's set for release in the first quarter of 2010.

The game's official web site has more info and the first screenshots from the game along with a message from Cheyenne Mountain's Chris Klug explaining the premise. Stargate Resistance will feature battles between the humans of Stargate Command against the System Lords. The game will have six player classes, an assortment of weapons, gameplay modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Tech and Domination and more. There will also be a strategic element to the game as teams will try to win control over planets via matches.

Klug also talked about their issues with the MMO Stargate Worlds, saying, "We chose to remain quiet during those times, because, honestly, we often didn't know what our future was day-to-day, sometimes even hour-to-hour. As a group we chose to not say anything until we knew something." He added that while Stargate Resistance is being made, "we continue to work towards SGW's release."

Stargate Worlds breaks silence with new screenshots

It's been a long time since the development team at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has posted anything progress reports about their long-in-development MMO Stargate Worlds. However late last week they updated their site with not only a news post but brand new screenshots that show the Unreal Engne 3-based game.

The new screenshots focus on the various amor sets that you can use to equip characters in the game. However, that nugget will apparently have to be it for at least a little while longer. The news post claims that the dev team is working on "additional exciting news we will be revealing very soon."

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Stargate Worlds still dealing with financial issues

A couple of months ago, it was reported that the long-in-development MMO Stargate Worlds had finally received some funding to continue development of their TV show-based game. Now our sister site Massively has posted up a note from Timothy N. Jenson, President and CEO of the game's developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, that indicates the financial issues are still around.

According to the note, Jenson states, " . . . our company has struggled in the current economic climate to raise the funding needed to successfully develop and publish our MMORPG. While there continues to be a lot of desire, enthusiasm and excitement about the project from our employees, investors and fans, we will not be able to provide any updates on the development of Stargate Worlds until sufficient funding is available." In other words don't expect any news on the game for some time, if ever.

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