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Saga becomes latest MMO to take the free-to-play route

Yet another previously launched MMO title is making the switch to become a free-to-play game. This time its Saga, the fantasy themed RTS MMO from developer Silverlode Interactive. The game was first launched in March 2008 with a $19.95 price tag for a one time download and purchase. Now Silverlode has announced that all of the content in that $19.95 purchase is now available for free.

While the email press release we received said the free-to-play change over would happen tomorrow it looks like the change is now live a few hours ahead of schedule. In addition there's some new content that's been added to the game including rasing the unit level cap to 15 and the nation level cap to 40.

Contest: Saga Giveaway

Saga is a free-to-play online fantasy real-time strategy game, where player command armies to battle and wield devastating spells. From today until November 13th, you will get a free bonus unit called the Ice Drake if you sign up for a new account. Sign up today and have fun!

"SAGA is the world's first collectible MMORTS. SAGA has over 100 troops types and 50 spells to collect. Build your empire by developing your main city or expand by conquering outlying terrifies. Join your friends in cooperative mode or battle solo on over a thousand quests online. Fight boss monsters for Epic Loot rewards.

The Ice Drake is a neutral unit usable by any faction. A terrible flying monstrosity immune from ground melee attacks it instills fear in the hearts of the bravest warrior.

Download the Saga Install Client (505 MB)
Sign up for a free Saga account

Big Downloads: June 21 - 27, 2008

It's been a comparatively slow week at Big Download. Most of the huge new files will coincide with E3 and other conferences in the next few weeks. We still have a few items of interest for you to check out this weekend, though.

The most obvious choice is the Call of Duty: World at War (or Call of Duty 4.5, if you prefer) trailer. Treyarch is trying to take a different approach to World War II; download it and judge for yourself whether or not it has succeeded. We also have a lengthy preview for Gearbox Software's Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. If that intrigues you, be sure to also check out our recent interview with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford.

Call of Duty: World at War Trailer
Call of Duty is returning to World War II in Call of Duty: World at War. This time the focus is on the Pacific theater of the war.

This Pixar animated movie-based game has garnered some positive feedback from some of our readers. At only 219 MB, you don't have much of an excuse not to try it, do you?

Stronghold Crusader Extreme Demo
We hear that this historical real-time-strategy game from Firefly Studios is extreme in some way. Look at the title! Download the demo and judge its extremeness for yourself.

SAGA Game Client
Saga is a massively multiplayer real-time strategy game that borows gameplay elements from collectible card games. Consider this free client a starter deck.

Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway Behind the Scenes Trailer
This five minute-long video explains the rich historical basis for Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, as well as the narrative implications of telling a darker, less hopeful version of the World War II story.

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