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Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - August 12

Big day today with the announcement of BioShock Infinite, although we are wondering why Irrational Games has announced a title that won't be released until sometime in 2012. Speaking of which, we are a little disappointed that there was no Doom IV news from QuakeCon today. It's been over two years, id. Throw us a bone here:

This Week In PC Games: August 9-15

Last week was barren as far as new PC games were concerned but this week we have a few new titles that are expected to come out via download. In addition to the titles listed below you can expect the latest Dragon Age Origins DLC, Golems of Amgarrak, to be made available for download on Tuesday.

Victoria 2 - Paradox Interactive's latest internally developed historical PC strategy game is set for release via download and retail stores this Friday. The sequel lets players turn into their own version of Queen Victoria (metaphorically speaking) as they try to expand their European nation into a vast empire in the 19th century.

Gallery: Victoria 2

Puzzle Quest 2 coming to PC August 12 [Update]

Fans of the original Puzzle Quest on the PC have been dying to know when the sequel would be released on our platform. Now we have an answer. According to Steam's web site Puzzle Quest 2 will be made available on their download service on August 17.

Developed once again by Infinite Interactive and published by Namco Bandai, the sequel once again blends the casual puzzle gameplay with some fantasy RPG elements as you can choose from one of four character classes and both genders. The Steam version will include over 50 Steam achievements. You can pre-order Puzzle Quest 2 now on Steam and get 10 percent off its normal $19.99 price.

Update: Looks like Steam has now changed the release date of the game on us. It's now listed as coming out on August 12.

Puzzle Quest 2 confirmed for PC; coming later this summer

We had a feeling this was going to happen but today it's official. The upcoming puzzle-RPG sequel Puzzle Quest 2 has been confirmed for a PC release later this summer by Namco Bandai. The game was first announced for the Nintendo DS and Xbox Live Arcade in November 2009. Shacknews first reported the PC port news and Big Download has confirmed it via chatting with a Namco Bandai PR rep on the phone today.

The sequel to the addictive game developed by Infinite Interactive will be released as a digital download via Namcogames.com and other PC game download services. Pricing for the PC port has yet to be revealed.

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