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UFO Online: Fight For Earth announced

UFO Online Fight For Earth
Publisher Gamigo has announced a new browser-based tactical-action MMO, UFO Online: Fight For Earth, that certainly has some X-COM: UFO Defense influences. Developed by Funatics and using the Unity graphics engine, this title lets players control a squad of humans against an icky (it's a technical term) alien invasion threat.

Players can pick from one of three factions and build its base, hire mercenary with a variety of skills and weapons and then take on the aliens in turn-based battles. There will also be multiplayer modes with factions fighting against other factions. Closed beta testing for the game is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2011. You can check out the pre-rendered teaser trailer for UFO Online after the jump:

Grimlands announced

European MMO game publisher Gamigo has announced plans to launch Grimlands, a new game title with an ambitious mix of RPG and first person shooter in an MMO post-apocalyptic setting. The game, at least in its early screenshots, looks like it will have a Wild West art theme in addition to the apocalyptic devastation imagery.

According to the press release, the game's player characters will have skills that will improve over time when used by the player along with an extensive crafting system that will allow players to create a wide variety of items. It will also have drivable vehicles that can also be customized by the player. Currently Grimlands is scheduled to launch its closed beta test sometime in late 2011 but you can register for more info at the game's official web site. You can check out a CGI trailer for the game after the jump:

[Via email press release]

Mytheon trailer gets a little emotional

Mytheon has had plenty of hands-on previews and gameplay videos, but this trailer is not one of them. Rather, it's a cinematic detailing the grief of Zeus as he attacks a group of mortals that dare to defy him. While it's not quite as good as other cinematics, it's also for a free-to-play game, so we can't be too overly critical. Zeus's voice-acting wavers between genuinely emotional and unintentionally hilarious, mostly because of the tremors, and the animation is a little bit stiff, but it's still a trailer worth watching.

Download Mytheon 'Zeus' Trailer
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Black Prophecy video explores the magic of voice-overs

Black Prophecy may primarily be an MMO, but that doesn't mean it's going to be skimping on the voice-overs. This video (more like a developer diary) explores the sound studio that is working in conjunction with Gamigo and Reakktor. In the process it shows off music and sound we've never heard before, including potential story-spoiling lines (although nothing we can really put in context). Developer diaries and behind-the-scenes videos are always incredibly informative and enlightening, and this one is no exception. It's safe to say we are becoming more and more excited for Black Prophecy.

Download HD The Making of Black Prophecy - Voice Overs
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Black Prophecy trailer get down to spacefaring business

We have a soft spot in our black hearts for the space trading genre. Games like EVE Online, X3, and Freelancer are all fantastic and engaging, offering amazing vistas full of technology, aliens, and explosions! Black Prophecy is following in that tradition, and despite being relatively under the radar, it's still releasing trailers to the general populace. Developed by the folks behind Neocron, it's going to be free-to-play, and will apparently incorporate many of the things players love about the genre (space combat, dynamic politics, player-controlled economies) with none of that tediousness. This trailer is certainly more slick than the last one we saw, so we're a little more excited, even though nothing was really shown.

Download HD Black Prophecy Gamescom 2010 Trailer (210 MB)
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Jagged Alliance Online announced

Yet another PC game franchise is getting a rebirth as a free-to-play game. Today Gamigo and BitComposer Games announced plans for Jagged Alliance Online, a revival of the classic turn-based strategy series that began in the 1990's by the now defunct SirTech.

The browser-based game will supposedly "built around the familiar Jagged Alliance games mechanics". As with the original games you will control a squad of mercenaries in an isometric viewpoint with turn-based and real time strategy mixed in the game design broth. The "Online" part of the game comes in when you can team up with friends for alliances or even borrow some of your buddies mercs to get the dirty job done. It's set for release in 2011.

[Via Rock Paper Shotgun]

Patrician Online announced

Even as Kalypso Media plans to release Patrician IV to the US later this year the publisher has now announced plans to team up with Gamigo for Patrician Online. This newly announced browser-based game is of course best on the historical trading game series that's very popular in Germany.

Due for launch sometime in 2011, Patrician Online will allow thousands of people to play the game as traders during the time of the Hanseatic League. People who purchase Patrician IV will be able to receive a code that will allow entry in Patrician Online's closed beta test. So far there's no word on when that will begin.

Mytheon gets European publisher

The free-to-play multiplayer action-RPG Mytheon is getting close to its launch here in the US but soon folks across the ocean will be able to play the title as well. Today the game's publisher UTV True Games announced it has entered into an agreement with gamigo to bring Mytheon to Europe.

While there's no word yet on when the game will be launched in Europe, the new agreement will give gamigo the rights to publish and operate Mytheon in that part of the world. The game from developer Petroglyph is currently in beta testing in the US and will officially launch on July 13.

[via email press release]

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Black Prophecy closed beta testing begins

Is the world ready for another high-end space-based MMO? The folks at developer Reakktor Media and publisher gamigo hope so. They have just announced that closed beta testing for their upcoming title Black Prophecy has begun. At the moment only 100 people have been picked to try out the game but more beta testers will be selected to join in the coming months. The first phase of closed beta testing "will be on server and program stability."

You can still sign up to be selected for this beta at the game's official web site. The big question: Will this title be competive with EVE Online?

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