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Primal Carnage scares us with new screenshots

Primal Carnage switched over to the UDK engine months ago and since then the upcoming humans-versus-dinos first person shooter has never looked better. The team at developer Lukewarm Media have released some new screenshots of the game to prove that point.

The shots come from the build of the game that the team brought with them to show off Primal Carnage for the first time in public at the PAX East 2011 event in Boston earlier this month. The build let folks who stopped by the EGVA booth a chance to play a human going up against a T-Rex. As you can see in the above shot, the dino is ready to chow down. There's still no word on an exact release date for the game. You can check out a trailer that shows Primal Carnage's display at PAX East 2011 after the jump:

New Primal Carnage trailer shows off humans versus T-Rex

A little while ago, developer Lukewarm Media showed off some multiplayer footage from an alpha build of Primal Carnage. The video showed some team deathmatch action with humans facing off against player controlled raptors. That footage was pretty darn cool all by itself but today Lukewarm Media released some new footage from Primal Carnage that, well, is even better.

This time the footage showed humans going up against just one player ... except that player is controlling a mean and hungry T-Rex in a somewhat top down third person viewpoint. It's some pretty spectacular footage, especially for a game that's being developed by a small team using the UDK version of Epic's Unreal Engine. Primal Carnage is still taking pre-orders for the game at its official web site if you want to support the game's development before it's released.

Primal Carnage gameplay video shows humans vs raptors

How many of you have been waiting for a great humans vs dinosaurs shooter? In 2011 we may get two of them. One is Dino D-Day which is due out on March 1. The other is Primal Carnage, the title from developer Lukewarm Media that recently announced that it would be using Epic Games' UDK engine.

This weekend Lukewarm Media released the first multiplayer gameplay trailer via You Tube with eight human Heavy class players taking on eight raptors. Even though this game is still in its alpha stages it's pretty impressive looking with the raptor player class able to move fast and jump extremely high. Oh and they can bite down on you hard. Hopefully this video means that the team is making progress and we will finally be able to have our (sort of) Jurassic Park game experience that all of us have been waiting for.

Interview: We chat again with Lukewarm Media's co-founder about Primal Carnage

Last June we chatted with Lukewarm Media's co-founder Ashton Andersen about its upcoming self-funded first person shooter Primal Carnage. At the time the dinosaur-themed game was using the Unigine but last week it was revealed that the game was switching over to Epic Games' Unreal Development Kit, the free-to-use version of Unreal Engine 3.

Because this is a major development shift, and because the early UDK screenshots for Primal Carnage already look pretty impressive, Big Download got Andersen to give us an update on the game, including the reason for the engine switch, if the new UDK means a delay in the game's release and more.

Primal Carnage shows off new UDK-based screenshots and trailer

A few months ago we became aware of Primal Carnage, an upcoming and impressive looking indie first person shooter filled with dinosaurs from developer Lukewarm Media. We also did an interview with the developer's founder Ashton Anderson about the game last June. Since then the developer has been quiet about the game's progress but this week Lukewarm Media released new screenshots and a new gameplay trailer.

Why is this newsworthy? Because Primal Carnage is no longer using the Unigine for its graphics. The game has now switched over to the Unreal Development Kit with Anderson saying, "... the UDK was the clear choice to help us finish this game to the highest quality and deliver it to you; the fans." There's no word on a release date for the game yet. You can check out the new YouTube gameplay trailer with a big dino battle after the jump:

[Via Rock Paper Shotgun]

E3 2010 Interview: Lukewarm Media's founder talks about Primal Carnage

Dinosaurs. As a kid we love the concept of these giant lizards that look like monsters of myth but which actually existed on Earth for a long time. Games with dinosaurs are certainly not new but it's been a while since we have had a game title that has these creatures front and center.

Enter indie game developer Lukewarm Media who is making their own dino-based first person shooter called Primal Carnage. It's generated a lot of attention including its use of the graphically feature rich Uningine. Big Download chatted with Lukewarm Media's founder Ashton Anderson to find out more about the game, the engine and more.

Primal Carnage developers taking pre-orders . . . sort of

We love dinosaurs. We would love to have a good first person shooter where we would have to shoot us some dinosaurs. So we were excited when we first learned about Lukewarm Media's plans for their upcoming first person shooter Primal Carnage, which has players shooting, you guessed it, dinosaurs.

This week the development team released a video on YouTube showing off the graphical goodness of the game. There's no actual gameplay in the video but if it plays as good as this video looks Primal Carnage should be in good shape. The development team is currently taking "donations" for the game. In this case, "donations" doesn't mean you get nothing for your money. If you decided to donate over $20 you will get the full game for free along with an invite to its closed beta. So it's basically a pre-order.

Primal Carnage (Dinosaurs Vs Humans!) announced

There are not too many things that are cooler in pop culture than having stories where people have to deal with dinosaurs. Usually it involves dinos eating humans while said humans have to shoot said dinos. A newly revealed game developer called Lukewarm Media wants to tap into that coolness factor with their newly revealed first person shooter Primal Carnage.

Due for release late in 2010 for both the PC and Linux platforms, the game will be multiplayer oriented with humans teams fighting against players controlling five different kinds of dinosaurs. Look for several multiplayer game modes along with mod support and DLC support after its release. The game licensed the Uniengine development tool which was the first to create a DirectX 11 benchmark tool.

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