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Hands-on: Mafia 2

It's been eight years since Illusion Softworks and Gathering of Developers released Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. Fans of the gritty, 1930's crime setting have had to wait quite a while for a sequel, but soon their wait will be over. We were given a hands-on look at 2K Czech`s Mafia 2 a few weeks ago, and we're pleased to report that the game is coming along nicely. Our impressions follow after the jump.

First Look: Star Trek Online

Last week we were given a look at how Cryptic Studios' highly-anticipated spacefaring MMO Star Trek Online was coming along, and let me be the first to say that my fears have been dispelled. STO looks amazing, and from what I saw of it will feature enough interesting gameplay to keep both fans of the franchise and those new to it -- as Jean-Luc Picard might say -- engaged.

Well, you knew some kind of pun was coming, didn't you? Please forgive me. I'm a little giddy with the fact that Big Download has been blessed with three exclusive screenshots from the game -- thanks Atari! Check 'em out below, remember to click on them to see them in full-res, and read all about what we saw after the jump!

Mac Monday: Spooky Runes/Boonka

It's time once again for Mac Monday, where we take a look at a couple of games new out for the Mac (and sometimes the PC too). This time around we're checking out Anawiki Games's Spooky Runes, and Sandlot Games's Boonka. One of these games has an atmospheric vibe, and the other is vibrant and goofy. Guess which one and find out after the jump!

Mac Monday: Trapped/Harvest

Welcome once again to Mac Monday, where we preview the latest Mac game releases. This time around, we look at Trapped: The Abduction by Gogii Games, and Harvest: Massive Encounter by Oxeye Game Studio. And once again we find ourselves in a situation where one of these games isn't so great and the other is surprisingly compelling. Find out which after the jump!

Mac Monday: Grappling Hook/The Three Musketeers

Welcome to another edition of Mac Monday, where we shine a light on Mac games that might otherwise not get the notice they may deserve. This time around we're looking at Christian Teister's Grappling Hook and Dingo Games' The Three Musketeers. Read about 'em after the jump!

Dev diary gives details on City of Heroes i16 Power Proliferation

Both City of Heroes and its counterpart, City of Villains will be seeing some major changes when the upcoming Issue 16: Power Spectrum update releases. Most notably, Issue 16 will allow players to customize the look of their powers with different colors and, in some cases, specialized animations. However, players will be seeing another benefit in the form of Power Proliferation, where archetypes will be getting a few new powersets to toy with. A recent developer diary written by Senior Designer Floyd Grubb discusses changes to the Scrapper and Tanks, which will both get electric melee. Switching over to the dark side of things, Dominators can look forward to adding Earth Assault to their repertoire. With a little luck, players will see the release of i16 sometime in the fall. New screenshots are available, and the full developer diary can be read after the jump.

Check out the City of Heroes downloads

First Impressions: Atlantica Online

It's here at last. NDOORS's free-to-play MMO Atlantica Online launches today at 6 PM PDT. Those of you in the beta, rejoice: NDOORS has promised no server wipe, so your characters will live on in the new world. For those of you completely new to this title, welcome to our First Impressions! Remember, kids: this is not a review. We spent a few hours with Atlantica Online, and here's what we walked away with. If Atlantica Online seems interesting to you, you can download the client right here on Big Download. Enjoy!

New Crysis Warhead trailer and screenshots go psycho

The latest Crysis Warhead includes tons of massive explosions, but it also gives some extra insight on the story and character. Warhead's story runs parallel to the original Crysis and follows the journey of "Psycho," who is running missions and fighting for survival on the opposite side of the island. Also check out the latest screenshots for more explosive action. Crysis Warhead is currently scheduled to release on September 16.

Download Crysis Warhead HD Trailer (109 MB)

4XMMOG Celetania reveals in-game screenshots

Celetania is a rare beast indeed: a 4X MMO. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, 4X stands for "eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate" -- think of games like Master of Orion, where the game concept revolves around building an empire from the ground up. Now apply that concept to an MMO and you've got Celetania. The development team has been working quietly on this title for a while now, but new in-game screenshots have finally been released, giving us our first look at the universe.

Things are looking pretty good so far, with a nice clean interface, classically sci-fi-looking ships on display, and the ubiquitous resources at hand. Whether or not any of this will translate to the open-ended nature of an online, persistent world remains to be seen. One interesting aspect of gameplay, however, is that even when the player is offline, events will continue to happen -- by which we take it to mean that if you begin a project, or start mining a resource, you can log off and the process will continue in your absence. This could be something great; we'll keep you updated on Celetania's progress.

GamingApps: Oosah

At its simplest, Oosah is a free to use website that lets users store and share their media, especially photos and screenshots. To this end, Oosah offers a whole terabyte of free personal storage for pictures, video and music. Once users upload their media to Oosah, they can immediately get to sharing them via direct links to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and YouTube. Users can simply drag and drop videos and photos onto these site links while Oosah formats them to put them without any fuss. Oosah also has an uploader that automatically takes screenshots and uploads it to the site for sharing. So in order to appreciate everything that Oosah has to offer, you have to be the kind of gamer that really likes to capture big, heroic, moments while playing to share with others.

Read more about Oosah after the jump...

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