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Indie Wrap-Up: June 14th - June 20th

We here at Big Download love indie games. From telling you about them, playing them, or offering downloads for them, we are all about helping lesser-known developers get their name out into the world. Each week on Saturday, we'll give you the Indie Wrap-up, a collection of all the indie news stories and features during the previous week.

It was a slow week on both the news and features fronts for the indie scene. No in-depths, no interviews, and no MODvelous Monday graced us this week, and the TIGSource Procedural Generation Competition has wrapped up. Here's looking at next week for more interesting indie news and features!


Freeware Friday: Battleships Forever
James Murff takes a look at yet another freeware game. This time, it's the IGF finalist Battleships Forever!

New version of Sauerbraten released

A new version of the Sauerbraten game, a game designed to showcase the power and flexibility of the open-source Cube 2 engine, has been released. It has so many new additions that we can't list them all, but they include things such as new multiplayer maps made by the community, a new community-made campaign, a new soundtrack, and plethora of other improvements. For the full changelist, hit up the Cube 2 forums. You can download the game for Linux, Mac, or PC by visiting the SourceForge project page. For more information on the Cube 2 engine and what makes it more unique than other, similar FPS engines, check out the engine's site.

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