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QuakeCon 2011 to be held August 4-7

One of the game industry's biggest and most unique events has just announced the dates and location for its 2011 edition. Today id Software and Bethesda Softworks announced that this year's QuakeCon LAN and game exhibitor event will be held on August 4-7 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

id Software has sponsored the free event every year since it first started with just a few people attending in 1997. It has expanded greatly over the years to become the largest LAN event in the US with thousands of folks showing up. It's also been the location for major game announcements from id Software. With its latest game Rage due out a month after QuakeCon 2011 you can certainly expect that game to be front and center at the event this year. The big question: Will id finally show off its next Doom game which was announced 2 1/2 years ago?

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - August 21-22

What a week. It's been one of the busiest in terms of news in recent memory. And of course next week we get Elemental, Mafia 2 and other games coming out. And the week after that is PAX Prime. No rest for the wicked.

Quake Pack game bundle on Steam on sale for just $7.49 [Update]

By the time this news post is read by most of you QuakeCon 2010 will be officially shut down in Dallas. However those of us who didn't get to go this year can still get a very nice deal on most of id Software's Quake games. For the next 24 hours, the Quake Pack bundle of games on Steam will be on sale for a mere $10, a whopping 75 percent price cut from its normal price.

The bundle includes the original Quake and its two expansion packs, Quake II and its two expansion packs and Quake III Arena and its expansion pack Team Arena (for some reason Quake IV and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars are not included). And one last reminder: the QuakeCon 2010 pack is still available on Steam with 27 id Software-Bethesda Softworks games for a mere $69.99. Today is the last day for that bundle

Update: Looks like id Software made the deal even cheaper; the Quake Pack is actually priced at $7.49.

New CM Storm Inferno MMO-themed gaming mouse announced

The new PC gaming mouse announcements are coming fast and furious lately. The latest reveal comes from, oddly enough, Cooler Master, the maker of gaming PC fans, coolers and cases. The new product is the CM Storm Inferno, a mouse product that's being designed to be used by MMO gamers.

The mouse has a 4000 dpi sensitivity level for its twin laser sensor along with a whopping 11 buttons, nine of which can be programmed with the included software that can handle a variety of macros and scripts. It also has 128kb of on board memory to store your macro key set-ups. Pricing for the Inferno has not yet been announced. The mouse will make its debut at QuakeCon 2010 next week.

QuakeCon 2010 news; BYOC wireless rules, stuff on sale and more

As QuakeCon 2010 gets closer to its start in Dallas on August 12, more info about the free LAN event-game show hosted by id Software has come forth. As we reported on Tuesday the 500 "Quake Done Quick" premium tickets quickly sold out but two of the items that will be going to those ticket holders will be sold separately to all QuakeCon attendees. The lithograph showing artwork from id's forthcoming first person shooter Rage will be on sale at the show for $15. Also the limited edition QuakeCon 2010 t-shirt will go on sale for $20 at the event.

In related news the official QuakeCon web site has posted up some dos and don'ts for people who want to use wireless technology in the show's BYOC area. Also a couple of QuakeCon community tournaments have been revealed, and if you can't make it to Dallas next week you can catch streaming video footage of the show and the tournaments via Quake Live TV.

QuakeCon 2010 to give away two Ford Mustangs; Quake Done Quick tickets sold out

For the past couple of years, people who have attended the free QuakeCon event in Dallas have had a chance to win a new Ford Mustang valued at over $50,000 in a lottery sponsored by voice chat software maker Ventrilo. For this year's QuakeCon on August 12-15 in Dallas, Texas, Ventrilo has decided not to offer its attendees a chance to win a Ford Mustang.

Instead Ventrilo is giving away two 2011 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Coupes (one painted Race Red, the other Kona Blue) each valued at $51,930. 100 tickets for the drawing will be given away in various QuakeCon activities during the show with the final drawing for the Mustangs to be held on August 14 as part of the QuakeCon 2010 tournament finals.

In related news, yesterday's reveal of the "Quake Done Quick" premium tickets were apparently popular. It looks like the 500 $20 tickets for a number of extra privileges at QuakeCon 2010 are now sold out.

QuakeCon 2010 to sell 500 premium tickets for $20 each

Earlier this year we reported that QuakeCon 2010 would have, in addition to its normal free registration, an option for a premium registration option. Today the details of the "Quake Done Quick" premium package were revealed. 500 tickets will be sold for $20 each.

The Quake Done Quick option (a reference to the famous speed runs through the original Quake game) will give ticket holders an express registration through general admission and in the Bring Your Own Computer area for the August 12-15 event in Dallas, Texas. Quake Done Quick holders will have a guaranteed spot in the BYOC area as well as priority seating for all of QuakeCon 2010's panels and events. It will also nab you a QuakeCon 2010 t-shirt and a Rage lithograph that will be signed by the upcoming first person shooter's development team at id Software. As we mentioned QuakeCon 2010 will still be free to attend for everyone else.

QuakeCon 2010 panels include Richard Garriott and Respawn Entertainment

QuakeCon 2010's events are starting to shape up nicely. The upcoming free LAN event/consumer game show will not only have pro and amateur Quake Live tournaments during the Dallas-based event on August 12-15 but a number of panels and special presentations.

On Thursday, August 12, id Software's John Carmack will conduct his annual QuakeCon keynote address where he will talk about pretty much anything on his mind and also take questions from the assembled crowd. Later Carmack will join Richard Garriott to discuss their mutual experiences with rockets (Carmack is the founder of private rocket company Armadillo Aerospace and Garriott has, well, been in space).

Other panels at the show will feature quite a number of big game developers speaking on various topics. Those will include members of Respawn Entertainment in perhaps their first public speaking appearance since the former Infinity Ward team members formed their new studio earlier this year. There are also some special live gameplay presentations for the upcoming games Brink and Rage planned and we are betting there will be some unannounced surprises. You can check out the full panel schedule after the jump:

QuakeCon 2010 tournaments announced

We are about two weeks away from the start of the 2010 edition of QuakeCon, the free LAN event/consumer game show sponsored by id Software and their new owners ZeniMax Media. The August 12-15 event in Dallas has just announced the main tournaments that will be held for the show which will include a chance for anyone attending QuakeCon to get in on the action.

For the pro gamers, QuakeCon will feature the Quake Live Masters Tournament with 64 players competing in 1 vs 1 matches in id Software's free-to-play shooter game. The grand prize winner gets $14,000. There will also be a Quake Live Capture The Flag Championship where 32 teams of four players will compete with the winning team getting $14,000. Finally there will be the Quake Live Open Championship for 128 QuakeCon attendees. Registration for that event happens on the first day of QuakeCon on a first come-first serve basis. The winning gamer in that tournament gets $1,500.

QuakeCon 2010 to feature on-site registration only

We've been waiting for a while for registration for QuakeCon 2010 to begin and now the official word has come in on how to registered for the annual free LAN-gaming event sponsored by id Software and its parent company Zenimax Media. Simply put there will be no internet-based registration. For the first time everyone who attends the event will register at QuakeCon itself at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas on August 12-15

The press release states that the new on-site registration process is "designed to reduce the time BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) attendees spend waiting to register equipment." A post on QuakeCon's official forums a few weeks ago from one of the event's organizers mentioned there would also be a premium registration option for the BYOC area but today's press release makes no mention of any such option.

The press release also mentions that QuakeCon 2010 will once again feature Quake Live based pro gaming tournaments. For the first time, the tournaments will also have a 250-seat spectator area where attendees can watch the tournaments live.

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