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Heroes of Telara trailer takes you to a whole new world

This trailer for Heroes of Telara was shown at E3 2009 and provides a first look at the upcoming fantasy MMORPG. To learn more about the game, check out our impressions here.

"Long after the Age of Legend, when centuries of conflict devastated the fair kingdoms of Telara, the world teeters on the edge of darkness. Now, four rival factions grapple for control of the land as the struggle rages on in the wild territories. Arising from these ashes is Port Scion, a mighty city inhabited by survivors of the old empires. Only the brave and stalwart citizens of Port Scion can restore peace, and change the very course of history, for it is home to the Heroes of Telara."

Download HD Heroes of Telara E3 2009 Trailer (301 MB)

E3 2009: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Eyes-On Impressions

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is being developed to provide the most realistic and intense military shooter experience possible. Skira, the Pacific island where all the action takes place is based off a real-life area and designed using satellite images, and players are free to go anywhere across its 225 square kilometers of terrain. This includes climbing up the volcano on the far end of the island. Transportation happens in near real-time, so it would take you 9-10 hours to cross the island from one end to the other on foot, but only 9-10 minutes by helicopter. What all this builds up to is a fully open world where players are free to approach a situation from just about any direction.

Download HD Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising E3 2009 Trailer (72 MB)
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E3 2009: DC Universe Online Eyes-On Impressions

DC Universe Online is an upcoming action MMO game in development by SOE under the direction of famous comic book artist, Jim Lee. In it, players will be able to create superpowered characters to fight alongside some of their favorite super heroes, including Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. You'll even get chance to join the Justice League by building up a crime fighting reputation. Alternatively, players can choose to indulge their darker halves and become super villains looking for the big score that'll earn you a place in the Secret Society of Super Villains.

Download HD DC Universe Online E3 2009 Trailer (60 MB)
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E3 2009: Big Download's E3 2009 (Different) Awards

E3 2009 is fading into memory but various web sites and media outlets are already putting out their E3 2009 "awards". We feel that a lot of these awards are, well, odd. After all nearly all of the games shown at the annual show are not finished and giving awards to these games would be like giving an award to a movie just by seeing its trailers. Remember when Spore won all those E3 "Game of the Year" awards? Remember when the actual game came out and, well, failed to live up to expectations? You get the picture.

So for our E3 2009 awards, we are doing something different. Instead of awards for best game or best action title or other generic awards, we are going to have some fun with our categories and give you a taste of the show itself. We hope you like it.

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E3 2009: Alpha Protocol eyes-on impressions

Last year at E3 we got our first gameplay glimpse at Alpha Protocol, the super-spy themed action-RPG from developer Obsidian and publisher Sega. This year at E3 2009 we got yet another live gameplay look at the title which is currently due for release this fall.

The behind-closed-doors demo (which we didn't get to play for ourselves) gave us another shot at checking out Michael Thorton, the lead character in the game and a spy-agent in the "JB" tradition (that would be James Bond, Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer) . The demo emphasized that this will be a true RPG game with action elements. Your character will have a number of different skills that you can improve upon as the game progresses, such as weapons, stealth and more. You will have to choose a few skills to specialize in and you can even get some perks that will give you some extra improvements

E3 2009: Singularity Eyes-On Impressions

Time means a lot of things to different people, but in Singularity, it's a weapon. Developed by Raven Software, the game takes place in 2010, when a despotic leader seizes control of Russia and hopes to solidify his seat of power (and later, global domination) by resurrecting some top secret experiments from 1950 conducted on an island called Katorga-12. The experiments related to an element known as E99, which is instrumental in time manipulation. US Air Forces are sent in to stop the project from being brought back, but the planes are pulled into a singularity. The player takes the role of Nate Renko, a US Air Force pilot who awakens on Katorga-12 with a TMD (Time Manipulation Device) strapped to his arm and trapped on an island where time and space have become extremely unstable.

Download HD Singularity E3 2009 Trailer (32 MB)
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E3 2009: Wolfenstein Eyes-On Impressions

Wolfenstein 3D first came out in 1992 and pretty much set the standard for first-person shooters for its time. The series has seen a number of installments since then, with the latest developed by Raven Software, simply called Wolfenstein. Raven is looking to capture the key points that make the series stand out, meaning that B.J. Blazkowicz will being far behind enemy lines to single-handedly take on an army of Nazis seeking to harness the powers of the paranormal.

Download HD Wolfenstein 'Beyond Comprehension' Trailer (80 MB)
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E3 2009: R.U.S.E. Eyes-On Impressions

We've seen a number of tabletop strategy games in our time, but Ubisoft win the award for presenting its upcoming real-time strategy game, R.U.S.E. with style. At E3 2009, presenters showed off the The World War II themed game using a touch screen table similar to the one seen in the teaser trailer. It's a gimmick that really shows off what the game is about, zooming out of from the map reveals a strategy board on which the action takes place. The game sets itself apart from other RTS games by putting emphasis on deception in addition to tactical strategy. Commanders have a number of deception abilities called ruses. With these abilities, players can trick opponents using stealth and misdirection to claim victory.

Download HD R.U.S.E. 'Tunisia' E3 2009 Gameplay Video Pt 1 (368 MB)
Download HD R.U.S.E. 'Tunisia' E3 2009 Gameplay Video Pt 2 (481 MB)
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E3 2009: Splinter Cell Conviction Eyes-on Impressions

Forget about most of what you know about Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell series. Splinter Cell Conviction throws it all out as Fisher goes rogue and leaves the Third Echelon to track down the person who murdered his daughter - an event that was introduced in Double Agent, but not fully addressed until now. It may seem like the developers are giving up political intrigue in favor of a revenge tale, but as to be expected from Splinter Cell, things go much deeper than they initially appear. What's clear is that this is a Sam Fisher that no one has seen before, and the game is practically unlike any other that has come before.

Download HD Splinter Cell Conviction E3 2009 Trailer (68 MB)
Download HD Splinter Cell Conviction E3 2009 Gameplay Video (214 MB)

E3 2009: Assassin's Creed 2 Eyes-On Impressions

He may wear the signature outfit of an assassin, complete with retractable arm blades for fast jabbing, but it quickly becomes clear that much has changed since the first Assassin's Creed. We're not just talking about the time period, either. The developers at Ubisoft learned a great deal from the first game and applied a number of huge improvements to the sequel. Assassin's Creed 2 takes place in Italy during the Renaissance as opposed to Medieval Holy Land, but the secret war between the Assassin's Guild and the Templar still rages on. The newest incarnation of the professional free-running killer is still one of Desmond Miles' direct ancestors, which makes us wonder how many of these guys are hiding up this guy's family tree. However, this trip back in time, reliving his genetic memory, won't be a lonely one. Players will have new allies to help with planning, executing and getting away with calculated killings.

Download HD Assassin's Creed 2 Cinematic Trailer (217 MB)
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