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Overgrowth trailer shows off powerful editors, sweet martial arts moves

Lugaru is one of those games that straddles the line between mainstream success and indie obscurity. The developers aren't resting on their laurels with the sequel, however, and Overgrowth is looking more and more fantastic with each passing day. The newest trailer shows off many of the features in the current alpha, including the level editor, animation system, physics, and even combat. It's certainly got up pumped for the game, as editing your own levels and creating your own stories and even animations looks so amazingly simple. Here's looking forward to what will no doubt be a fantastic indie game.

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Overgrowth-Natural Selection 2 pre-order combo sales higher than expected

Earlier this month two indie game developers, Wolfire Games and Unknown Worlds Entertainment, came up with a nice pre-order bundle for their upcoming action game Overgrowth and the FPS-RTS game Natural Selection 2. Now Wolfire has revealed just how well the game bundle sold and it sound like the deal exceeded expectations.

The bundle deal basically let players purchase two upcoming games for the price of one. While Overgrowth generated a total 1,100 pre-orders in a year before the bundle deal with Natural Selection 2, the bundle deal generated 1,658 pre-orders during the week of the sale. Even during the promotion, regular pre-order deals went up for both games. In fact the bundle got more popular during the last hours of the sale with Wolfire saying, "We had 3 sales in the last 30 seconds alone." One wonders how many more sales would have been made if the bundle deal had been extended for another week.

More PC game sales available this weekend

We've already posted up word on weekend PC game sales on Steam, Direct2Drive and Impulse. but today some more sales popped up on our radar. GamersGate has quite a few games with price cuts for the weekend including titles like Cryostasis for just $6.49, Space Rangers for $5.99 and Men of War: Red Tide for $13.17.

Also the GoGamer.com site has returned to their regularly scheduled 48 Hour Madness sale schedule. They include Borderlands for $34.90, Call of Duty 4 for $24.90 and the upcoming Mass Effect 2 for $39.90. The sale ends at 3 am ET on Monday.

And don't forget the Overgrowth-Natural Selection 2 limited edition bundle where you can pre-order both upcoming indie games for $39.99, a savings of 40 percent.

Special bundle offer for Natural Selection 2 and Overgrowth

We've seen bundle offers for downloadable games before but this special promotion is a little different. Two separate indie game developers, Wolfire Games and Unknown Worlds, are teaming up to offer a pre-order bundle of their upcoming games, the "ninja rabbit" title Overgrowth (Wolfire) and the FPS-RTS hybrid Natural Selection 2 (Unknown Worlds).

For a limited time you can pre-order both games for a total of $39.99, compared to the $70 you would pay if you paid for each game seperately. Both games also offer early alpha access. If you have already pre-ordered one of the games you automatically get the other for free. All in all it's a pretty nice deal. You can check out a YouTube video promoting the bundle deal after the jump.

Free copy of Lugaru for Christmas

We've talked about Lugaru here on Big Download before and praised it for being an engaging third-person brawler that happens to be about anthropomorphic rabbits fighting wolves with martial arts. We've even recommended it for purchase in our 15 Indie Games for the Holidays feature. But why take our word for it? Why not play the full game yourself?

Wolfire Games is offering a free copy of Lugaru for Christmas for anybody who uses Facebook. Signing up for this event and joining the ranks of fans on the Overgrowth fan page will net you a free copy of it for you or a family member come Christmas Day. This gift comes in the form of a personalized license key emailed out to all those participating in the event. It's rare to see a developer offer one of their games for free on Christmas, especially when it is $20 any other time of year, so take advantage of their kindness and snag a key. If you want to know what you are getting, the demo can be downloaded freely.

Download the Lugaru Demo [Windows] (24 MB)
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