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Fable III PC system requirements revealed

Fable III is set for its PC debut later this year and today IGN has posted up word that the hardware system requirements for developer Lionhead Studios' latest fantasy RPG have been revealed. You can check out both the minimal and recommended system specs for the game after the jump.

As we have reported earlier this year, the Fable III PC port will be released on May 17 and will include a new Hardcore difficulty mode. The game will also be the first PC game that will be released by Microsoft Game Studios since the Gears of War port back in December 2007.

Fable 3 for the PC finally ships on May 17

fable 3 pc
PC gamers have been waiting a while for this but today Microsoft, via the Major Nelson web site, finally announced that the long awaited PC port of Fable 3 will finally be released on May 17.

This port of 2010's Xbox 360 RPG from developer Lionhead Studios will come with a couple of extra features. One is support for Nvidia's 3D Vision technology. The other is a PC exclusive hardcore play mode which gives PC gamers a choice to go even higher in difficulty while playing through the game.

This game will be Microsoft's first major PC game it will publish since the PC port of Gears of War way back in December 2007. The May 17 release date also means it will join an already crowded May in terms of new PC game releases with titles like F.E.A.R. 3, Duke Nukem Forever, Red Faction Armageddon, Brink, Dungeon Siege 3 and The Witcher 2, among others.

[Via Joystiq]

Will Fable III PC pre-orders get the "Create an NPC option"?

Earlier today Microsoft revealed that folks who pre-order the Xbox 360 version of Fable III will get an interesting extra: the ability to create a custom NPC via a web-based interface that will be able to be placed in the game world of Lionhead Studios' upcoming fantasy RPG. It's certainly a cool concept but our question, naturally, was, "Will people who pre-order the PC version of the game get the same feature?"

We posed that question to a Microsoft PR rep and got back this rather cryptic response:

We will be offering PC players the ability to pre-order "Fable III" for Windows, and in fact, retailers such as Amazon.com and Game (UK) are taking preorders today for the PC version of "Fable III." While we have no additional details to announce at this time, it is always our goal to provide fans with the best experience possible, regardless of which platform they choose to enjoy our games on.

As you can tell that statement isn't very clear at all and when we pressed for more info we were told that is the only statement Microsoft has on the matter at this time.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010 reveals more game panel programming

The 2010 edition of the San Diego Comic-Con continues to reveal its massive panel programming schedule. Today the sold out show's official web site posted up the schedule for Friday, July 23 and as expected there's a bunch of game-related programming mixed in with the movie, TV and comics panels.

July 23 will see panels devoted to, among other games, Lionhead's upcoming RPG Fable III along with a Star Wars: The Old Republic presentation devoted to crafting the storyline behind the upcoming MMO title. There will also be a panel devoted to upcoming titles based on Marvel Comics properties with "surprise reveals" as well as a Dead Space 2 presentation. Also members of Obsidian Entertainment will host a panel on game writing in their past and future games including Fallout New Vegas and Dungeon Siege III. Non-PC related game panels on July 23 will be devoted to Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Gears of War 3 and more.

Fable III to get episodic downloadable treatment after full game is released

After Lionhead Studios released their RPG Fable II for the Xbox 360 as a full retail game, the developer released it again as a series of downloadable episodes via Xbox Live. Now Gamesindustry.biz has announced (free registration required) that Fable III will be getting a similar re-release via download sometime after the full game.

Lionhead Studios' head man Peter Molyneux states that the episodic release of Fable III will let the player check out the first chapter for free and then purchase the remaining episodes. Molyneux has high expectation for sales of Fable III, which will be released for the PC and Xbox 360 on October 26. He states, "We are driving to sell more than five million units and to make a profit in excess of $150 million."

Fable III PC officially announced [Update]

After lots of evidence that a PC version was indeed in the works, Microsoft has finally admitted that the upcoming Xbox 360 RPG sequel Fable III is also coming to the Windows PC platform. The game from developer Lionhead Studios, will be released via retail stores for $49.99 "this holiday" and will also be available via download on the Games For Windows Live client.

As we have mentioned before when this story first started as a rumor Fable III will be the first major retail PC game Microsoft will publish since the PC port of the original Gears of War game came out in late 2007. Unfortunately PC owners won't be able to buy a special Limited Collector's Edition of Fable III like their Xbox 360 counterparts.

Update: Microsoft has sent over word that while the PC version of Fable III won't get a retail Collector's Edition, PC owners of the game will be able to purchase and download in-game content that will be included as part of the Xbox 360's Collector's Edition. Specific content and pricing for the PC DLC has yet to be announced

Box artwork for Fable III seems to confirm PC version

While rumors first hit the internet about Lionhead Studios' upcoming Xbox 360 RPG Fable III's possible PC release earlier this year, a version of the Xbox 360 box art that popped up on the internet (and snagged by our sister site Joystiq before the original source pulled it off their site) seems to confirm that the game will indeed be showing up on Windows. As you can see above the box art clearly shows "Only On Xbox 360 & Windows" on top.

The game's publisher Microsoft, despite the evidence that seems to clearly show a PC version is in the works, has so far still not confirmed that Fable III is being released for the PC. If it is true it would be the first retail PC game Microsoft has released since their PC port of Gears of War came out back in late 2007.

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