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This Week In PC Games: April 11-17

It's another fairly slow week for new PC game releases but there's still some interesting titles coming out, including the launch of a new MMO, a RTS game with weather effects and an expansion pack for a popular action-RPG game.

Magicka: Vietnam - This is the first mini-expansion pack for the sleeper hit action-RPG from developer Arrowhead Game Studios and publisher Paradox Interactive. Yes for $4.99 the game will add a new campaign where the wizards fight off creatures in the Vietnam jungle with spells and guns while trying to rescure POWs, Rambo style. Look for a new challenge map to be added to the game as well.

Magicka Vietnam gameplay footage takes us to the jungle

The sleeper PC game hit Magicka is getting an expansion pack next week titled (and we still can't quite believe it) Magicka Vietnam. The expansion for the fantasy action-RPG from developer Arrowhead Game Studios will only cost $4.99 but if you still think that's too much money to spend without some sort of preview, the Total Biscuit video preview has you covered.

It managed to get a beta code for the expansion and uploaded over 13 minutes of narrated video footage from the game that puts wizards deep in the jungle and fighting creatures with both magic and Vietnam War-era weapons. Enjoy.

Magicka Vietnam due out on April 12 for $4.99

Magicka, the first surprise hit PC game of 2011, now has a release date for its first major expansion pack, Magicka Vietnam. Publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that the expansion pack will be released on April 12 via digital download for just $4.99.

The parody of action-RPG games puts the Wizards in the jungle and armed with machine guns as well as magic. Their goal? They are going all Rambo by trying to rescue POWs from an interment camp. The expansion from developer Arrowhead Game Studios will also contain a new survival challenge map with increased difficultly levels.

[Via email press release]

Magicka: Vietnam trailer shoots fireballs into the jungle

While it's a bit surreal to see a game about conjuring magic delve into the Vietnam War as its first expansion, we can't say that we are too surprised. After all, Magicka is filled with pop culture references, and you can even get a modern light machine-gun (the M60) to blow apart goblins and trolls. This trailer for Magicka: Vietnam is primarily focused around guns and explosions, but there's also plenty of magic using to be had. After all, who wouldn't want to be able to summon an instant barricade against enemy fire? We also love the little send-off at the end to Bad Company 2's menu screen.

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Magicka: Vietnam (No, we are not kidding) announced

magicka vietnam
Magicka, the surprise downloadable RPG sales hit, is getting an expansion pack but its one that you never saw coming. Today publisher Paradox Interactive announced Magicka: Vietnam from developer Arrowhead Game Studios.

Yes, you will soon be able to control those four goofy wizards in places and locations that Chuck Norris and Rambo used to shoot people. The press release states that the wizards "try to do what so many 80's action stars have done in the past: blow stuff up." Magicka Vietnam (that still sounds weird) will be available via download "soon" but no price point was announced today. You can check out a trailer for the expansion after the jump.

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