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This Week In PC Games: April 4-10

After a very busy March for major PC game releases, things slow down a bit for the first full week of April with several smaller downloadable PC games due to be released.

Dino D-Day: This game, which first started life as a Half-Life 2 mod, has one of the more colorful premises we have ever seen. The multiplayer shooter's back story has the Nazi's in WWII creating weapon-based dinosaurs which the Allies have to fight off. The game's developers at 800 North have already promised that this game will get lots of free content after its release on April 8.

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Dino D-Day release date delayed again to April 8 [Update]

dino d-day
Dino D-Day, the upcoming Source Engine-based multiplayer shooter that pits WWII soldiers against Nazi-created dinosaurs, has had its release date pushed back again. Originally set for release on March 1 and then pushed back to March 29, the game is now set for release via Steam on April 8.

Pre-orders for Dino D-Day are scheduled to begin today and pre-order prices will be 10 percent below the game's $19.99 regular price. The final version will contain five maps and three gameplay modes and the development team plans to offer free additional content for the game after it is released.

Update: The pre-order page for Dino D-Day is now live via Steam.

[Via email press release]

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Contest: Get a Dino D-Day multiplayer beta key from Big Download

The long awaited commercial version of the Half-Life 2 mod Dino D-Day is set for release on March 29 but some lucky readers of Big Download will get a chance to play a portion of the game early. We have 100 Steam keys for the just launched beta version of the game that will pit US soldiers against Nazi-created dinosaurs in WWII. You can get more info on the game at the official Dino D-Day web site.

Getting a beta key from us is simple. Just email us at contests@bigdownload.com with the subject line, "Dino D-Day Beta". We will give out the keys until we run out. If you are lucky enough to receive one you will have to have the Steam client and account to plug in the beta key. Once that's done the Steam client will download the beta and you should be all set. You can also head to the official Dino D-Day Steam community site for more info.

Our thanks to Dino D-Day's development team at 800 North for the beta keys. Good luck.

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Exclusive: Dino D-Day release date changed to March 29; beta starts March 1

Last fall it was announced that Dino D-Day, the Source Engine-based multiplayer shooter of Nazi-bred dinosaurs battling the Allies in WWII, would be released via Steam on March 1. As happens with most games the development team at 800 North has decided to take its time to make the game a better experience. As a result, Big Download can exclusively reveal that the the release date for the final commercial version of Dino D-Day has been pushed back a few weeks and is now scheduled for release on March 29.

The good news is that there will be a beta version of Dino D-Day that will be released on March 1. The beta will have all of the human character classes, all of the weapons and all of the dinosaurs in the full game but will only have one map and gameplay mode, according to what 800 North's Abe Scheuermann told Big Download today. The beta version be limited to 1,000 people so keep an eye out on the game's official web site for sign ups. The final version will add more maps and gameplay modes and players can expect free content updates for Dino D-Day after its commercial release. Pricing has yet to be revealed.

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Interview: We get a new Dino D-Day update; game to be released March 1

Ever since its out-of-left-field reveal in November 2009 as a mod for Half-Life 2, the multiplayer shooter Dino D-Day brought together pulp fiction-like settings with humans battling Nazi-generated dinosaurs in an alternate version of World War II. The plan was always to make a commercial version of the game but until today there was no word on when that might happen.

Today, as revealed just a few minutes ago on GameTrailersTV, it was announced that Dino D-Day will indeed make its commercial game debut on March 1, 2011 via Steam. In order to mark the occasion Big Download got the game's creator Abe Scheuermann to give us an update, including a change in the name of the game's development team, more details on the game itself and more. We also have some new exclusive screenshots from the game itself. You can check out our first and our second interview with Abe to get even more background on the game.

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Dino D-Day getting some GameTrailersTV promotion Thursday night

Over a year ago a Half-Life 2 mod that combined a World War II shooter with dinosaurs made a surprise appearance. Dino D-Day got a ton of media attention at the time and its developer Digital Ranch Interactive has given us not one but two interviews about its plans for a commercial version of the game.

Now it looks like we will be getting a big update on the game's progress from a somewhat unlikely source. SpikeTV's GameTrailersTV will apparently be giving Dino D-Day some face time in its next episode on Thursday night at 1:10 am (technically its Friday morning but we won't quibble). Will we get some concrete info on the game's commercial launch? Stay tuned. We plan to email the dev team to see if we can get any info beforehand.

Download the Dino D-Day Half-Life 2 mod at Big Download

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Interview: We chat with the co-creator of Dino D-Day

Nazis. Dinosaurs. Without a doubt these are two of pop culture's biggest and most used groups of bad guys. But what if these two totally different groups suddenly joined forces? That's the uber-cool premise behind Dino D-Day. The upcoming Source Engine based game has the Nazis bringing in the big lizards to help them in their quest to take over the world in World War II. The game comes from new developer Digital Ranch Interactive which has just released a free Half-Life 2 mod that serves as a demo for what they have planned for the full game. You can download that mod right now at Big Download.

Big Download got a chance to ask some questions to Digital Ranch Interactive's co-founder Abe Scheuermann to find out more about their plans for the game, his reaction to how well the mod release has been received and more.

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