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CES 2011: Razer's upcoming PC game motion controller to get custom version of Portal 2

Earlier this week at Intel's CES 2011 press conference a demo of the long awaited PC game motion controller from Razer was shown on stage playing Valve's upcoming puzzle-shooter Portal 2. The motion controller, which made its debut at the 2010 CES show, now has an actual name, the Razer Hydra, according to a new article from our sister site Joystiq.

Joystiq got a hands-off demo of the Hydra in action and seemed to be impressed with the Hydra which instead of a camera uses a "small base station that creates an electromagnetic field with a radius of about six feet" to "see" the two wired controllers. Joystiq also reports that the controller, which is being co-developed by Sixense, will actually have a special bundled version of Portal 2 that will have "new maps and puzzle mechanics built exclusively for Hydra." An example of the new puzzle design: being able to stretch cubes in the game.

Unfortunately that also means the Razer Hydra controller is still a long way off from being released with Joystiq saying that it's now scheduled to come out in early 2012. However the Sixense technology already supports a ton of previously released PC games. You can check out a video showing the controller being used on a boatload of PC games after the jump:

CES 2011: Portal 2 played with Razer-Sixense motion controller

Last year at the Consumer Electronics Show, PC gaming peripheral maker Razer and its partner Sixense showed off a prototype of its upcoming PC game motion sensing controller while playing Valve's zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2. Unfortunately that motion controller still hasn't come to market but at today's Intel press conference at CES 2011, the motion controller was demoed live to the crowd.

This time the game that was used was Valve's upcoming puzzle-shooter sequel Portal 2. Our sister site Engadget got part of the demo on video which you can check out over on their site (for some reason there's no embed code for the video; sorry). Sadly there's still no word on when the Razer-Sixense motion controller will be released.

Razer's motion sensing PC game controller delayed to early 2011

It looks like it's taking Razer a bit longer to perfect its motion controller for PC games. The PC game peripheral company announced and showed off a working prototype of the controller at CES last January playing Left 4 Dead 2. At the time the company said the controller would be released to the masses later in 2010.

Now our sister site Engadget reports that Razer showed off the controller again earlier this week at Intel's Developers Forum. Engadget also reports that the controllers, which are being co-developed by Sixense, are now set for release sometime in early 2011. Razer also showed concept art that imagined the technology being used as an exersise band. There's no word on when that product will be released. You can check out a trailer with the updated motion sensing controller demo after the jump:

Razer releases SDK for upcoming motion sensor-based PC controller

Last January at CES 2010, PC gaming controller maker Razer announced a partnership with Sixense to release a motion sensor-based PC game controller. A prototype of the device was demoed at CES using Valve's first person shooter Left 4 Dead 2. Now Razer has announced that the SDK for their still unreleased PC motion controller is now available for free download via Steam.

The download is available under the "Tools" section of Steam and is labeled "Sixense TrueMotion SDK." Razer says the tools can be used by game developers to adapt their own games to work with their upcoming product with "virtually no knowledge of the inner workings of the controller." Razer stated in their press release they were able to work with Valve to get their controller to work with Left 4 Dead 2 in less than two weeks with the tools. Valve's Greg Coomer states, "Together with Razer and Sixense, we are designing new, more enjoyable gameplay mechanics in Left 4 Dead 2, as well as future Valve titles." There's still no word on when the actual controller will be released.

[Via email press release]

CES 2010: Razer and Sixense's PC motion controller in action

One of the cooler announcements from CES this week was word that Razer and Sixense were teaming up to develop a motion-based PC game controller. Our sister site Engadget got a chance to head to the Razer booth for a brief demo of a controller prototype playing Valve's Left 4 Dead 2.

As you can see from the above YouTube video showing off the CES demo the prototypes are long wand-like devices with a severe black color instead of the nice and friendly Wiimote controller. Again details on pricing and availability are not yet finalized but the first production models should be ready for prime time sometime later this year.

CES 2010: Razer and Sixense to develop motion sensing PC game controller

Best known for their family of gaming PC mice, Razer has just announced a plan to develop a motion sensing and gesture controller for PC games. In a press release today, Razer announced they would be teaming up with another company, Sixense, to create such a controller that will use "electromagnetic fields to track precise movements along all six axes for use in current and future generation PC games."

Razer is showing off a prototype of their controller at CES using Valve's Left 4 Dead 2. Valve's Chet Faliszek is quoted as saying, "For us and for our customers, this release represents motion-enabled gaming that's more integrated and visceral than any platform has so far achieved." The actual product is scheduled to be released sometime later this year but no price points have been announced.

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