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Disciples III trailer sparks a renaissance

The Disciples series has been missing in action for a while now. The last entry in the series was Rise of the Elves in 2003, with all releases after that being various "gold editions" and such. Thankfully, the series is returning with Disciples III this July, and it looks to be quite the grand return, if this trailer is any indication. It brings back memories of both Heroes of Might and Magic and Disciples II, and that makes us positively tingly with joy.

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GoG.com adds new Disciples bundle for weekend sale

Just like Steam, CD Projekt's GoG.com web site is also offering a regular weekend sale of its classic DRM-free titles. This week the site is putting up a bundle of all of the games currently released in the Disciples turn-based strategy series.

All of the games have been collected into two titles (Disciples: Sacred Lands Gold and Disciples 2 Gold) and for this weekend only GoG.com is offering to sell you both for just $15.99. If you have bought one of the game's previously you can still get a $1.50 savings when you buy the other this weekend. They should prepare you for the upcoming release of Disciples 3 from developer Akella later this year.

Virtual Bargain Bin: Disciples: Sacred Lands

Congratulations, soldier: you survived another week. It's Friday afternoon, and instead of going out partying with your friends, you're anxious to get home, sit down at your computer, and play some new games. Sounds fun! Too bad you're broke. Lucky for you, PC gaming has an impressive library of classic games that are available online for cheap. Hang out with us every Friday so we can take you on a guided tour of some of the greatest bargains available throughout the many tubes of the Internet.

Welcome Big Download's Virtual Bargain Bin, the cure for your weekend gaming woes. This week's classic: Disciples: Sacred Lands.

Boot Disk: Disciples: The Sacred Lands

As the typical five-year lifespan of a console winds toward its conclusion, gamers inevitably pose questions of backwards-compatibility. They wonder, as is only logical, whether the dozens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars they invested in their gaming library will be relevant when the new generation of hardware emerges. Sometimes, as with the Xbox 360's update-oriented system, most last-gen titles will still function properly. Other times, as with the PlayStation 3's confusing array of SKUs, the answer alternates between "maybe," "hopefully," and "who knows"?

Despite occasional hardware hiccups and OS woes, the PC platform has managed to retain its awe-inspiring catalogue of titles, thanks in large part to an active community of uber-geeks intent on doing whatever must be done to ensure that disk-based classics don't fade into obscurity.

Welcome to Boot Disk, a weekly column dedicated to covering PC gaming's impressive and length history. Every Tuesday, we'll examine one of the platform's many titles that still lend themselves to eminence five, 10, 15, or decades' worth of years later. This week's Boot Disk spotlights Disciples: The Sacred Lands, a fun turn-based strategy romp available on Good Old Games.


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