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Delta Force Xtreme 2 revealed

After being in a kind of corporate coma for the past few years, developer-publisher Novalogic has apparently decided to wait up. Late last month they released a Delta Force 10th Anniversary collection of all their previous games in the military shooter franchise. They also have an all new game, Delta Force: Angel Falls, that's supposedly due out sometime this year.

However Novalogic is apparently releasing yet another new Delta Force PC game very soon. Novalogic's official web site has a banner that show a box cover for something called Delta Force Xtreme 2. The first Delta Force Xtreme game was a graphical revamp of the original Delta Force game with some new missions. There's no more info about the new game on Novalogic's site. However, according to posts on fan site NovaHQ from supposed sources in Novalogic, Delta Force Xtreme 2 will be an all new game and not a remake of a previous title in the series. We've contacted Novalogic's PR rep to try to find out more info.

Download the Delta Force: Xtreme 2 Deno (290 MB)

Novalogic re-launches Novaworld with new Delta Force game collection

.While we still wait for Novalogic to give us more info about their next Delta Force shooter, Angel Falls, the developer sent over word that they are relaunching their Novaworld online multiplayer service. not only gets players into Novalogic-supported online games but also supports player and squad web page, video, blogs and more.

Novalogic has also launched the new Delta Force 10th Anniversary game collection this week. The $29.99 collection has all of the Delta Force branded titles (Delta Force, Delta Force 2, Delta Force Land Warrior, Delta Force Task Force Dagger, Delta Force Black Hawk Down, and Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre) in one package along with three strategy guides and a soundtrack CD. All of the games have been updated to make sure they run well on Windows XP and Vista. People who purchase the game before Feb. 28 will be able to get a 60-day VIP Gold membership in the new Novaworld community site.

2009 (And Beyond) PC Game Preview: Action-FPS Titles Part 1

Christmas is now over and we are now just a few days away from the start of 2009. As with the beginning of any new year there is a feeling of excitement of what the next 365 days will bring. For the PC game industry the new year is already looking very bright with a ton of highly anticipated game titles due to be released in the next 12 months.

Big Download has looked into our crystal ball (ok, it's actually a Bioshock bobble head doll) for all of the games we hope to be playing in 2009. The result is a multi-part preview we will be running in the last days before 2008 is over with that will give you some idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that our preview is not meant to be totally comphensive as there are a number of games our there that have yet to be announced. Also, release dates for games can and do change so many of the titles in our feature might not make 2009 (in fact we have put in some games that we know won't be released this year)

We even have some exclusive new screenshots to some of the games we are featuring in our preview article. One such shot is above from the upcoming Raven Software-id Software-Activision shooter Wolfenstein. For our first part of our 2009 PC game preview we take a look at a number of upcoming action and first person shooter titles. Stay tuned on Saturday as we will preview even more action games in the works.

Update: The second part of our action-FPS preview is now live

Click on the image above to continue reading our 2009 PC game preview on action and FPS titles

More Delta Force: Angel Falls screenshots revealed

Novalogic has been teasing us with word on their next Delta Force shooter, sub-titled Angel Falls, for some time now. Earlier this month we reported on some info on the game that was leaked via a third party publisher. Now more screenshots from the game have been revealed.

Those screenshots come from a web site titled, a site that's apparently owned by Novalogic and one which might be the next major version of their online multiplayer operation of the same name. The screenshots, which we have reproduced here, show off more of Angel Falls's outdoor levels and vehicles. Now if we can just get Novalogic to wake up and make the announcement of this game official....

Delta Force: Angel Falls info revealed?

Several months ago Novalogic began running a teaser on their site about Delta Force: Angel Falls, presumably the next game in their military shooter series. Novalogic hasn't revealed anything else about the game except for the title since then but a European publisher called MTR Soft may have jumped the gun with some first details about the title.

The notice on the publisher's web site claims the game is due out in July 2009 and will have the Delta Force team engage in battles in South American countries like Colombia and Venezuela.. In addition to a single player campaign there will be multiplayer modes with maps that can hold up to 200 players. There's even some PC hardware system requirements listed although since this is coming from a third party source and not from Novalogic we would suggest a grain of salt about this info. We will contact Novalogic this week to see if any of this info is legit.

[Via Blue's News]

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