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Air Conflicts: Secret Wars announced

If you like historical flying action games, then you should be very happy later this summer. Publisher Kalypso Media has announced it is teaming up with BitComposer Games to release Air Conflicts: Secret Wars sometime in August for the PC and other platforms.

The full game will have seven campaigns consisting of 49 total missions that cover events in both World War I and World War II. Players will pilot a variety of aircraft in both air-to-air and air-to ground missions. There will also be multiplayer support for up to eight players with a variety of gameplay modes to choose from.

First Templar trailer frightens medieval soldiers

This trailer for The First Templar is what we like to see. Character banter mixed with in-game footage from the player's perspective. In this particular case, the banter is from a murderous soldier named Roland. Lots of brutal melee kills and spurting blood abound, although the normal one-two swings do seem a bit stiff. We wouldn't be surprised if he actually turns out to be the bad guy, if this trailer is any indication. Not many good characters are this ruthless!

Download the The First Templar 'Roland' trailer
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Interview: We chat with Lesta Studio about Elements of War

Nature cannot be ordered around. Rain, wind, earthquakes and other weather and natural disasters are out of man's control. At least that's the way it is in the real world. In the just released RTS game Elements of War, it is quite different. In the near future, mankind has figured out ways to create tornadoes, earthquakes and other forces of nature which can then be used as weapons.

The game from developer Lesta Studio has made it to the US via publisher Kalypso Media. Big Download chatted with Lesta to find out more about Elements of War's unique gameplay feature.

Elements of War goes gold for April 12 US release

Elements of War, the near-future RTS game from developer Lesta Studio, has now gone gold according to its US publisher Kalypso Media. Originally scheduled for released this month, the game will now be released in the US on April 12.

Previously released in Russia in mid-2010, Elements of War will feature a mix of modern day weapons like helicopters and tanks alongside near-future weapons such as human-powered exoskeletons and more. Players will also be able to activate weapons that will allow them to change the weather and the environments against their enemies such as creating earthquakes and tornadoes.

The First Templar now due for release May 10

the first templar
The co-op themed historical action game The First Templar now has a firm release date and its smack dab in one of the busiest time periods for PC game releases in 2011. The title from developer Haemimont Games and publisher Kalypso Media is now due for release on May 10.

As we have mentioned before, May 2011 will be a very crowded time for new games to be released. Titles like F.E.A.R. 3, Duke Nukem Forever, Red Faction Armageddon, Brink, Dungeon Siege 3, the PC port of Fable 3 and The Witcher 2 are already confirmed to be set for release that month.

First Dungeons DLC announced for March 25 release

The release of the fantasy strategy-RPG "you are the bad guy" title Dungeons was apparently successful enough for publisher Kalypso Media that the first DLC pack for the game has now been revealed. The Impulse download web site is now taking pre-orders for the DLC which will be released on March 25 for $3.99.

The DLC will contain a new campaign map to the game, Flowerdale, where players will have to deal with waves of those pesky do-gooder heroes. In additon 10 more maps will be added to the game for its sandbox, survival, soul survival and amusement game modes. Finally players can acquire 20 new prestige items via the DLC release.

Tropico 4 trailer returns to paradise

This Tropico 4 trailer doesn't really show much. Instead, it's more of an announcement for the newest entry in the long-running series of island dictatorship sims. If it's anything like the previous games - and it most undoubtedly will be - it'll be chock full of all sorts of edicts, special buildings angry citizens, and political pratfalls. We just wish this particular trailer had been a bit more interesting, though. One can only look at words for so long!

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Tropico 4 delayed to August

tropico 4
Fans waiting to head back to your island nation as head dictator in Tropico 4 will have to wait just a little longer. The island government sim game from developer Haemimont Games and publisher Kalypso Media was originally scheduled for released during the second quarter of 2010 when it was first announced back in August 2010 but now the game's release date has been pushed back a couple of months to sometime in August 2011.

The game will still have a number of new features compared to Tropico 3 including electing ministers to help push through controversial laws, new missions and buildings and the ability to post comments inside the game on your Twitter page.

Review: Dungeons

There can be little doubt that Dungeons drew more than a healthy amount of inspiration from the Dungeon Keeper series. There's major theme of being an overlord of an underground network of creatures, out to corrupt a happy fairytale land while disposing of the competition. Furthermore, there's the theme of defeating heroes foolish enough to venture into your domain before they have a chance to destroy your dungeon heart. There's even a throwaway joke where the adviser tells you all the chickens have been eaten, then remembers that chickens are used in a completely different game... which actually admits to a lot. Although the game may look a lot like a Dungeon Keeper game, it certainly isn't, and anyone playing with that preconception is likely to be very disappointed. Dungeons uses a fundamental gameplay twist that puts the focus on keeping incoming heroes happy instead of luring in creatures and training them. While this change gives the game a unique identity, it comes with a boatload of problems attached and ultimately isn't much fun.

Download Dungeons Demo (524 MB)
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The Dark Eye: Demonicon to be published by Kalypso Media in 2012

A game that was first announced a couple of years ago and then disappeared from view is coming back into focus. Publisher Kalypso Media announced today that it had secured the rights to publish The Dark Eye: Demonicon, a fantasy action-RPG based on The Germany-based pen-and-paper RPG series.

First announced in 2009 by developer Silver Style Entertainment and publisher The Games Company. However both developer and publisher shut down operations in 2010. Kalypso Media secured the rights to the game from The Dark Eye's owners Chromatrix and will use its own in-house developer Noumena Studios to make the game. It's now due for release for the PC and consoles sometime in 2012.

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