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Mytheon trailer throws down some PvP action

This trailer reveals some of the fast-paced sword and spell action player can expect from the online action role-playing game, Mytheon. The game is currently in closed beta, and players can visit the official website to sign up for access. The beta client can be downloaded here.

"Mytheon is an online, multiplayer action/RPG with strategic game play where players experience classic mythology come to life and challenge legendary gods to define their own fate. Players, or 'Stonecasters,' are powerful humans imbued with the ability to cast spells, summon minions, and erect structures that aid them in battle. An assortment of classes are available that approach combat differently and offer a range of unique, cinematic abilities."

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City of Heroes adds comic book author Bill Willingham for Guest Author program

Earlier this year, NCsoft announced that they would be launching a Guest Author program for their super hero MMO City of Heroes, allowing major outside talent to create new storylines for the game via the Mission Architect tools. Today NCsoft announced that acclaimed comic book author Bill Willingham will be added as one of the first people or teams involved in the Guest Author program.

Willingham is best known for his work on Fables, the DC Vertigo comic that takes a new spin on familiar fairy tale characters. He will be creating a City of Heroes mission called The Quest for Magic. He joins Red Vs Blue creators Rooster Teeth and PvP comic strip creator Scott Kurtz in making new missions for the MMO. All are scheduled to be made available to players of the game for free beginning on October 13.

In related news, City of Heroes is allowing all inactive accounts in good standing to be reactivated from now until Sunday at 11:59 pm PT. Also all characters will receive double their normal experience points during this weekend.

City of Heroes brings in PvP and Red Vs Blue creators for new missions

City of Heroes' recent release of its Mission Architect tool for making new content has certainly put in new life to the super hero MMO. Now developer Paragon Studios and publisher NCsoft have posted up word that the Mission Architect will be put to use by well known game-related creators for new missions

The Rooster Teeth crew, best known for their Halo-based Red Vs Blue machinima series of short films, will use the Mission Architect tool for new City of Heroes missions starring Captain Dynamic. Rooster Teeth first used the character in a series of short live action films made to promote the initial release of the Mission Architech tool. Also Scott Kurtz, the creator of the PvP web comic strip, will bring one of his own strip creations, LolBat, to City of Heroes via the Mission Architech.

[Via Massively]

Alt-Tab: What's so great about Warhammer Online?

You've probably been hearing buzz around the internet about Warhammer Online, and if you haven't then it's likely you will very soon. The game is launching today and with that comes the surge of new game discussion. This isn't anything new, as there was buzz around the Age of Conan launch, too. So why is this particular game so special that you'd want to know about it? Follow the break and I'll give you the low-down.

Diablo III: Co-op focus means no on-the-fly PK toggle, PvP to be included

When Diablo III was finally announced earlier this month, hardcore fans of the series were displeased by the level of color found in the gameplay footage for the sequel. Now, new comments made on the World of Warcraft forums by Blizzard poster Bashiok are expected to have naysayers up in arms once again.

In a post requesting on-the-fly PK options to be restored in Diablo III (where players could turn on others while dungeon crawling in Diablo rather than having to go into town in Diablo II to toggle the option) griefing hearts were crushed when it was confirmed the toggle isn't seeing a change.

"I'm sure that it was a feature that was right up some people's alleys, I won't deny there are some that would enjoy nothing more than to see others frustrated, but is that truly something that should be encouraged through design - if not directly opposed?" posted Bashiok.

However, PVP fans were teased when Bashiok noted
, "That doesn't mean that PvP won't have its own focus, but those are details and features we aren't yet discussing." Let's hope these options are agreeable to recent detractors, otherwise we might have another petition on our hands.

[via Joystiq]

The MMO week in a minute

Big Download's sister site Massively.com has all the news you'll need about MMOs. Here's the best, brightest, and most interesting stuff from the last week, all in one convenient place for your MMO minute.

World of Warcraft patch 2.4.3 notes forecast cheap mounts, fun pets
We all knew that World of Warcraft patch 2.4 was going to be the last major milestone before Wrath of the Lich King released. Who could have forseen that Blizzard would be making such major changes to the original gameworld in the newest changes to the PTR?

