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Nvidia lowers price of 3D Vision glasses kit to $149

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With more and more PC games supporting 3D viewing features, it makes sense that some might want to make seeing these games in 3D more affordable. Nvidia has led the way in promoting 3D PC gaming with its 3D Vision technology and today the company announced that its 3D Vision wireless glasses kit is both more affordable and longer lasting.

The kit, which contains the glasses as well as the infrared receiver, now sells for $149 which is a $50 price cut from its previous price. In addition the battery life of the glasses has been improved from 40 hours to 60 hours. Keep in mind that PC gamers must also have a Nvidia 3D vision compatible display and of course a game that supports 3D Vision to see the 3D effects with the glasses.

How good is Nvidia's 3D Vision tech for PC games?

While there's been a lot of buzz about 3D gaming lately, especially this week with the launch date revealed for the 3D-enabled Nintendo 3DS console, the folks at PC graphics chip company Nvidia have been promoting the fact that it has enabled support for hundreds of PC games to have 3D support over the last few years with its 3D Vision tech. In its latest article, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry takes a close-up look at 3D Vision and compared how games that support the tech look next to its Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts.

In short, there was no comparison with the article saying, "These are console games radically transformed: they look better, they feel better to play, and they're getting us involved in the action in a way the console versions just can't match. This feels like the future of 3D." Nvidia's 3DTV Play support also allows PCs to hook up to 3D-enabled big-screen TVs for some living room PC gaming although if you turn up the resolution to the full 1080p frame rates suffer. Digital Foundry suggests dialing it down to 720p for TV-based 3D playing which still blows away the graphical looks of console games at that same resolution.

In summary, while a 3D Vision supported PC will still cost more than a PS3 or Xbox 360, Digital Foundry states, " .. the sheer power you're getting for that outlay is phenomenal, the games you're buying will be much cheaper and the available catalogue of 3D software outstrips any other platform."

CES 2011: Nvidia and Lenovo announce new 3D gaming PC monitor

Nvidia is still pushing for more 3D support for PC gaming. During CES 2011 this week the graphics chip developer announced a new 3D gaming PC monitor that's made by PC maker Lenovo. The 23-inch Lenovo L2363d monitor supports Nvidia's 3D Vision technology and has support for dual webcam lenses that lets folks participate in 3D streaming video conferencing or take 3D pictures.

The technology, which also requires Nvidia' shutter glasses, is now supported by over 500 PC games, according to the company. 3D Blu-Ray movies, 3D pictures and streaming 3D video is also supported by 3D Vision. Nvidia has also launched a new software program called 3DTV Play that lets folks connect their notebook or PC to a 3D supported TV to see the 3D content on a big screen. The software is bundled with new 3D Vision supported notebooks and PCs or you can buy it from Nvidia directly for $39.99.

Rage developer raises doubts on 3D gaming's future

In the past year we have seen a greater interest in having 3D support for PC games. In particular, Nvidia's 3D Vision technology has been used to bring 3D visuals (with the required hardware) to a number of PC game titles. However not every game developer is ready to embrace 3D gaming as a major technical feature.

GameSpot reports that at this weekend's Eurogamer Expo, id Software's creative director Tim Willits said that its upcoming first person shooter Rage currently doesn't support 3D, saying "The jury's still out on 3D." However, with Rage not due to be released until September 2011 we suspect it's still possible that the game could get some kind of 3D support.

Download: StarCraft II v1.1.0 Patch

For those who don't want to deal with the StarCraft II auto-patcher, the stand alone patch for the v1.1.0 update is available to download for both PC and Mac. The update includes bug fixes, support for Nvidia 3D Vision, and a number of balance changes. A full list of changes can be found on the official website.

Download StarCraft II v1.1.0 Patch [US] (127 MB)
Download StarCraft II v1.1.0 Mac Patch [US] (97 MB)
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Download: Trine v1.08 Patch

A new update is out for the physics based puzzle platforming game, Trine. While the patch fixes a handful of minor bugs and flaws, the biggest feature is that it adds support for Nvidia 3D Vision to the game. The playable demo can be downloaded here.

Download Trine v1.08 Patch (35 MB)
Download Trine Demo (460 MB)
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New Trine patch adds 3D Vision support for first birthday

Today is the first anniversary of the release of the PC port of Trine, the accliamed puzzle-action game from developer Frozenbyte. To celebrate the first birthday, Frozenbyte has released a new patch, version 1.08, for the game's Steam version ( the patch will be made available for a stand alone release later).

The new patch adds support for Nvidia's 3D Vision tech meaning that player with the right monitor, graphics card and glasses can check out Trine in 3D for the first time. The new patch also improves the game's anti-aliasing support and also fixes the game's final level so no new enemies show up on the Very Hard setting.

[Via email press release]

Gallery: Trine

Nvidia launches 3D Vision Surround multi-monitor support

For the past several months, AMD's ATI unit has been promoting Eyefinity, a way to support three monitors on one PC graphics card in order to have more immersive PC gaming visuals. Now its biggest rival Nvidia has officially announced its answer to Eyefinity with 3D Vision Surround. As the name implies the new technology will allow graphics cards that support Nvidia GeForce 400 family of chips to support running three monitors on one card while also supporting 3D visuals (with the right monitors and glasses of course). Eyefinity currently doesn't support 3D gaming with its setup.

You can check out this PDF file to see which PC games support 3D Vision Surround which is only available for Windows 7 users (sorry Vista and XP owners). In tandem with this hardware-related launch Nvidia has also released new beta drivers for their GeForce cards that enable the 3D Vision Surround support in Windows 7. You can get the 258.69 version beta drivers in Windows 7/Vista and 64-bit Windows 7/Vista flavors.

[Via Blue's News]

Alliance of Valiant Arms gets Nvidia 3D Vision support and more in new update

The 3D craze in gaming is even starting to hit the free-to-play shooter genre. Today NHN USA announced that a new update for Alliance of Valiant Arms enables the first person shooter to have support for Nvidia's 3D Vision technology. You will still need to have the glasses and a monitor that supports the tech but if you have them you can see the game with 3D effects for the first time.

The update for A.V.A. has also added some new weapons, a new map called Cannon, a new daily quest system that will give players extra XP and battle points and more.You can download and play the game now at the ijji.com web site. NHN USA is ava.ijji.com/event/mediamixup.nhnalso running new contests for players to submit their best desktop wallpapers and videos related to the game. Prizes include 3D Vision glasses and kits and more.

Download the Alliance of Valiant Arms client at Big Download

BioShock 2 PC details revealed; Best Buy to hold midnight store openings

If you have been waiting to check out the PC version of BioShock 2, you may be wondering if the sequel to 2007's acclaimed first person shooter will be just a straight port or will it have some specific PC features. Thankfully the game's community site The Cult of Rapture has you covered with a Q&A and even a podcast about that very subject.

The podcast has info from 2K Australia's producer Jake Drobowiecki who talks about their work on the PC port. That includes changing the UI and HUD in the game to work with a mouse and keyboard (in fact, they made the decision not to support controllers at all in the PC version). They also talk about supporting Nvidia's 3D Vision technology, having some visual extras for the DirectX 10 users (it also supports DirectX 9) and more. The feature also has some PC specific screenshots from the game.

In related news, Best Buy is planning to hold midnight openings on February 9 for the launch of BioShock 2. If you want to grab your copy in the middle of the night you can do so at these locations.


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