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Civilization V's lead designer departs developer Firaxis

Jon Shafer, the man who was the lead designer and main gameplay programmer behind the acclaimed turn-based strategy game Civilization V has decided to depart the game's developer Firaxis Games. The strategy blog site Flash of Steel reports that Shafer, who worked at Firaxis for close to six years on a number of game projects, left earlier this month.

The blog also has a statement from Shafer who says he left Firaxis on his own and was not laid off by the developer's parent company 2K Games. However he does not say what his reasons were for leaving the developer at this time nor is there any info on his future plans.

[Via Gamasutra]

Civilization V's detailed notes for next patch revealed

Next week, the folks at Firaxis Games will be releasing its newest DLC content for its hit strategy game Civilization V. But there's also a rather large patch that's been in the works for some time. The game's official forums have now posted the final, and rather extensive, notes detailing what will be in the next patch.

According to the message board post, the patch is expected to be released before the Spain and Inca DLC comes out on December 16. The notes show quite a few AI changes and improvements in the patch along with many gameplay, UI, diplomacy, and mod changes. The patch will be released automatically via the Steam download service.

Civilization V to get new DLC add-ons on December 16

Civilization V fans will soon be able to purchase and download more content for the popular turn based strategy game. Today the game's publisher 2K Games revealed plans to add two new civilizations along with a new scenario to the game from developer Firaxis on December 16.

One of the new civs will be the the Spaniards which will be ruled by Queen Isabella in the game. The other new civ is the Incans with Pachacuti as their leader. The new scenario will have the player take on Christopher Columbus' journey to the New World in 1492. Both the new civs and the new scenario will be made available to download for $7.49. You can check out more info about the DLC release after the jump:

[Via email press release]

Civilization V for Mac to officially support SteamPlay; still coming Tuesday

Civilization V will officially be released for the Mac platform on Tuesday via publisher Aspyr but until today it was unknown if the Mac port of the turn-based strategy game would support Valve's SteamPlay feature. Today Aspyr confirmed that thanks to user feedback the Mac port will indeed support SteamPlay. That means people who purchased the PC version will be able download the Mac port for free and vice versa.

Aspyr explained its decision by saying, "From the comments that poured in, it seemed clear that many of you had purchased the PC version, even though it was the Mac version that you really wanted, and either expected that Civ V Mac would support SteamPlay or that Civ V Mac would not even be released for some time." The Mac version will be made available on Steam and other download sites as planned on Tuesday.

Other aspects of the Mac port are detailed in the blog post including world that SteamCloud game save support would be coming sometime after the game's release. Unfortunately there will be no Mac demo of the game nor any support for mod tools for the Mac version.

Civilization V future patch changes detailed

Civilization V is getting yet another major patch and this week some of the changes were revealed in a new message board post on the turn-based strategy game's official forums. The patch, which as of yet doesn't have a release date, will concentrate on changes and improvements for its AI and diplomacy although there will be other things included.

Some of the patch notes for the Firaxis Games-developed title include improvements to the AI pillaging code (because all of us enjoy a good pillaging) having cities heal more quickly (you know from all that pillaging) and a couple of diplomatic systems: Declaration of Friendship and Denounce. We wish to denounce any declaration of friendship right now; if you are a true friend you shouldn't need to declare it.

Civilization V for the Mac to be released November 23

The Civilization series has always been a big favorite for Mac gamers and today it was announced that the latest game in the series, Civilization V, will be making its Mac debut on November 23. Aspyr Media is handling the publishing and development of the Mac port of Firaxis Games' turn-based strategy title. The system requirements for the Mac port include installing the Steam client which would suggest the Mac port will be made available on Steam at some point.

You can go ahead and pre-order the Mac port on Aspyr's web site for both the download and box copy versions. And if you pre-order the game you will be put into a special drawing to receive a boxed Mac version of the game's Special Edition that's signed by Mr. Civilization himself Sid Meier. Also, all of the previous Civilization games for the Mac are currently being sold on for 50 percent off.

First official Civilization V DLC released

As promised last week, owners of the turn-based strategy game Civilization V can now download the first official DLC packs for the title via Steam. The DLC from developer Firaxis Games and publisher 2K Games include a free pack and one that costs some cash.

The free download adds the Mongols civilization to the game. It also adds a new scenario where you join with party animal Genghis Khan as he seeks to take over the world with his Mongol hordes. In addition the Babylonian civilization pack is available to download for $4.99 for everyone to access. It was previously available just for players who purchased the game's Digital Deluxe edition.

Civilization V's first official DLC content coming October 25

Fans of Civilization V will soon be able to access the first official downloadable content extra for the recent turn-based strategy game. Publisher 2K Games just announced that two DLC packages will be made available to owners of the Firaxis Games-developed title on October 25.

One of the pack will be free to download and will add the Mongols civilization to the game along with a new scenario pack. The other DLC release will be the Babylonian civilization which is normally part of the Digital Deluxe version of the game. People who own the regular edition will be able to download the Babylonian pack for $4.99.

[Via email press release]

Civilization V mod tools released on Steam

The Civilization games have always been mod friendly and the newest game in the turn-based strategy series, Civilization V, is no exception. This week the mod tools for the Firaxis Games-developed title are now available to download via Steam. Using the Steam client, mod makers can find the download in the Tools sub-section of the Library menu.

The tools that are available for mod makers include the WorldBuilder, the Lua script IDE, ModBuddy, and the Nexus art importer. In addition, publisher 2K Games has launched a Civilization V Wiki web site that, among other things, goes over some of the mod tools and mod making for the game in general.

[Via CivFanatics]

Civilization V gets first patch via Steam

Less than a week after the game was released, Civilization V has gotten its first patch for the latest game in the turn-based strategy game series. The patch, released via Steam, updates the title from developer Firaxis Games and publisher 2K Games.

In addition to a number of crash bugs that have been fixed, this first patch deals with some other issues such as some mod download and install fixes. It also records a player name correctly in the game's Hall of Fame if the name has some special characters. It also restarts the game in Windowed mode if it cannot start in a full screen mode.


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