EverQuest 2 Game Update 46 goes live
The tempest is gathering. Runnyeye, a storied dungeon since the days of the original EverQuest, is now a more dangerous locale. EverQuest 2 Game Update 46 is now live on the game servers, and we have some new media to go along with it.

EVE Fanfest 2008 to have first public preview of Ambulation
Massively previously announced some of the details of the upcoming EVE Online Fanfest 2008, but CCP Games has just updated their site dedicated to the annual capsuleer pilgrimage.

Star Wars Galaxies Chapter 10 launches to the live servers
Early this morning the live servers for SOE's Star Wars Galaxies went down, fans quieted for a specific purpose. Chapter 10 arrives today, bringing with it a whole new array of content designed for characters across all level ranges. You can find official patch notes on the game's website.

Funcom responds to concerns following first instances of AoC's "Massive PvP"
Age of Conan players have started getting to the stage where they can partake in the game's much-hyped "Massive PvP" -- the first battlekeeps are up, and you can be sure that people are all too keen to go and knock them down.

PvP vs. PvE - EA Mythic on Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

Currently in development, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) is positioning itself to be the ultimate blend of PvP and PvE gameplay. All aspects of the game, from the Living Guild system (where the whole guild gains levels and bonuses) to the Public Quests (quests that can anyone nearby can help complete) work in support of WAR's brand of massive battlefield action called Realm-vs.-Realm (RvR). Big Download chats with EA Mythic's Jeff Hickman, Senior Producer for Warhammer Online for insight on the game's features and how RvR will change the face of PvP gameplay. Read the interview after the jump.

PvP vs PvE: ArenaNet on Guild Wars

Guild Wars shook up the MMO scene with a radically different business plan, where game development would be funded with box sales instead of subscription fees. It also stood out as one of the best examples of PvP design, since players were allowed to create top level characters dedicated to competitive gameplay. The game was later followed by two campaigns that added new classes, new PvP modes and a slew of different skills. Factions introduced Faction Points and Alliance Battles, while Nightfall brought in computer controlled Heroes to assist in all areas of combat. Although certain aspects overlap between PvE and PvP game types, Guild Wars has a "separate but equal" way of dealing with the two. Competitors have dedicated arenas, away from the story based areas, where they can quickly jump right into a battle. As a result, strong communities have grown around both PvP and PvE gameplay, and fans eagerly await news about Guild Wars 2. We speak with game designer Isaiah Cartwright from ArenaNet, who specializes in PvP, skill balance and most other combat-related design to find out what it takes to maintain the balance between PvP and PvE gameplay. Read the interview after the jump.

Age of Conan: The pros and cons

So maybe you've heard about Funcom's upcoming MMORPG, Age of Conan -- or maybe you haven't. Whether you have or haven't heard of the forthcoming barbarian invasion, we here at Big Download are here to make sure all your bases are covered.

Not all games are for everyone and Age of Conan is no different. There are all sorts of ups and down to the title: graphics, combat, rating and of course the fact that's an MMORPG. Did we also mention that the game is pretty much out now? With all that in mind we've gone ahead and laid out all the pluses and minuses for those of you wondering whether or not AoC is as game you'd be interested in playing.

PvP vs. PvE: Blizzard on World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft's Arena Tournament launched on March 31, 2008, letting players immediately create level 70 characters and equip them with high level skills and epic armor. Competitors from around the world battle for up to $200,000 in cash prizes. At the same time, the Arena Tournament underscores Blizzard's intentions of using WoW's PvP gameplay as a type of eSport. WoW rose to become the most popular MMO in the world primarily because of its PvE content, and using its PvP for eSports marked a sharp turn in the game's focus. We catch up with WoW's Lead Designer, Tom Chilton, Paul Della Bitta (Senior Manager, Global Community and eSports) and Joong Kim (eSports Manager) to get the inside story about balancing PvP and PvE gameplay and what players can expect to from the future of Azeroth.

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