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House TV game released via download

With the new season about to debut on Fox next week and the previous season being release on DVD tomorrow, publisher Legacy Interactive has announced that their medical adventure game based on the House M.D. TV series is now available for download and purchase for $19.99.

Yes you can play a doctor who tries to help the cranky and sarcastic Dr. Gregory House and his team with a variety of medical mysteries via solving puzzles and winning at various mini-games. You also have to search the houses of patients for clues, interview family and friends and basically be a bit on the nosy side While the game has the likenesses of the cast members it doesn't seem to have the actor's voices.

Max and the Magic Marker to be released to stores in April

One of the more acclaimed recent indie games has been Max and the Magic Marker, a platformer that, like Crayon Physics Deluxe, uses in-game physics and a magical drawing device to solve its puzzles. Today Legacy Interactive announced it will publish the game in retail stores in North America sometime in April for $19.95

Developed by Denmark-based Press Play, the PC and Mac versions has been available via download from the game's official web site for a few months but this will be the first time the game will be available in a boxed version and sold in brick and mortar stores.

Will House be as sarcastic as a game character?

If you are a fan of the TV series House M.D. (and if not you really should be) you know that the title character throws out sarcastic one liners about as quickly as some people eat popcorn. Legacy Interactive has already announced plans to translate the TV show into a puzzle-adventure game and today it sent over some new screenshots and something else; some sample lines from the game itself.

So it's up to you; does the script sound like something Dr. Gregory House would say to his minions or is it just a poor facsimile? The game itself will ship to stores for the PC and Mac in February. You can check out the script samples after the jump:

Ghost Whisperer PC game announced

We have wanted to post up a picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt on Big Download for a long time but we never had an excuse to do so. Well, friends, we do now. Legacy Interactive has just announced plans (timed for this week's San Diego Comic-Con) to release Ghost Whisperer: Shadowlands, a casual adventure game based on the CBS TV series that happens to star Ms. Hewitt.

You will play Hewitt's role of Melinda Gordon who can see ghosts who need to deal with some unfinished business back on Earth before they head into the light. The game will have light adventure and hidden object gameplay as you solve five separate ghost mysteries. There's no word yet if Hewitt will contribute her voice talents to the game. The game is due out in early 2010.

E3 2009: Legacy Interactive to publish PC game based on House TV series

Also announced during E3 2009 but only noticed today, Legacy Interactive announced that they have plans to release a PC game based on House, the terrific medical drama on Fox. This means players will be able to play in the guise of perhaps the most sarcastic TV character ever created, Dr. Gregory House.

The game will have players deal with five medical mysteries in an adventure game format. In addition to House himself other characters from the show, including the sexy bi-sexual Dr. Thirteen, will appear. As with the Murder, She Wrote announcement there's no word on if Hugh Laurie or the other actors on the show will reprise their roles for the game.

E3 2009: Murder, She Wrote game coming to the PC

Announced in the sea of game reveals at E3 2009 last week but missed by us until today, Legacy Interactive has announced plans to release a PC mystery adventure game based on the classic CBS TV series Murder, She Wrote. Yes, you can take on the role of the woman who keeps running into dead bodies, Jessica Fletcher.

The game itself will feature five mysteries with players discovering clues to murders via a light adventure-hidden object gameplay design. Other characters from the show including Dr. Seth Hazlitt and Sherriff Mort Metzger will also appear but there's no word on if Angela Lansbury or other cast members will voice their roles for the game versions.

CSI: NY gets its own PC game

Ubisoft has been cranking out these CSI mystery adventure games for some time but this week the publisher announced plans to bring the third TV show in the CSI franchise to PC gamers. Yep, that means you will get to control a virtual Lt. Dan . . . er, a virtual Gary Sinise in a CSI: New York game.

The game itself will have five cases to solve, reportedly created by the TV show's writers. While Ubisoft's press release on the game didn't name a developer, GameSpot reports that Legacy Interactive is handling the creation duties. The company previously created a number of Law and Order adventure-mystery games so this is right up their alley. CSI: NY ships out before the end of the year.

Legacy Interactive to release girl-themed Paramount movie games

Girls rule! For game publisher Legacy Interactive that saying has to come true for them as they just signed a deal with movie studio Paramount to release three games based on classic teen movies aimed at the teen girl audience.

Yep, we know exactly what you are thinking: "Wow Big Download . . .tell me more." Ok. The three movies that are being adapted are the classic 80's John Hughes comedy Pretty in Pink, the 90s Alicia Silverstone flick Clueless (based loosely on the Jane Austen novel Emma . . . totally true) and the 2004 movie Mean Girls starring a before-she-became-a-total-joke Lindsey Lohan. So get ready for some casual fun with Ducky, Cher and the Plastics; you will be glad you did. No release dates for the three games have been announced.

Game based on Igor movie announced

The upcoming CGI animated movie Igor is a (kind of) variation of the Frankenstein story; namely, what if the low and somewhat beaten down assistant to a mad scientist decided to create his own life form. The movie, with John Cusack voice acting the title role, is due in theaters in September and today Southpeak Games announced plans to release a game for the PC and other platforms based on the film.

Developed and co-published by Legacy Interactive, the PC game version of Igor will allow players to play as one of the four main characters in the film (Igor, Eva, Scamper or Brain) as they will play though locations in the film and fight off enemies they encounter. The game will also have co-op play for up to four players. The game will be released in September, around the time MGM plans to release the film to theaters.

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