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PT Boats: South Gambit announced; to be released later this month

A little while ago, developer Akella and publisher released PT Boats: Knights of the Sea, a WWII naval warfare simulation that was one of the first games to use DirectX 10 supported graphics. Today announced it would publish PT Boats: South Gambit, sometime later in October.

This stand alone expansion pack to the original game (you won't need the first game to play it) features two new settings in World War II. The first has players piloting their small torpedo boats in the Mediterranean while the other is set in the Black Sea. Look for improved graphics and AI in this new game, new ships and other gameplay additions such as torpedo bombers and mine fields. Pricing for PT Boats: South Gambit has not been announced.

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea released via download

In what may be the last full PC game released in 2009, has now announced that the World War II naval war simulation PT Boats: Knights of the Sea is now available to download and purchase via the site. The game from developer Akella is still one of the few games that supports DirectX10 graphics.

While the downloadable version of the game is available now, the box copy version will be mailed out to orders in 14 to 21 days. The mail order box version contains the game, a manual and a ship guide that is unique to the mail order edition. A demo for the game is still scheduled for release in the next few days.

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea due out Christmas Day

Who says new games can't come out on Christmas Day? says, "We will do it," with its planned release of the English version of PT Boats: Knights of the Sea. The publisher does indeed plan to release the WWII naval simulation game via mail order or download on Christmas Day.

The title, which is still one of the few that supports DirectX10 graphics, was previously released in Europe by its creators Akella. is currently holding a pre-order special that will allow folks to purchase the download-mail order box combo copy $45 instead of the usual $55 price tag. The official demo for the game will be released a few days after the game ships. to publish PT Boats: Knights of the Sea

Even though we have had the first DirectX11-based game released there are still some titles that are coming out that will support DirectX10. One of them is the WWII action-sim game PT Boats: Knghts of the Sea. Today announced they will be publishing the Akella-developed game in the US.

Focusing on the small torpedo boats, the naval sim game will allow players to command individual crew members up to groups of ships. In addition to DirectX10, the game also supports the use of multi-core processors. The game will be released by the end of the year either by digital download or via mail order. A demo for the game is scheduled for release around the time the full game is available.

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