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Exclusive: Petroglyph reveals new immortal, Nysuss, for Rise of Immortals

Earlier this year developer Petroglyph announced Rise of Immortals, its free-to-play entry in the growing game genre made popular by titles like Defense of the Ancients. Today Petroglyph sent Big Download an exclusive first look at one of the game's hero units, or "immortals". This character is called Nysuss and as you can see in the included screenshots from the game she a bit similar in terms of her looks to the Medusa creature from Greek myths.

You can check out a back story on Nysuss along with her power and abilities after the jump. Rise of Immortals is currently in closed beta testing and will officially launch later in 2011.

Rise of Immortals starts closed beta testing April 5

Rise of Immortals was announced several weeks ago and today it was revealed that the upcoming free-to-play fantasy PC game from developer Petroglyph would start its open beta testing on April 5. Petroglyph is aiming to invite over 10,000 people to participate in the closed beta test.

As an incentive for people to sign up for the closed beta, Petroglyph is offering all beta testers exclusive access to the Metal God skin for one of its Immortals, Lazarus. The exclusive skin can be accessed during the beta and also after the game is launched by beta testers. You can still sign up to participate at the game's official web site.

Interview: We chat with Petroglyph's community manager about Rise of Immortals

The so-called MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game genre has been exploding on the PC game scene in the past year and later this spring yet another free-to-play game that based on this genre will launch. It's called Rise of Immortals from developer Petroglyph. Using the fantasy world that Petroglyph introduce in its downloadable strategy game Guardians of Graxia, the game aims to take the MOBA game trend in some new directions. It's currently taking sign-ups for its beta test.

Big Download got Petroglyph's community manager Mathew Anderson to tell us more about the game, how it relates to Guardians of Graxia and other features of the game.

Rise of Immortals announced

Rise of Immortals is the latest free-to-play game to be announced that fits into the action-RTS genre that has exploded lately on the PC game scene. This new entry comes from developer Petroglyph and is set in the same fantasy universe as the developer's downloadable strategy game Guardians of Graxia. The game will feature single player gameplay that will serve as practice for the game's online multiplayer modes with support for up to 10 players.

The game will allow players to upgrade their Immortal characters via a persistent skill tree that will allow players to keep their new upgrades and abilities after matches are over. There will also be a place where players can show off their game achievements, chat with other gamers, form and manage guilds and more.

While the game is designed to be free to play it will have an in-game store where players can purchase items like skins for their Immortals (the game's version of Champions) and more. The title will have 12 Immortals to choose from when its released and new ones, along with other new content, will be added on a monthly basis. Petroglyh is already taking sign ups for the game's closed beta test on its official web site. Rise of Immortals is set for its official launch later this spring.

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