posts raises over $1 million in pledges for indie game development

A couple of years ago, the web site launched. Its business model was and is based on the crowd funding idea as is became a place for people and small companies to ask for donations to help "kick start" various products. To celebrate its second anniversary this week, the web site decided to reveal some info about the funds it has helped to gather for various projects.

A total of over $53 million have been pledged over the past two years with over $40 million successfully donated via the site to its various projects. For game development $1,052,557 have been pledged. While that's a lot it still pales in comparison to the donations for music projects ($13,094,547) or film projects ($19,717,790).

Minecraft documentary makers reveal bonuses for fundraisers

Several days ago we reported that 2 Player Productions had gone over its $150,000 goal of raising money to help fund its upcoming documentary of the team behind the hit sandbox game Minecraft. There are still a few more days until the fundraising campaign is over and now 2 Player Productions has revealed the pretty unique bonuses for people who donate more than the average amount.

Folks who pledge $60 or more get a two disk DVD of the movie and a very cool looking Creeper wind-up toy as created by Fangamer. A Box Pig piggy bank is the bonus for the $500 donation level and folks who put down $2,500 and up get a real pick ax mounted on a plague and signed by the Minecraft dev team at Mojang. You still have until March 26 to fund this project and possibly get your hands on these unique items.

Minecraft documentary fund raising exceeds minimal $150,000 goal

Minecraft not only continues to sell well but now an upcoming documentary on the making of the sandbox indie game and its creator has now exceeded its fund raising goals. The documentary from 2 Player Productions started its fund raising efforts on and earlier today the efforts paid off as it reached and exceeded the minimal $150,000 goal with over two weeks to go (people can still donate money to support the film until March 26).

In an update on the site, 2 Player Productions wrote about filming the Minecraft team at GDC 2011 last week and other matters. It also thanks the film's backers and those who helped to spread the word about its efforts. It added, "There's still a long way for the project to go, but it wouldn't be anywhere at all without the support of everyone who saw the potential in this story."

Minecraft film documentary makers release clip; seeking more funding

A little while ago 2 Player Productions announced it was working on a documentary on the making of Minecraft and of the hit sandbox games' creator Markus "Notch" Persson. Originally the plan was to make a small 20 minute film of the first week of Persson's Sweden-based game development studio Mojang Specifications but now 2 Player Productions have announced plans to turn its Minecraft documentary into a feature film-length project.

To that end, the team has launched a web page with the gold to raise a whopping $150,000 by Saturday, March 26. So far the team has already raised about $9,000 with about 32 days to go. You can check out a six minute snip of the feature film after the jump. In addition a 20 minute version of the Minecraft documentary can be found over at

Knights: Spiral Island announced; fundraiser started

We have seen a couple of recent examples of independent game team that have used the web site to raise funds to help fund development of their titles. Now a new game has started their own campaign. It's for a game called Knights: Spiral Island from the team Playground State.

The site described the game, which uses Epic Games' UDK development tools, is a first person action-adventure game where players will control a Knight, described in the page as much like the Knights of King Arthur: " a paragon of goodness and virtue charged with defeating evil in whatever form it takes." The team hopes to raise at least $10,000 by April 11 so they can fund the development of the first half of the first chapter which takes place "across the beaches and tide pools of the Spiral Island." You can check out a video with the team's presentation after the jump which include some brief in-game scenes with some weird looking and armed crab-like aliens.

[Via Beyond Unreal]

Orion Prelude reveals new media; closing in on fundraising goal

Last week indie game developer Spiral Game Studios announced a fundraising program for its upcoming sci-fi shooter Orion Prelude. With 23 days to go the effort has so far raised over $6,700 (as of this writing) towards the minimal goal of $10,000. As we reported last week the money will go to hiring "key developers", continue development of the game's multiplayer beta and attend game conferences in search of a publisher for the game. The developer is offering special incentives for people who donate certain amounts to the game.

Today the developer also released a new trailer and media showing off the Assault class for the human faction in the game. You can check out the trailer after the jump:


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