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Shadowrun latest Microsoft PC game to get 99 cents one day sale

Microsoft continues to put one PC game on its Games For Windows Marketplace web site on sale for one day only for a super low price. Today that honor belongs to Shadowrun, the 2007 released multiplayer shooter that was based on the cyberpunk pen-and-paper RPG.

From now until 11:30 am Eastern time on Saturday, you can download and purchase Shadowrun for just 99 cents. The game itself is one of the very few that allows for cross-platform multiplayer with its Xbox 360 counterpart. While the game got mixed reviews and didn't sell well back in 2007, it still has some unique elements in it that make it worth checking out, especially for under a buck.

Grand Theft Auto IV is 2009's biggest Games For Windows Live game

It had a horrible launch when it was released in late December 2008 but the PC port of Rockstar Games' open world action title Grand Theft Auto IV was the number one biggest online game on Microsoft's Games For Windows Live online service in 2009. Major Nelson's web site revealed the stats on Sunday, which is based on unique users (specific numbers were not revealed).

Relic's RTS game Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II was the number two Games For Windows Live Games title while Bethesda Softworks' Fallout 3 was number three. Surprisingly the 2007 released multiplayer shooter Shadowrun was the number four game on the list in 2009, indicating that perhaps the title from the now defunct FASA Interactive still has a strong online following. You can check out the entire top 20 list after the jump:

Games For Windows Live has some games on sale until Jan. 4

Microsoft launched the Games on Demand service for Games For Windows Live just last week but this week they are holding their first download sale with several game titles priced at 50 percent below their normal price. The games on the list include the promised Games For Windows Live version of indie titles like World of Goo and Osmos.

Other games that are a part of the 50 percent sale include Viva Pinata, Shadowrun, the puzzle game Mahjong Wisdom and Where's Waldo The Fantastic Journey. The nice thing about the sale is that it's not scheduled to end until January 4 so there's plenty of time to take advantage of it.

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What the Shadowrun game could have been

2007 saw the release of Shadowrun, a multiplayer-only first person shooter from Microsoft's now defunct FASA Interactive that was very loosely based on the pen-and-paper RPG. While an interesting if flawed game on its own terms, many Shadowrun fans would have preferred a PC game that was closer to its roots. Now some early demo work from an earlier version of the Shadowrun game has popped up on the Internet.

The info comes from the personal site of Robert Olson, currently working at Mad Doc Software but who previously worked at FASA Interactive on an earlier version of the Shadowrun game. Without revealing too many details, the demo that he was a part of seems to be much closer to the spirit of the pen-and-paper game than the version that was actually released. You can see a lengthy movie that apparently comes from the early Shadowrun demo after the jump.

FASA creator claims Microsoft "destroyed" their "development culture"

In 1999 Microsoft bought FASA Interactive and incorporated the game company resposible for MechWarrior, Crimson Skies and other games into their Redmond, Washington campus. Now, in a new chat with, FASA's creator Jordan Wiseman says that move was the beginning of the end, saying, "I don't think the studio ever really had a chance. It was destroyed right in the beginning."

The studio created a number of games for Microsoft including new Mechwarrior games, the Crimson Skies PC and Xbox games and finally the Shadowrun FPS game before shutting the studio down in 2007. Wiseman says that the move cause the team to be absorbed into Microsoft's culture. Wiseman recently announced plans to revamp the Mechwarrior franchise but adds, "we're operating under some pretty tight restrictions of the licence that make publishing the games kind of challenging.."

Crimson Skies revival possible but Shadowrun is out of action

Last month the PC game community got a big surprise when it was revealed that a new Mechwarrior game is in the works. The game rights to the property are currently owned by Smith and Tinker who also own the game rights to other former FASA Interactive games. In a new chat with GameSpot, FASA and Smith and Tinker founder Jordon Wiseman hints that another FASA property, Crimson Skies, could get its own game revival

Crimson Skies imagines an alternate 1930's where flying planes, rather than driving cars, is the main mode of personal transportation. A PC game from Microsoft was released in 2000 and an Xbox title came out in 2003. Wiseman states, "I think Crimson Skies is something we'd love to get some energy around, and we have some devious plans--we'll see if those materialize."

Don't look for a revival of Shadowrun anytime soon, though. The cyberpunk-themed RPG was transformed into a multiplayer FPS by Microsoft in 2007 that failed to attract an audience. Wiseman states, "Shadowrun was recently...not treated well...shall we say, so the thought was let a little time pass before approaching that one again." In the meantime Smith and Tinker just launched their first original PC game, a Pokemon-like online collectible card themed game called Nanovor.

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