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Over 100,000 new adventures for Spore Galactic Adventures players

Last month's release of Spore Galactic Adventures was an attempt by the team at EA's Maxis studio to expand the amount of content in the original game by allowing folks to create their own space missions (as opposed to the main game which concentrates on making custom alien life forms and units).

Apparently the new feature in the expansion has proven to be popular. According to a new press release from EA, over 100,000 new adventures have been added to the Sporepedia since the expansion's release in mid-June. That number includes 10 new adventures created by the writers of the Robot Chicken TV show on Adult Swim. As you can see from the above screenshot, their new missions are certainly . . . different.

[Via email press release]

New GoGamer.com PC games sales include new Spore expansion

GoGamer.com has launched their latest 48 Hour Madness sale on their site and this time the PC game sales are mostly of recently released titles rather than those that are several years old. Indeed the sale includes the just released Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen game which is priced at just $19.99 for the sales time period.

Also cut in price is Spore Galactic Adventures, the first real expansion pack for the alien evolution sim. GoGamer has the title available for $24.90. Other games with price cuts include Fallout 3 ($32.90) Grand Ages: Rome ($12.90) and Terminator: Salvation ($24.90). The sale lasts until 3 am ET on Tuesday.

This Week In PC Games: June 22-28

After the last few weeks with only one or two new releases, this week has a bunch of PC game titles being released to stores. In addition we get the latest downloadable expansion to last year's big RPG release.

Overlord II: Developer Triumph Studios and publisher Codemasters put this sequel to the unusual action-strategy-RPF game to stores. As with the 2007 original you are playing the "bad guy" in a fantasy universe controlling his Minions to destroy and maim the members of a Roman Empire-like land. You can download a playable demo of the game right here at Big Download.

Gallery: Overlord II

Watch the Spore: Galactic Adventures crew join forces with Robot Chicken

It was revealed a few days ago that the creators of Robot Chicken, an animated television show on Comedy Central's Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, would collaborate with the Spore: Galactic Adventures team to create some custom missions that players can enjoy for free. This documentary video reveals a bit about that creative process and highlights some of the missions that the Robot Chicken crew came up with. Spore: Galactic Adventures is scheduled to release on June 23rd. Visit the Spore WTF web site to learn more about the Robot Chicken missions.

Download HD Spore: Galactic Adventures Robot Chicken Video (63 MB)
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Spore reaches 100 million user creation mark

While Will Wright has left the day-to-day development of the Spore franchise to others at Electronic Arts, the players of his 2008 alien evolution sim have been busy on their own creating custom creatures and content. Today EA sent over word that Spore players have now created 100 million bits of new content.

All of the content can be seen at the Sporpedia web site which includes 31,017,761 actual creature creations. According to EA , that number is19 times more than all the known species on Earth. You can bet even more creations will be made for the next PC expansion pack, Spore Galactic Adventures, when it's released this June.

Gallery: Spore

Spore Galactic Adventures trailer turns ordinary creatures into Space Captain heroes

Why settle for ordinary Spore creatures when they can be upgraded to Space Captains in Spore Galactic Adventures? As this trailer demonstrates, Space Captains get to have all the fun with custom made missions and gigantic monsters, which can also be custom made. Spore Galactic Adventures is expected to release in June.

Download HD Spore Galactic Adventures 'Space Captain' Trailer (108 MB)
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New Spore Galactic Adventure screenshots get panoramic

Electronic Arts' alien evolution sim game Spore continues to stay in the top 10 best selling PC games list, showing that even a title that didn't live up to its considerable hype can still be a consistent seller. EA is prepping it's first major expansion to the game in Spore Galactic Adventures and this week the publisher did something a little . . .different to promote its upcoming release.

In short they have gotten together to make new panoramic screenshots from the game (Flash required). Simply take your mouse cursor over the shots and then click and drag to get the full 360 degree effect. We have one shot above and you can see another after the jump. By the way, Spore Galactic Adventures is due out on June 23.

New Spore Galactic Adventures screenshots show off Space Captain mode

Electronic Arts's Spore franchise has been selling well ever since its release this past September and later this year EA will release the first major expansion for the alien evolution sim title. We've already talked about how Spore Galactic Adventures will give players a way to go down to alien planets in the game to explore and even create your own missions. However the expansion will also add a new feature: Space Captains.

Yes you will be able to create and customize your own alien version of KIrk, Picard or Adama. EA released new screenshots today showing off how the new feature is used in the expansion pack. Similar to the main game's creature editor you can add new parts and abilities to your Space Captain and you can access even more unlockable parts and abilities when you complete missions. You can even select other crew members to beam down to planets and have them be cannon fodder help you out.

Spore wants your web-based apps in new contest

Electronic Arts is trying to expand their alien simulation sim game Spore into other areas and one way they are doing that is launching a series of Spore web-based APIs. These programs allow folks to make a number of different applications using Spore's creatures. An example is pictured above; a web based mini-game with Spore creatures in "battles".

EA is encouraging the creation of such programs via a new contest they are running. Folks are asked to create new programs with the Spore APIs and turn them in by April 6. The grand prize winner gets an Nvidia graphics card with runners up getting copies of Spore and/or the upcoming expansion pack Spore Galactic Adventures.

Gallery: Spore


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