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See the Brink Doom Pack pre-order extras from GameStop

It's one thing to tell people about pre-order bonuses for games but it's another to actually see them in action. Bethesda Softworks has done just that for the exclusive GameStop pre-order bonus for the upcoming first person shooter Brink. You can see the in-game bonuses in action via the new YouTube video you can see above this post.

Yes, you too can dress up your Brink character in clothing, gun skins and more based on Doom, a game from another Bethesda Softworks developer id Software. You can also check out some new gameplay from Brink in the new trailer. The game itself will be released in the US on May 10.

Rumor: New Doom movie in the works?

doom movie
The 2005 movie adaptation of Doom wasn't the worst game-to-movie translation we have ever seen but it was pretty close. However the original film, based very loosely on id Software's shooter franchise and produced by Universa, has apparently done well in DVD and Blu-Ray sales and is shown frequently on cable TV.

Now the newest rumor from states via unnamed sources that Universal, who apparently still own the rights to make the Doom movie, are trying to get a script together to make another attempt of a new Doom film, one that will both ignore the first film and also be in 3D. We have emailed Bethesda Softworks, the current owners of the Doom game franchise, to get a confirmation.

[Via Blue's News]

GDC 2011 to include post mortem panels on classic PC games

The Game Developers Conference is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and as part of its celebration the conference will be holding some special post mortem panels. These panels will focus on some of the most influential games of all time. 11 such panels will be held during the event in San Fransisco on February 28-March 4.

The post mortem panels will include a look back at the development of a number of classic PC games. The list of games includes Prince of Persia (with Jordan Mechner), Doom (with John Romero), Bejeweled (with Jason Kapalka) Populus (with Peter Molyneux), Elite (with David Braben) and Manic Mansion (with Ron Gilbert).

Steam gives out Tuesday's one-day PC game sales

The Steam holiday sale for its PC and Mac game library continues today with a new batch of titles that will have its priced cut down until 1 pm Eastern time on Wednesday. Have a great savings day.

King's Bounty Platinum Edition - $8.74
Doom Complete Pack - $8.74
Dirt 2 - $4.99
Crysis games - Save 75 percent of all games in series
Rush - $1.69
Global Agenda - $7.49
ArmA II Operation Arrowhead - $19.99 or $15.99 if you own ArmA II
Section 8 -$7.49
Mount and Blade/Mount and Blade Warband - $19.99
Lost Horizon - $.9.99
Sim City 4 - $4.99
IL -2 Sturmovik 1946 - $4.99

More info on Brink pre-order offers

Last weekend at QuakeCon pre-order offers were revealed for Splash Damage's upcoming first person shooter Brink. This week publisher Bethesda Softworks has revealed more details about all of the pre-order offers for Brink that have been spread out over several retailers and digital download sites.

The screenshot above shows off some of the in-game character items you can get if you pre-order the game with the Doom offer and as we reported last weekend there's also a similar offer with Fallout-themed in-game items. There's still no specific release date for Brink other than the first quarter of 2011. You can check out all of the pre-order offers and their respective retailers after the jump:

Doom game pack on sale on Steam today only

QuakeCon 2010 is in full effect in Dallas but people who can't attend can still get some cool related sales. Starting now until noon Eastern time on Saturday you can get the Doom Pack of games on sale via Steam. All of id Software's Doom first person shooter games (The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Master Levels for Doom II, Final Doom, Doom III and Doom III Resurrection of Evil) can be yours for just $13.60. That's a 66 percent savings from the pack's normal price of $39.99 and much lower than the $79.94 price if you bought all the games separately.

Don't forget the QuakeCon 2010 pack featuring a ton of Bethesda Softworks and id Software games is still on sale from now until Sunday, featuring 27 games priced in a $69.99 bundle.

Friday's Steam holiday sales ring in the new year

With 2010 now well underway, Valve's holiday sale on Steam is starting to wind down. While their overall sales will end on January 3, they continue to hold some one day sales. On this New Year's Day you can get the following games for the rock bottom prices for the next 23 hours.

The sales include both "seasons" of Sam and Max in one bundle for just $14.99 and the Doom Complete pack (all of id's Doom games) for just $13.59. Capcom's Devil May Cry 4, which was just made available via download a couple of weeks ago, is now on sale for $22.49. The first Mass Effect game is priced at $4.99 as is Valve's puzzle shooter Portal. Finally the motocycle game RedLynx Trials 2: Second Edition can be yours for a mere $2.49.

Doom box artist passes away

While id Software's classic first person shooter Doom was a huge hit mostly on the game alone it didn't hurt that the box cover artwork for the game was incredible as well. Last month, the artist for the box art, Don Ivan Punchatz, died at the age of 73.

While Punchatz had a huge career as a mainstream artist, handling covers for magazines like Time and Rolling Stone, his work on the Doom box art is instantly recognizable to a generation who played the game. In his obituary on the Spectrum Fantastic Art web site, there is a quote from him saying id offered him a flat fee or a percentage of the game's profits for his work. He took the flat fee (which was actually lower than his normal fee) but soon afterward realized his mistake, saying, ""So how was I to know this thing called Doom would make a jillion smackers?"

[Via Kotaku]

Freeware Friday: DoomRL

Welcome to Freeware Friday, a weekly column showcasing excellent games that you can play free of charge!

Most rogue-likes tend to be of the role-playing variety rather than the action variety. Instead of whipping out guns, you hack apart goblins, gain levels, and traverse through dungeons. But what if it was much more simple, action-oriented, and just plain fun for your average joe? That's where DoomRL comes in. A rogue-like of id's classic shooter, it manages to be both a great remake into an interesting gameplay system as well as a compelling game on its own. It could easily be adapted to different settings or expanded to include even more goodies, which is the real beauty of it.

Bethesda Softworks' parent company acquires id Software [Update]

Yep, that headlne is correct. Bethesda Softworks's parent company ZeniMax Media had announced that it has acquired Dallas-based developer id Software, creators of some of the biggest PC game franchises of all time (Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein). Financial terms were not disclosed but the press release states that id will continue to operate under its founder John Carmack with the press release stating, "All the principals at id Software have signed long-term employment contracts."

Bethesda Softworks will now be the publisher for all of id Software's upcoming games with the exception of titles that already have publishing agreements. That means Rage will continue to be published by EA but Doom IV will now be a Bethesda Softworks title. We hope to have more info on this unexpected business deal later today.

Update: Kotaku has a little more info on the deal, revealing that id had actually approached ZeniMax Media about being bought out and that acquistion talks had started months ago. With the deal now complete id will be able to add teams to their game projects. It also quotes id founder John Camack as saying, "We're really getting kind of tired competing with our own publishers in terms of how our titles will be featured." The new deal with ZeniMax will solve that problem with Carmack saying, "They are triple A, top-of-the-line in what they do in the RPGs. And they have no overlap with all the things we do in the FPSes."

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