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Interview: BioWare co-founder talks about launching Beamdog and MDK2 HD

Trent Oster was one of the first people who worked at BioWare when it first started and with the exception of a year off from the company he worked at BioWare until his departure back in 2009. While at BioWare he worked on a number of games including leading the development of Neverwinter Nights. Now Oster has launched a new company called IdeaSpark Labs that has already spawned a couple of projects.

One is MDK2 HD, an upcoming downloadable graphical revamp of BioWare's action game that was originally released in 2000 by Interplay. The other is Beamdog, a newly launched PC game download service. In his first interview since the MDK2 HD announcement, Oster talks about his early plans for the game, how Beamdog will be different than other PC game download operations and more.

MDK2 coming back to the PC via download

One of BioWare's first ever games was MDK2, the 2000 sequel to the hit (and pretty freakin wild looking) third person action game that was first made by Shiny Entertainment. Now publisher Interplay has announced that they plan to re-release MDK2 via digital download.

Details are scarce but the press release refers to the PC re-release as MDK 2 HD which would suggest a revamp of the game's graphics a la Serious Sam HD. So far there's no word on when we will get to play as Kurt Hectic once again but it will be made available via Beamdog, a previously unknown PC game digital download service that was co-founded by former BioWare project director Trent Oster.

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