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Emotiv Epoc "brain-wave" PC controller delayed until 2009

Last February, a new tech start-up company called Emotiv Systems held a big press event at GDC to show off their Emotiv Epoc PC game controller. They claimed that the head-mounted controller used brain waves in order to control in-game actions such as levitating a boulder with just your mind. Unfortunately, the public demo didn't go as planned; the device simply didn't work in front of the media who attended the press conference. The company said after the event that interference from other wireless transmissions were to blame for the controller's issues

At the time of the press event Emotiv stated that the Epoc controller would go on sale by the end of this year for $299. However, Big Download has learned via a chat with the company's PR rep that the controller won't be out this year as planned. The new release date for the Epoc is for sometime in 2009. According to the PR rep we spoke to over the phone today the delay was simply because the company wanted more time to make sure the deviced worked as planned.

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