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Duke Nukem Forever portrait prints to be sold off for charity

The majesty (get it?) that is the vision of Duke Nukem could soon be on your wall if you are lucky. 2K Games announced this week that a portrait of the Dukester himself has been created by "artist Frank Frid" (we put that in quotes since we are not convinced that this guy is a real person).

The print, which you can check out in full after the jump, is of course a way for publisher 2K Games to continue to promote the upcoming first person shooter Duke Nuke Forever. The nice thing is that 2K Games plans to sell 200 prints of this great man to the general public sometime soon. Proceeds from the sale will go to unnamed charities.

[Via email press release]

New Duke Nukem Forever trailer makes us ... want to play this game

The newest trailer for Duke Nukem Forever has hit the internets like a really powerful gun fired by a really powerful man.. This is an "uncensored" trailer which basically means hide the kids; there's lots of blood and gore and some quick visuals of ladies' naughty bits.

The game may look a little dated in the graphics department but there's no denying the fact that Duke Nukem Forever is looking like its going to be a lot of fun to play. Just sit back and enjoy the new trailer (if you are 17 and over) before Duke Nukem Forever is released on June 14.

Download the Duke Nukem Forever Come Get Some trailer at Big Download

Latest Duke Nukem Forever trailer chats with Gearbox's Randy Pitchford

The latest official trailer for Duke Nukem Forever is an extended interview with Randy Pitchford, the founder of Gearbox Software and the man who decided to bring in the long-in-development first person shooter out of the cold after its original developer 3D Realms laid off its in-house development team.

In the video, Pitchford talks about Duke himself, the gameplay world he inhabits and how the game is a bit of a counterpoint to the trend of the modern military shooter that's currently in vogue. We will see if Duke Nukem Forever will be worth the wait when it is finally released on June 14.

Duke Nukem Forever was 75 to 80 percent complete in 2009, says developer

In May 2009, 3D Realms stopped development of Duke Nukem Forever as it entered into a legal battle with publisher 2K Games. But how close was the long awaited first person shooter from being completed. In a new podcast on the game's official web site. Triptych Games' president David Riegel said, "When 3D Realms shut its doors in May, I would say the game was maybe about 75-80 (percent) compared to what it is today, but it was interesting because it was a kind of an uneven 80 (percent)."

While lots of the game's content was in the build, much of it was still missing. Riegel said, "Most of the characters didn't exist. NPC behavior didn't really exist, like no head tracking or eye tracking, no lip syncing, none of that. No music, no ending: there was a planned ending but it wasn't really there."

Triptych Games, formed in July 2009 by former 3D Realms members, started working on the game before the legal issues were resolved and the game was brought under Gearbox Software's supervision.

Duke Nukem Forever's latest trailer is a salute to the ladies

Duke Nukem loves to shoot aliens. He also loves the ladies. And apparently in this latest trailer of footage from the long awaited first person shooter Duke Nukem Forever, the ladies love Duke back.

There's nothing in this trailer that amounts to what we would call "gameplay" in the true sense of the world. It's basically just how the development team at 3D Realms and later at Gearbox Software see the female form in different clothes and environments. Some people might call it exploitative. Others might see it as just childish. But there's no denying that the ladies are still a part of what makes a Duke Nukem game, well, a Duke Nukem game.

Download the Duke Nukem Forever Babes trailer at Big Download

Duke Nukem Forever gets new history trailer; first podcast

Duke Nukem Forever will take 15 years to finally be completed but many people forget that there were Duke Nukem games long before the long awaited first person shooter started production. Today 2K Games released the first of a series of trailers that looks back at the Duke Nukem franchise, beginning with the two side-scroller games that were released by 3D Realms in the early 1990's.

Meanwhile the game's official web site has just posted up the first official Duke Nukem Forever podcast. Team members from Gearbox Software and Triptych Games talk about "Who is Duke Nukem" and other topics.

Download the Duke Nukem Forever: History of a Legend Part 1 Trailer at Big Download

What would a female version of Duke Nukem be like?

Recently there was a bit of controversy over the Capture the Babe multiplayer mode that will be in the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever game. The mode will have players hold the babe in question and if she started becoming antsy, the player is suppose to slap them (gently) on her behind. That caused some to be critical of the mode, saying any kind of physical force on a female was sending the wrong message.

In a new chat with Computer and Video Games, Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford defends Duke's behavior towards women, saying, " ... he actually loves women and will put himself to great risk to make sure that they're safe. That's the whole premise of the game." He added, "I think it'd be really interesting some day to see what a female version of Duke would be like. Maybe that's a game." Indeed that would be a game; anyone want to make it?

Duke Nukem Forever trailers are predictably crude

If there's one thing that Duke Nukem is known for, it's being as crude and not safe for work as possible. In this case, it involves either throwing around his own excrement (yes, really) or punching off the head of an alien and riding his torso into a building. Both of these trailers for Duke Nukem Forever are most certainly not safe for work on children, but they definitely give a look at Duke Nukem's brand of humor. It's the kind that involves smearing the environment with wet feces and drinking from a contaminated water faucet.

Download Duke Nukem Forever 'Feces' Trailer
Download Duke Nukem Forever 'What Would Duke Do? - Jetpacks' Trailer
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Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - March 28

Ah, Choplifter. Playing that game brings back a lot of memories. Mostly ones where we are drinking a lot of Coke and eating chips. Good times.

Duke Nukem Forever's latest delay explained by Gearbox head

Duke Nukem Forever's release date may have been delayed (again) by over a month but according to Gearbox Software's head man Randy Pitchford, the long awaited first person shooter will benefit from this latest minor setback. Answering questions from fans on his Twitter page on Thursday, Pitchford told one person, "The delay is because of time to finish some things that our predictions were wrong about. Lots of unrevealed details, still."

He admitted to another Twitter user, "
Yeah I know it sucks. It's *really* bad for us, but the alternative would've been worse for everyone. We're doing the right thing." As we reported on Thursday, Duke Nukem Forever will now be released in the US on June 14 rather than on May 3. Some fans have actually said this new release date is in fact a joke that will be revealed as such on April 1 (April Fool's Day) but according to Pitchford this new move is "Not a hoax".

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