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FIFA 11 overshadows FIFA 10 as best-selling sports game

It figures that a football game would be the world's best-selling sports games. It's just not American Football. According to the latest reports from EA, the football (soccer) game FIFA 11 has sold a whopping 2.6 million copies, netting the massive publisher upwards of $150 million. This is all within the first week of availability, no less, and easily beats FIFA 10's previous record of 1.6 million. Given the continued popularity of FIFA 10, we wouldn't be surprised if FIFA 11 goes on to even larger sales as well. It seems the revamp of the FIFA franchise is looking like an incredibly great decision for EA.

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FIFA 11 trailers show off penalty kicks and a full game

It's time for more details for FIFA 11. As always, these are coming in the form of trailers, with the two latest being a full game and the explanation of the penalty kicks. Penalty kicks (above) seem to be a lot more complicated than they have been in previous games. They take into account handling, game difficulty, composure, speed, and a ton of other variables, with the result being either a goal or otherwise. Thankfully, the trailer goes into deep detail about making the best of your penalty kicks. The full game trailer (after the break) is much like the Gary Aaron trailer: it shows off a game from start to finish, and in doing so showcases new features to FIFA 11.

FIFA trailer shows a game from start to finish

Now this is unusual, but not unwelcome. FIFA 11's new trailer shows a full game, from start to finish, uncompressed. That's almost unheard of, but it's definitely great for soccer (football) fans. The game ends at a reasonable score, players and referees acted as one might expect in soccer, and the shows all the mechanics talked about in previous trailers. In other words, this is a summation of all that is FIFA 11, and if you want to know exactly what the game is about, watch this trailer.

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FIFA trailers explain the rules of the field

Those looking forward to FIFA 11 have even more to look forward to, thanks to this pair of trailers from EA Sports. While the normal trailer revealed the new features, these go in-depth to explain them. The first, above, talks about the goalkeeper mode. This is a completely different mode from the regular game, as you are playing a goalkeeper instead of any other player. There's dives, slides, punches, and all sorts of other goodies that look to make it unique. The trailer below talks about and demonstrates the effect stamina and fatigue have on players running the field. Both offer some great insights into FIFA 11, which is a nice change of pace from standard trailers.

FIFA 2011 gets down and dirty on the field

There's not much we can say about FIFA 2011, so we'll let this trailer speak for itself. mostly. However, for fans of the series, there are a few things of interest. Player personalities are in, and will apparently affect gameplay. other important additions or features: 11-n-11 multiplayer, multiplayer-controlled celebrations, goalie controlling, and pro passing. We aren't entirely sure what all of those things are, but we're sure they'll please fans!

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