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Get Mass Effect 2 PC for free with Dragon Age 2 purchase

Do you like free games? Of course you do. Do you want a free game when you purchase a game that you are already pretty sure that you are going to get anyway? Of course you do. That's why BioWare is offering such a deal if you buy its latest game Dragon Age 2.

From now until April 30 anyone who purchases Dragon Age 2 will receive a download code to get the PC version of BioWare's sci-fi RPG Mass Effect 2 for free. Yep, totally free. BioWare says that it's a "thank you" for making Dragon Age 2 a sales success. Which is cool and all but we just like the whole "free game" bit. The BioWare web site has more info on how to claim your free Mass Effect 2 PC download code.

Review: Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC

With the "Arrival" DLC expansion, the high-action Mass Effect 2 comes to its conclusion and the way is open for Mass Effect 3 to release in the fall. Admiral Hackett gives Shepherd some face time this time around, as opposed to being a disembodied voice, and asks him to embark on a special covert mission. It involves tracking down a spy captured in Batarian space who has information on a massive Reaper invasion coming to wipe out all life in the galaxy. The evidence not only proves definitively that the Reapers are coming, but details the launching point from where all life in the galaxy will be exterminated.

Download the Mass Effect 2 Demo (1.87 GB)
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Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - March 30

The month of March is almost over. Time to break out the baseball bats, the flower pots and the small lull in PC gaming releases until mid April.

Mass Effect 2 DLC trailer heralds the Reaper invasion

Mass Effect 3 is Bioware's next highly anticipated game, and their latest DLC offering is bridging the gap between Mass Effect 2 and its upcoming sequel. Put into a situation where he must stop a Reaper attack on a Mass Relay, Shepard apparently must rescue somebody from a prison, fight off corporate thugs and Collectors alike, and do all the things we expect of him. In short, it's pretty much a standard BioWare DLC trailer. Lots of style, a teensy bit of gameplay, and a hook to make you want to buy the add-on.

Download Mass Effect 2 'Arrival DLC' Trailer
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This Week In PC Games: March 28-April 3

The month of March, a very busy month for new PC game releases, concludes this week with the release of a racing sim game, an old fashioned strategy game and the final DLC for an acclaimed sci-fi RPG title.

Shift 2 Unleashed - Electronic Arts bring us this second game in the racing sim series, a spin-off of its Need For Speed game franchise. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios, this game has over 140 cars which can be driven in several gameplay modes. Look for a new in-helmet camera in this game along with a new version of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit's Autolog matchmaking feature.

Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC coming March 29

After lots of rumors and hints from developer BioWare, the team has now finally announced the final downloadable mini-expansion for its hit sci-fi RPG Mass Effect 2. Titled Mass Effect Arrival, the DLC will be released on March 29 for the PC.

The DLC's storyline will see Mass Effect's major hero Commander Shepard heading into deep space on a secret mission to locate a person who has info about the upcoming Reaper invasion. It's likely that the DLC will serve as a prelude to the story events in Mass Effect 3 due out late in 2011. Fans of the series will see the return of a familiar character in Mass Effect Arrival; Admiral Hackett who is voiced by actor Lance Henriksen.

Mass Effect Arrival will cost 560 BioWare points (about $7) for the PC when it's released.

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - March 14

Today was Pi Day. How did you celebrate; with eating pie or by doing deep math equations?

Gaikai officially goes live; includes Dead Space 2 PC demo; Spore and Sims 3 demos

gaikai dead space 2 pc demoAfter a couple of years of teases and months of closed beta testing, the Gaikai streaming PC game service is now officially live. The CEO of Gaikai, Dave Perry, announced that the service was open to anyone to try out on his official web site late on Friday.

The streaming service is concentrating only on limited game demos, at least for now (unlike the OnLive service which has full games to play). The official Gaikai web site is offering a streaming demo of Mass Effect 2 (access to the demo pops up on the right hand side of the site after a few seconds). Gaikai is also being used to demo other EA games such as Spore and The Sims 3 which didn't have traditional PC demos released for them. Most interesting is that Gaikai is the only place to play a PC demo of the recent sci-fi horror game Dead Space 2 (after you fill out a survey). We've played it and on our connection it's pretty smooth. There's also a way to try out the quasi-MMO game Second Life via a Gaikai connection.

On his web site Perry states that at GDC next week he will be demoing a Gaikai-powered game running inside a Facebook page. He also states that " ... we will show some really high-end, high-performance games running at 60hz with no work needing to be done by the publishers / developers."

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - February 21

As expected, President's Day was a bit on the slow side for PC game news. But we think the rest of the week is going to be very busy indeed.

Mass Effect action figures release delays upset BioWare

Way back in December 2009, The DC Direct action figure division of DC Comics announced plans to release action figures based on BioWare's Mass Effect sci-fi RPG series. The first series of four figures was supposed to be released in August 2010. However there have been lots of delays since the first announcement with the release date pushed back to February 2011 and now to April 2011.

That isn't making BioWare very happy. In a post on BioWare's message board (since deleted) a BioWare rep states, "We are all, including Treehouse, BioWare, and yourselves extremely frustrated with DC Direct. Their handling of this issue has been extremely unprofessional and disrespectful to fans. Once we get the ME2 Action Figure shipped we will not be working with DC Direct again." Indeed a previously announced second set of Mass Effect figures is no longer listed on DC Direct's web site.

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