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Steam continues holiday PC game sale with more one-day deals

The Steam PC game download site continues its annual and massive holiday sale into its second day today. While there are a ton of price breaks for individual games, publisher bundles and other game collections, the following games are on sale for just one day only, until 1 pm Eastern time on Wednesday.

Defense Grid: The Awakening - $2
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - $5.10 or $3.60 if you own any Tomb Raider game
Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box - $5
Gothic Bundle (all games in the Gothic series) - $34.99
Disciples III Renaissance - $7.50
Men of War Gold Edition - $8.75
The Witcher - $5
Resident Evil 5 - $10.50
BioShock 2 - $9.99
Aion - $10
Puzzle Quest - $1.50
The Polynomial - $2.50

GamersGate has some Halloween-themed PC game price cuts

With Halloween just a few days away there is certainly no shortage of horror-themed PC games that you can download and check out. GamersGate has a week-long sale of games that are supposed to shock and scare you, at least in theory.

The game deals end on October 31 and include the recent game Amnesia: The Dark Descent for 50 percent off to $9.99. Other games on sale include Dead Space for $9.99, Ghostbusters for $7.99, NecroVision for a mere $5.18, The Penumbra Collection for $9.99, Resident Evil 5 for $14.97, The Path for $4.99, and Zombie Driver for just $4.99

Steam puts several games on sale for today only

While the Steam PC game download service has put hundreds of its games on sale during its new summer sales event it continues to give several titles special treatment for one day only. From now until 1 pm Eastern time on Saturday the games below get an extra special price cut ranging from 33 to 80 percent off:
  • Aliens Verses Predator Classic 2000 - $1.25 (not a typo)
  • Ghostbusters The Game - $4
  • Serious Sam HD Bundle (Both remakes of First and Second Encounter) - $7.50
  • Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City - $14.99
  • Galcon Fusion - $2.50
  • Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West - $5.10
  • Alpha Protocol - $33.49 (just came out a few weeks ago)
  • Resident Evil 5 - $12.50

Christmas one day sales now on Steam

Christmas Day means Steam users now have a new list of one day sales for PC games to check out during their annual holiday sales event. For the next 23 hours only six games have had their prices reduced by as much as 90 percent off their regular Steam rates.

Today those games include Red Faction Guerrilla and King's Bounty: Armored Princess for just $9.99 each, Resident Evil 5 for $24.99, and Battlefield 2: Complete Collection for a mere $7.49. In addition there are two indie games that can picked up for a mere pittance. Cogs is on sale for just $1.99 and if that's too much to pay the seasonal game Elf Bowling: Hawaiian Vacation can be your for just one dollar.

Thursday's PC game holiday sales hit the tubes

Today was a fairly slow day in terms of new PC game sales:
  • Direct2Drive posted up their latest one day sale today. From now until 1 pm Eastern time on Friday you can download and purchase Resident Evil 5 for just $24.95, a 50 percent price cut from its normal price. They have also discounted Borderlands for one day only; you can grab it for just $32.95.
  • GameTap has put three recent EA games (Dragon Age: Origins, Need For Speed Shift and The Sims 3) on sale for $39.99 each, a 20 percent cut from their normal price. They have also added the RTS game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade to its list of games available via its paid subscription service.

Next Resident Evil movie now planned for January 2011 release

Even though the live action Resident Evil films have had very few connections with the Capcom survival horror game series, the three movies that have been released have all been modest hits at the box office and on DVD (and to tell you the truth we kind of enjoy them in a MST3K way) Now comes word that the fourth entry in the series is heading to theaters on January 14, 2011.

Horror movie site Shock Till You Drop broke the story that Resident Evil: Afterlife would be delayed from a previously announced August 27, 2010 release in theaters. The movie's studio Screen Gems later confirmed the new date for the flick which once again will star Milla Jovovich (who in case you were not sure is the person on the right of the above photo. Paul W.S. Anderson, who wrote all three previous Resident Evil movies and directed the first, is back to both write and direct Resident Evil: Afterlife. He also happens to be the husband of Jovovich; they finally got married after a long relationship (and a baby) last August.

Microsoft to offer full game downloads on Games For Windows Live December 15

It's been a long time in coming but Microsoft is finally going to offer full PC game downloads from the Games for Windows Live client. The company announced today that it would launch the new Games on Demand feature on December 15. This much requested feature comes over two years since the launch of the service

In addition to recent game releases like Red Faction: Guerrilla, Resident Evil 5 and Battlestations Pacific, the new Games on Demand feature will also have indie titles like World of Goo and Osmos to download and purchase in special Games for Windows Live-versions (that likely means additions like Live-enabled achievement points and more). In addition Tinker, a game that was previously made available as an extra on the Ultimate edition of the Windows Vista OS, will also be available on Games On Demand as a free title. Purchases can be made via credit card or via Microsoft points.

Big Download's 2009 PC Multiplayer Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are a time for coming together, eating way too much food, and getting in plenty of gaming action. Last week, we gave you gift recommendations for games that provide a fantastic single player experience. Now it's time to throw off those AI limitations and head into multiplayer, and we're not talking MMO's. Whether fighting cooperatively or going head-to-head against other players, 2009 has some excellent offerings that put players skills to the test.

Click on the image above to continue reading Big Download's 2009 PC Gamer Single Player Game Holiday Gift Guide.

Direct2Drive and Impulse serve up some Thanksgiving PC game sales

We kind of expected this would happen today and we were right. Online download sites are having some big Thanksgiving weekend sales and are breaking out the sales cutter and slicing down prices on a number of PC games. Direct2Drive's "All Killer, No Filler" sale takes $10 off the prices of Dragon Age: Origins and Grand Theft Auto IV and $20 off of The Sims 3. They also have deep 50 percent price cuts for Dawn of Discovery, Crysis Maximum Edition and Resident Evil 5. All sales end Monday except for Resident Evil 5 which ends on Friday.

Over at Impulse they have put over 40 games in their download library on sale. Prices are cut between 35 percent to 75 percent with some games cost as little as 79 cents to purchase. And that's not a typo.

Sorry PC gamers: No word on Resident Evil 5 DLC for us

Last week Capcom made some announcements concerning future downloadable content for their hit action game Resident Evil 5. The extra content will consist of two extra episodes for the game as well as new costumes and a new Mercenaries Reborn gameplay mode. There will also be a Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition that will ship in 2010 with the original game and all of the DLC in one package.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? However, the DLC and Gold Edition announcements were for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. So what does that mean for the PC version that was just released last September? G4TV put that question to Capcom and got back the sobering response, "No plans for PC at this point." That doesn't entirely shut the door on the subject but at the moment it looks like PC owners of Resident Evil 5 might have to do without all those cool console extras.

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