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Cool fan made Half-Life 2 CGI movie is a teaser trailer for ... another trailer

There have been more than one fan-made movies based on the Half-Life universe but the latest one is pretty impressive indeed. Marco Spitoni, who works in New Zealand at the Weta Digital visual effects company. has been working in his spare time on a CGI trailer for a fictional Half-Life 2 movie called I'm The Freeman.

This week Spitoni released a teaser trailer for the full trailer and, well, we wish this fictional movie wasn't so fictional after all. As you can see above it's quite impressive with visuals and edits that are worthy of a Hollywood feature film. With Half-Life creator Valve stating that they would like to make their own movies based on its game properties and Activision thinking about similar plans perhaps we will see official CGI movies based on games sooner than we think.

[Via PC Gamer]

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