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Torchlight coming to the Mac in 2010

Last week Big Download was the first web site to report that Runic Games' popular downloadable action-RPG Torchlight would be coming to retail stores via Encore Software in early January. Today we got the official press release from Encore announcing the move. It also revealed the game's specific ship date to stores (January 5).

However they also slipped in an extra note in their press release that will make a certain portion of the population happy. Encore states that they plan to release a Mac version of Torchlight sometime in 2010 as well. Considering that it sometimes takes years to get a native Mac port of a PC game, this news is welcome indeed.

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Torchlight coming to retail stores in early January

Runic Games' recently released action-RPG game Torchlight has apparently been a huge hit with reviewers. The title, made in part by team members who previously worked on the Diablo series, is currently on sale as a digital download title only. However if you believe that this Interweb is just a fad, don't worry. Torchlight will soon appear on a store shelf near you.

Big Download confirmed with Runic Games' PR head that Torchlight will be ship to stores as a boxed retail release in early January via publisher Encore Software. In the meantime the development team is working on the game's first patch and the mod tools for Torchlight should finally be released in the very near future.

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Microids games to head back to stores

In the 1990s Microids was one of the biggest adventure game developers and publishers in the PC game industry, releasing such titles like Still Life and Syberia among others. In 2005 it seemed like Microids' time was over as Ubisoft announced it was purchasing the company's Canadian offices and 50 team members. However that deal didn't include any of Microids' actual games. That left an open door for the company to be reformed in 2007.

Today the new Microids announced a deal with US based Encore Software to re-release Microids' back catalog of adventure game titles to retail stores, giving folks who may have missed the company's original adventure games a chance to catch up. It won't just be older games, however. Encore will also release the all new adventure games that Microids is currently working on which includes a sequel to the acclaimed thriller adventure game Still Life. The sequel, titled Still Life 2, is due to be released in November 2008.

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