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Dragon Age Origins Awakening and DLC now available for Mac owners

Mac gamers have had to wait a while but now the wait is over for those people who wanted to play a native Mac version of Dragon Age Origins Awakening. TransGaming announced today that the Mac port of BioWare's RPG expansion pack is now available via download on the GameTree Online web site. The PC and console versions of the expansion were released last March.

Along with Dragon Age Origins Awakening, TransGaming has also recently offered some of the RPG's downloadable content expansions to Mac owners. The DLC include Return to Ostagar, Dark Spawn Chronicles, and Leliana's Song. All are now available for purchase and download on GameTree Online.

Download: Dragon Age: Origins v1.04 Patch

This major patch updates both Dragon Age: Origins and the Awakening expansion to v1.04. It includes a number of gameplay fixes and improves overall game performance. Full patch notes are shown after the jump.

Download Dragon Age: Origins v1.04 Patch (89 MB)

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Final EA week sale on Steam takes a price cut on Dragon Age: Origins

Today is the final day of EA week on Steam. The PC game download service has cut prices for one day only all week on a number of Electronic Arts title. For the final day of sales, Steam has taken the price cut scissors on developer BioWare's Dragon Age franchise.

From now until 1 pm Eastern time on Monday you can get BioWare's fantasy RPG Dragon Age Origins for just $26.79 for the regular edition or for $33.49 in its digital deluxe version on Steam. Or you can get the more recent expansion pack, Dragon Age Origins Awakening for just $29.99 on Steam.

Steam adds Prima in-game strategy guides; 50 percent off for limited time

What if you could access an entire printed strategy guide for a game while playing the game itself? That question is no longer a "What If" but a reality. Today Valve announced that it's Steam download service has begun to offer in-game strategy guides from Prima Games. While you can read the guides outside of the game Steam's UI overlay also allows you access to the guide while playing the game itself.

There are six strategy guides currently available for Left 4 Dead 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Just Cause 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age Origins Awakening. For a limited time you can get any of the guides for just $9.99 each, a 50 percent cut in their normal price tag.

BioWare releases new humorous Dragon Age: Origins paid DLC

Technically this is a April Fools story, except that while it's humorous it also happens to be true. BioWare has issued some new paid downloadable content for their fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins that are, shall we say, different. For $2 you can get the Feastday Prank Pack which gives players 10 pranks they can pull on party members along with two gifts to help them apologize after the prank is committed.

Another $2 gets you the Feastday Gifts pack which lets you give 10 humorous but nice gifts to give to party members plus two crappy gifts " let your companions know you weren't completely serious." You can also buy both packs in a bundle for $3.

Alienware giving away free exclusive Dragon Age: Origins in-game item

With the new Dragon Age Origins Awakening expansion pack now available for purchase in stores and on various download sites, you might be wondering if you could get a little extra something, you know, for the effort. Actually you can. Dell's gaming PC division Alienware is giving away an exclusive in-game item that can be used in both the original game and the new expansion from BioWare.

The item is a special shield, Bulwark of the True King, that's on a tier 5 level in the original game and a tier 7 in Awakening. The Awakening version can also absorb damage. In order to get the exclusive shield you have to sign up for the Alienware Arena service (it's free).

Review: Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Players may have defeated the archdemon in Dragon Age: Origins, but that doesn't mean the story is over. Now it's time to deal with the fallout from all that's happened. The Awakening expansion takes place sometime after the Origins campaign, and the player is promoted to the status of a Warden Commander. With the new title comes bigger responsibilities, as they're tasked with rebuilding the Grey Warden numbers while playing the role of an Arl, in charge of the land of Amaranthine and the well being of its peasants and nobles. At the same time, there's a rising threat that involves a new breed of smarter darkspawn. No one said that being a Warden Commander was going to be easy, but overwhelming tasks are happen to be the ones they're best suited for.

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 continues to be on top of Steam's top 10 sales lists

Despite lots of problems with the game's multiplayer servers, Battlefield Bad Company 2 remains the game to beat in terms of PC games sale on the Steam service. Digital Illusions' multiplayer shooter is at the top spot on Steam's top 10 best selling PC games list (in terms of revenue) for the past week.

In second place this week comes Dragon Age: Origins Awakening, the first big commercial expansion pack for BioWare's hit RPG title. Third place goes to Relic's RTS expansion pack Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II Chaos Rising. The full list is below:

1. Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Digital Illusions/EA
2. Dragon Age Origins Awakening - BioWare/EA
3. Warhammer 40,0000 Dawn of War II Chaos Rising - Relic/THQ
4. Command and Conquer 4 - Electronic Arts
5. Metro 2033 - 4A Games/THQ
6. Dragon Age Origins Digital Deluxe Edition - BioWare/EA
7. Modern Warfare 2 - Infinity Ward/Activision
8. Assassin's Creed 2 - Ubisoft
9. Aliens Vs Predator - Rebellion/Sega
10. Supreme Commander 2 - Gas Powered Games/ Square Enix

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening trailer talks Nathaniel into joining

Rounding out the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening party is a rogue named Nathaniel Howe. Yes, the son of the arl that tries to kill your character in the previous campaign. Apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as Nathaniel is a skilled fighter. Players can put him to work for the Gray Wardens, because let's face it... adopting would-be assassins is fairly common practice.

Download HD Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening 'Nathaniel' Trailer (54 MB)
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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening trailer takes on a whole new breed of foes

Today is a big day for releases, including the launch of the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening expansion. The expansion includes an all new campaign, featuring a smarter and deadlier Darkspawn horde. Fortunately, players can count on a number of new allies to come join the fight with them.

Download HD Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Launch Trailer (47 MB)
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