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Dirt 3 to get interesting party style modes

Dirt 3 is due out on May 24 but the off-road racing sim from developer-publisher Codemasters has some interesting tricks up its sleeve for its fans this time. Rock Paper Shotgun has some details of three new "party" modes that take the racing game to some interesting directions.

An example is Outbreak where one car is "infected" and can touch other cars to make them infected as well. The last car who isn't touched by the infected cars is the winner. Another mode is Transporter, a variation of Capture the Flag where the flag tend to spawn in different and random locations.

Our favorite is Invasion where we will be called upon to defend the earth against robots. Well, the robots are cardboard cutouts but you get the idea. The goal is to run over these robots without hitting the (also cardboard) skyscrapers as well.

Dirt 3 trailer unveils dangerous new cars

Group B cars have apparently been banned from rally racing for quite some time, due to the danger of accidental death being far too high. That's not enough to stop Codemasters, however, and Dirt 3 apparently has these dangerous cars in a bracket of their own. After all, you can't die while racing a car in a game! We're not really interested in the racing scene, but we're sure fans of rally sport racing will love that Codemasters has added these cars to Dirt 3.

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Dirt 3's latest developers diary video is all about realism

Dirt 3 already looks extremely realistic but will the upcoming off-road rally racing game from Codemasters have a realistic driving model? The game's latest video developers diary tries its best to present the case that driving this game is much like racing the real cars on the tracks.

The game's development team answers several forum questions about how Dirt 3's new damage model will affect things like steering if you have an accident on the track. It also goes over how each car has a different handling system and how the game's physics make the game the most realistic in the series. We will find out for ourselves if these claims are true when Dirt 3 is released on May 24.

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Feature: The busy, busy month of May (for PC gaming)

For the past few years, PC gamers have usually thought of the month of May as being on the slow side when it comes to new game releases. Indeed in 2010 there were only a few major retail PC game releases during that month; the racing games Split/Second and Blur (both of which turned out to be sales disappointments) and the MMO expansion Age of Conan Rise of the Godslayer.

That isn't the case for May 2011. Indeed there's a boat load of major AAA PC game title that are currently scheduled for release that month. They include the long awaited first person shooter Duke Nukem Forever (May 3) the fantasy RPG The Witcher 2 (May 17) the action-RPG Dungeon Siege 3 (May 31), the sci-fi shooter Brink (May 17) the racing sim Dirt 3 (May 24) and other titles like Red Faction Armageddon, F.E.A.R. 3, and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, all of which are currently scheduled for release sometime in May but don't yet have a specific release day that month (by the way the release dates in this article are ones that are confirmed by the publishers, not necessarily the dates shown on retail web sites which can be inaccurate). Even more PC games could be announced as being released in May in the coming weeks.

What's even more interesting is that for April there are only one or two major PC games that are currently scheduled to be released (Portal 2 on April 18 for example) and June is also looking pretty empty with Hunted The Demon's Forge the only PC game officially scheduled for release that month (and that game is due out on June 1).

So it begs the question: What is it about the month of May that is causing publishers to pile on with lots of new PC game releases while other months like April or June are at the moment looking relatively empty of new game titles?

Dirt 3 gets May 24 worldwide release date

You can add yet another major game title to the already crowded May 2011 release date window. Developer-publisher Codemasters announced today that Dirt 3, its latest entry in its off-road driving sim series, will be released worldwide on May 24 for the PC and other platforms.

This news continues to make May 2011 one of the busiest in new game releases in recent memory. Today's Dirt 3 news has the game join others due out that month including Dungeon Siege 3, F.E.A.R. 3, Duke Nukem Forever, Red Faction Armageddon, Brink, and The Witcher 2.

DiRT 3 trailer explains the art of gymkhana

In urban sports, there's something known as parkour: a sport (and art) where the goal is for a person to move through an uneven space as quickly and fluidly as possible. In regards to cars, this would seen impossible, but gymkhana - a time trial where a rally racer must complete a complicated course as quickly as possible - definitely bears a resemblance to the pedestrian sport. This trailer for DiRT 3 has Ken Block discuss his feelings on the sport as well as show off some of his moves on the gymkhana courses, and it's definitely cool for any racing enthusiast. Those interested in seeing some of rally racing's more complicated moves, like long drifting and 360 spins through objects, will definitely love this trailer. We know Ken Block sure loves gymkhana!

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Dirt 3 developer diary goes in-depth with rally racing

Those that want the utmost in research to go into their games will be pleased to watch this new developer diary for Dirt 3. Several members of the team go in-depth into their research process, including going out and actually partaking in a rally. There is also more information about the game, including how many new surfaces there are, what new locations will be in the game, and how much of the single-player will be comprised of rally racing. They also reveal their favorite rally cars as well as what official cars will be available to race in the game.

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Operation Flashpoint Red River and Dirt 3 due out in second quarter of 2011

Codemasters has two major games coming out in a time period that's usually far less busy for new game releases. Eurogamer reports that the military shooter Operation Flashpoint Red River and the racing game Dirt 3 will both be coming out in the second quarter (April-June) of 2011.

Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens stated that releasing both games in that time period, rather than the busier time period of the first quarter of 2011, was deliberate, saying, "I don't think it does any good to publish in a congested period when everyone's putting out their shooters." In addition you can look for the next game in the GRID racing game series to be released sometime in 2012. Unfortunately, the article doesn't mention the current status of Jumpgate Evolution, the long delayed space-based MMO from developer Netdevil.

Dirt 3 officially announced

With the game's teaser trailer released last weekend, publisher Codemasters has now officially announced its plans to develop a third game in its popular Dirt off-road racing sim series. In its press release today the company said Dirt 3 will have "more cars, more locations, more routes and more events than any other game in the series."

Codemasters also said Dirt 3 will feature double the tracks compared to 2009's Dirt 2. In addition to the typical career mode where you race as a professional rally racer, Dirt 3 also will offer "Gymkhana" style gameplay where drivers have to go through obstacles in time-based races while performing advanced driving techniques. The game is due to be released sometime in 2011.

DIRT 3 debut trailer shows lots of weather

Developer-publisher Codemasters isn't going to make people wait very long for the next game in its Dirt off-road racing series. As promised last week the company unveiled its teaser trailer for Dirt 3 during ESPN's X Games coverage this past weekend and that footage has found its way to YouTube.

The footage doesn't make clear if its comes from the game engine or if its pre-rendered. It does show a off-road racer going through a number of different settings and environments (rain, snow, heat, and summer tourist locations). It ends with an explosive finish but we will leave you to see that for yourself. The trailer shows a 2011 release date for Dirt 3.

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