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Download: Lineage II Install Client

The High Five update for Lineage II is now live, so players can enjoy all the fan-inspired improvements that have been added to the game. Features include additional content, new skills, and gear that can be taken straight off raid bosses. Continue after the jump to watch a trailer where the developers run through the changes found in the the High Five update and system requirements. Lineage II requires a paid subscription to play.

About the Lineage II High Five Update:
"The High Five update brings a new array of skills that players have been seeking including a new hunting system with new buffs, visually enhanced mobs and an assortment of new Grand Olympiad enhancements. Additionally, Lineage II players can look forward more accessible Epic bosses and an improved matching system in hopes of encouraging more people to engage in epic raids and battles as a whole."

Download Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne - High Five Client (5.7 GB)
Download Lineage II - High Five Update Trailer (273 MB)
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