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Shogun 2 trailer reveals the intricacies of multiplayer

The Shogun 2 multiplayer can be a bit confusing to those unused to the Total War conventions. It even confuses us, and we love the Total War series! Thankfully, Creative Assembly has released a trailer detailing all of the functions you can perform in multiplayer, and it covers nearly everything. It has details on everything you might be confused about, from retainers to province influence to matchmaking. Despite the game having been out for a while now, this trailer is definitely appreciated.

Download the Shogun 2: Total War Multiplayer Tutorial, Part 2
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Total War Shogun DirectX 11 patch now due for first week of May

Many gamers who bought Total War Shogun 2 when it first game out one month ago were disappointed that the long awaited RTS game didn't come with DirectX 11 graphics support out of the box. At the time the game's developer The Creative Assembly announced that a patch would add DirectX 11 support in two to four weeks after the game's launch.

That deadline has come and gone without the patch being released but now a new message from the developer on the game's official message boards says not to worry. The DirectX 11 patch is now due for release sometime in the first week of May.

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Streets of Rage Remake for PC taken down from developer's site

Last week's release of the free PC remake of the classic brawler game Streets of Rage has run into some legal trouble. Bomber Games, the developers of the remake, have now announced that the game's IP owner Sega has been "contacted". According to the message board post, "While this issue is being resolved, please do not upload the game for others to download." It has also removed download links for the game from its site.

According to a post made by one of the developers three years ago at least some attempt was made to contact Sega to obtain permission to to release Streets of Rage Remake. Once again it goes to show people that unless you have it in writing the specter of copyright agreements will keep these kinds of projects from being released.

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Streets of Rage Remake beats its way into our hearts

Streets of Rage is one of those classic games that just about everyone with access to a Sega Genesis played at one point. The indie remake project, Streets of Rage Remake, has finally released the final version of their sprawling, PC-oriented remake of the classic franchise. Characters, stages, music, and objects from every game in the core series have been included and remastered, making this one of the most impressive remake projects we've ever seen. On top of that, it includes tons of goodies, such as editors and concept images.

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MLB Manager Online officially goes live

It's baseball season (finally) and while we wait for the Mets and the Cubs to blow their playoffs chances in 2011, PC players can now fullfill their own pro baseball managing fantasies with this week's official launch of MLB Manager Online from publisher Sega.

First announced back in December, the browser-based game has over 900 pro baseball players to choose from. PC gamers can select which players they would like to be on their virtual team. Then you have to train them and finally put your dream team on the field. No word yet if any of the PC players are on steroids.

Virtua Tennis 4 confirmed for PC release this summer

It's becoming a rare thing to see a pure sports game released for the PC platform but Sega is stepping up to the court, announcing plans for a PC version of Virtua Tennis 4, the latest game in the publisher's popular pro tennis game series.

The latest game will feature players going up against virtual version of star tennis players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and others. Players can create their own tennis stars and put them throught the new World Tour Mode campaign mode. Look for multiplayer online features and the wacky Virtua Tennis mini-games are back as well where players will be able to compete in events such as rescuing chickens. Yes we said rescuing chickens. The PC port will be released later this summer via digital download for the US and Europe. Europe will also have the game released as a retail box version.

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Renegade Ops announced

The development team behind the popular Just Cause open world action games, Avalanche Studios, have officially announced its next project, a co-op themed military shooter called Renegade Ops. The game will be a downloadable only title and will be published by Sega for the PC and other platforms.

The game has players take control of members of an elite military unit out to stop a madman known only as "Inferno" from taking over the world. The game promises single player support, offline two player co-op and full on four player online co-op play as the team fights "across a range of stunning environments using a wide variety of vehicles." Look for lots of weapons as well including a "huge Gatling gun armed to the teeth." Renegade Ops looks to shoot first sometime later in 2011.

Spiral Knights announced

spiral knights
Fans of console-themed adventure games who want to play such games on the PC will soon have an alternative. Sega announced today that it will publish Spiral Knights, an online persistent free-to-play action-adventure game with some classic NES-style gameplay. The game itself is being developed by Puzzle Pirates creator Three Rings.

The fantasy themed game will allow players to adventure on their own or team up with up to three more players in online co-op action. There will be some MMO aspects to the game including some crafting features and the ability to form guilds. The official Spiral Knights web site has already launched. The game is currently available to play in a "preview event" and will officially launch on April 4.

Three Rings is keeping busy. In addition to Spiral Knights the dev team is also working on the TV show themed MMO Doctor Who: Worlds in Time for a launch later this year.

Total War Shogun 2 trailer shows off multiplayer action

Total War Shogun 2 is only a couple of days away from its release but you may want to check out the latest trailer for the historical RTS game anyway. This time the development team at The Creative Assembly gives us some of the options when a player wants to start a multiplayer match.

The video goes over the basics of customizing your player avatar, looking at the campaign map, starting a multiplayer match, picking your units and then finally going into battle in feudal Japan with your online opponent. If you win you can unlock new units, increase your army's skills and more for the next match up

Total War Shogun 2 won't have DirectX 11 support at first

total war shogun 2
Total War Shogun 2 has been promoted as a game that would take advantage of DirectX 11 graphical features. That will still be the case for the latest historical RTS game from The Creative Assembly. Unfortunately, according to a Eurogamer news story, the DirectX 11 support won't be ready when the game is released on March 15.

According to a rep from the developer, "We just wanted a couple more weeks to tweak the performance on various difference cards." The DirectX 11 support will be added to Total War Shogun 2 in a patch that should be released two to four weeks after the full game is released. Even without the DirectX 11 features, the Creative Assembly rep states, "The game still looks absolutely stunning at top end. There are no resolution restrictions. It looks fabulous. It'll be absolutely playable. All of the features are in there."

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