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Guild Wars 2 trailer visits the home of the Char

Guild Wars 2 trailers so far have tended to be on the side of area reveals rather than anything substantial. In this case, it's the home of the Charr, another one of the playable races. While they were primarily antagonists in the original Guild Wars, here they are much more benign. Lots of beautiful landscapes and menacing felids abound in this trailer, but once again there is nothing of any real in-game substance. Just some excellent art.

Download the Guild Wars 2 'Domain of the Charr' trailer
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Rift trailer gives a look at the Rogue class

Rift's biggest innovation, as we pointed out in our review, is the addition of customizable classes. For each archetype, the player chooses three souls that define it however they like. This trailer shows off several different class combinations and how they function in the game proper. Our personal favorite is the Bard/Ranger/Nightblade, as we are suckers for support-focused classes. Healing and buffing call to us. Regardless of our personal preferences, however, this trailer is excellent. After all, we do love trailers that are primarily in-game footage of different game mechanics.

Download the Rift 'Rogue Class' trailer
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The Secret World trailer reveals the ultimate truth

Said ultimate truth, however, happens to be that every myth ever created is true. While this trailer for The Secret World doesn't show any detailed in-game footage, it does list off a number of myths that Funcom's next MMO will hopefully cover. From Atlantis to Cthulhu, werewolves to the Garden of Eden, it rattles off myth after myth before saying that they are all valid. It's mostly text and generic epic-sounding music, though.

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Magic: The Gathering Tactics trailer walks the planes with confidence

The planeswalkers in Magic: The Gathering Tactics are perhaps the most important part of the game, as they represent the player. This trailer depicts each of the five available, with each being associated with a particular color: red, green, black, white, and blue. All five are taken from the Magic: The Gathering expansion Lorwyn. There's nothing especially new and stunning about this trailer, but if you'd like an up close look at the characters and their animations, here's your chance!

Download Magic: The Gathering Tactics 'Planeswalker' Trailer
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Star Trek Online trailer builds new worlds with the foundry

Those familiar with the City of Heroes mission creator have most likely heard of Star Trek Online's Foundry tool set. Created to allow users to make their own missions and episodes, it's a fairly significant addition to what was once a struggling MMO. This trailer outlines a lot of the developer purpose behind the tool set, the specific things players can do with them, and where the developers want to go with the feature. It's a good behind the scenes trailer for those that are interested in that sort of thing.

Download Star Trek Online 'Foundry' Gameplay Trailer
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Rift trailer invades from the plane of death

Rift may be brand new, but it's not slacking on the content front. The developers are releasing a new raid, and this trailer details the lore aspect of it. Depicting Alsabeth as she attacks Telara with her Endless Court cultists, it shows lots of the sweet visuals and not much else. We liked Rift, so more endgame content is always appreciated, especially when it furthers the lore considerably. However, you can skip this trailer safely without losing out on any information.

Download Rift 'Alsabeth Raid' Trailer
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Review: Rift

There is a classic reviewer adage when asked to review an MMO. Simply enough, it states "you can't review MMOs." In most cases, this is true, as MMOs are designed to be ongoing and involved experiences. Unlike single-player games, you are encouraged to play MMOs for hours upon days upon weeks upon months. It's no secret that developers even put in extra incentives for dedicated players, such as vanity titles and awesome gear. When you base an MMO off of the success of previous games in the genre, however, it makes reviewing a much easier prospect. Such is the case with Rift, and while it shamelessly cannibalizes other developers while winking at you knowingly, one can't help but be drawn into the world of Telara. Minor flaws aside, Rift is one of the strongest MMO launches we have seen, and gives us hope that other developers will attempt to match Trion for their polish.

DC Universe Online trailer creates a safe haven for baddies

Every villain needs a place to bunk down for the night, and this trailer for DC Universe Online shows off one of these spots. A supervillain lair with a nightclub facade, it appears to be the safe spot for many underworld baddies, with the prominent Two-Face making a cameo appearance. beyond that, it's characteristic of any MMO hub zone: mail, vendors, questgivers, and queues for instancing and PvP. Nothing particularly special, except perhaps in the lore.

Download DC Universe Online 'Villain Safehouse'' Trailer
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Ultima Online developer diary reveals plans for 2011

Ultima Online is still chugging along quietly, and this developer diary for the oft-forgot MMO classic reveals plans to update it. New high resolution graphics (although they don't appear to be shown in game), a new starter area, and plans for an expansive player town all appear to be on the agenda. We haven't played Ultima Online in quite a long while, but for those that still do, we're sure this news will be welcomed with open arms.

Download Ultima Online Developer Diary 2011
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Guild Wars 2 trailer explores the lands of the Norn

There is a new zone trailer for Guild Wars 2, and it covers the land of the Nordic-like Norn. Full of sweeping vistas, rugged wildlife, and treacherous terrain, it looks like a beautiful wilderness-styled zone. Of note to us are the snow-covered areas, such as the dwelling and the statues of bears, and the distinct architecture of the Norn. There's also an arena, just in case you forgot about combat while taking in all the beauty. once again, a relatively valueless trailer for story or game mechanics, but entertaining for the art style.

Download Guild Wars 2 'Norn Zone Preview' Trailer
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