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This Week In PC Games: April 4-10

After a very busy March for major PC game releases, things slow down a bit for the first full week of April with several smaller downloadable PC games due to be released.

Dino D-Day: This game, which first started life as a Half-Life 2 mod, has one of the more colorful premises we have ever seen. The multiplayer shooter's back story has the Nazi's in WWII creating weapon-based dinosaurs which the Allies have to fight off. The game's developers at 800 North have already promised that this game will get lots of free content after its release on April 8.

Gallery: Dino D-Day

Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - March 30

The month of March is almost over. Time to break out the baseball bats, the flower pots and the small lull in PC gaming releases until mid April.

Hoard announced for PC and Mac

We will admit to not being omnipotent. It's annoying not knowing everything but every once in a while something slips through and we miss it.So last June when indie game developer Big Sandwich Games announced that its downloadable top down action game Hoard was going to be released as a Playstation 3-PSP downloadable title we naturally sent that news story on its way.

And then this weekend we checked out the Hoard web site and what do you know? The game is also slated for a PC and Mac release as well. Color us embarrassed. We definately like the premise of this game where you are playing in a fantasy world as a dragon instead of the plucky hero. In fact you will be able to turn those pesky knights to cinders in the game along with kidnapping princesses, taking treasure and generally being a very bad dragon. There will also be support for up to four players in multiplayer. The PSN version is due out in September but there's no word yet on when the PC-Mac version of Hoard will be released.

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