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Orion Prelude GDC 2011 trailer shows some more T-Rex action

You may remember that Spiral Game Studios successful raised money to help the small indie development team attend GDC 2011 last week and show off its upcoming sci-fi shooter Orion Prelude to game publishers. This week the game's official web site posted up a new trailer that showed off a small portion of what was displayed at GDC; naming a huge T-Rex trying its best to smash and eat the player character.

According to the site's update, "We had some incredible meetings with some incredible people. They really gave us some great feedback and information that have assisted in some restructuring happening now." Spiral Game Studios will also be attending PAX East 2011 this weekend and will show off a "slightly updated" version of Orion Prelude.

Orion Prelude dev team links up with Nvidia

Orion: Prelude has had a successful fund raising effort via Kickstarter.com (it raised well over $5,000 more than its stated goal of $10,000). Now the upcoming sci-fi shooter from developer Spiral Game Studios has announced plans to team up with Nvidia to present a special five minute movie showing off the dinosaurs in the game.

According to the post, the development team will use Nvidia's 3D Vision technology to let folks see how the dinosaurs in the game (T-rex, Raptor and Pteranodon) interact with each other and the game's environment. The video will be released before the planned multiplayer beta for Orion: Prelude.

Orion Prelude exceeds Kickstarter funding goal

Last month we reported that the indie game development team Spiral Game Studios had launched a fund raising effort via Kickstarter.com to help fund the development of its sci-fi shooter Orion Prelude. On Monday, the effort exceeded the fundraising goal of $10,000 well before the cut off date of February 17 (people can still donate money for the efforts until that date).

Obviously the development team is happy, stating, "We are gearing up for a huge presence at GDC, with an incredibly updated build and plenty of new features and yes – dinosaurs." Meanwhile the team has revealed the look of the game's alien faction via new screenshots and a new trailer which you can check out after the jump.

Orion Prelude reveals new media; closing in on fundraising goal

Last week indie game developer Spiral Game Studios announced a Kickstarter.com fundraising program for its upcoming sci-fi shooter Orion Prelude. With 23 days to go the effort has so far raised over $6,700 (as of this writing) towards the minimal goal of $10,000. As we reported last week the money will go to hiring "key developers", continue development of the game's multiplayer beta and attend game conferences in search of a publisher for the game. The developer is offering special incentives for people who donate certain amounts to the game.

Today the developer also released a new trailer and media showing off the Assault class for the human faction in the game. You can check out the trailer after the jump:

Orion Prelude dev team raising money for game's development

Yesterday we reported that a indie game developer was raising money via the Kickstarter.com web site to port its Xbox Indie Arcade game to the PC. Now comes word that another game developer, Spiral Game Studios, is also using the web site to raise money for its upcoming sci-fi shooter title Orion Prelude. According to the site, 'We currently have no money coming into the company and no money going out." They are looking for at least $10,000 to be raised by February 17. That money will be used to "secure key developers", continue development of the game's multiplayer beta and attend game conferences in search of a publisher for the game.

The Kickstarter page launched just two days ago and already the donations have generated over half the money needed to reach the $10,000 minimal goal so that's a good sign for for Orion Prelude's development. You can check out a new trailer for the game (actually a re-edited trailer with previous footage) after the jump.

Orion Prelude multiplayer beta sign ups begin

We've been following the progress of the sci-fi first person shooter Orion Prelude for some time and this week the "Halo meets dinosaurs" game from developer Orion Studios has entered a new phase. The team is now taking sign ups for its upcoming multiplayer beta test of the game.

If you get picked for beta testing Orion Studios the team promises some cool stuff for the UDK-based game including new character models, new weapons, more maps and most importantly the big T-Rex (with the possibility of yet another dino in the beta). In the meantime you can check out what the beta will look like in the new gameplay trailer which you can check out after the jump:

Orion Prelude tech trailer reveals some late dino-action

The recently revealed indie game developer Spiral Game Studios announced plans earlier this year for Orion Prelude, a complex multiplayer themed sci-fi first person shooter that's set for release in 2011. The game, which started out as a Source Engine mod, will be released as a stand alone game using the Unreal Development Kit.

At the Eurogamer Expo earlier this month the development team showed off a new tech movie trailer which it has now released via YouTube. As you can see most of the movie shows off one of the game's maps with no gameplay but the last few seconds of the game do indeed show some sci-fi shooter action against a dinosaur. Spiral Game Studios also announced plans to put in a four player co-op mode with some maps made especially for co-op.

Orion: Prelude announced by Spiral Game Studios

Yet another team that started our making a mod is trying to join the ranks of the professional game developers. This time the team is called Spiral Game Studios who announced last week that it would be releasing its first game, the sci-fi multiplayer shooter Orion: Prelude, in early 2011.

The team has already released a free Source Engine-based mod (you need an Source Engine-based game to run) but Orion: Prelude will be using Unreal Engine 3 as its base. The team is promising seven multiplayer levels, drivable vehicles, 30 weapons and items, two gameplay modes and best of all, dinosaurs. Yep, T-Rexes will be in the game and the development team is promising "plenty of ways to interact with them, them to each other, them to structures and plenty more." A teaser trailer showing off Orion: Prelude in action is promised for September 4.

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