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Free version of CryEngine 3 now used by over 250 universities

Over two years ago, developer Crytek announced plans to allow universities to get a free license to use its CryEngine 3 graphics engine for educational use. This week Crytek announced that over 250 universities from all over the world have been granted such a license.

The engine is being used by schools for game development courses but it's also being applied to teach students about "hysics, computer science, architecture, film-making, art and design use" and more. As we recently reported, Crytek plans to offer up a free version of CryEngine 3 for anyone to use to make free stand alone games sometime later this summer.

Download: Crysis 2 v1.4 Patch

The newest patch for Crysis 2 updates the game to v1.4. This update includes a number of gameplay fixes and enhancements such as multiplayer vote kicking, removing a number of exploits, and improving SSAO graphics performance with some video cards. The complete list of changes can be found after the jump.

Download Crysis 2 v1.4 Patch (50 MB)
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Crysis 2 editor and free stand alone CryEngine SDK coming this summer

As hinted at a few months ago Crytek plans to not only add a free editor for its recent first person shooter Crysis 2 but will also release a free stand alone version of its CryEngine 3 game development tools.

In a message on the (currently being revamped) web site, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli states that early this summer the editor for Crysis 2 will be released for people who want to make new levels and content for the game. However in August will come the CryEngine SDK. Yerli says, "This will be a complete version of our engine, including C++ code access, our content exporters (including our LiveCreate real-time pipeline), shader code, game sample code from Crysis 2, script samples, new improved Flowgraph and a whole host of great asset examples, which will allow teams to build complete games from scratch for PC." Crytek plans to release regular updates to the tools and will also provide documentation to use the tools.

While developers can create free stand alone games with the CryEngine SDK, they can also choose to sell those games commercially. Yerli states, "If you want to take your product down a traditional commercial route, we will offer an innovative low cost licensing model if you want to release your game digitally." No details on that model have been announced yet.

Download: Crysis 2 PC 1.2.0 patch

If you have been waiting for a new PC patch for Crysis 2 your wait is over. Crytek's official message boards for the game have revealed the patch notes for the just released PC patch. The notes reveal that the patch contains some more anti-cheating measures along with the option for crouch toggle in both single player and multiplayer.

There's also some login issues that are fixed as well as one that caused some players to lose Nano Catalyst points after restarting the game. Steam users who have already downloaded the patch are apparently getting some long loading times but the Steam version should have that fixed in a few days.

Download the Crysis 2 PC 1.2.0 patch at Big Download

Crysis 2 releases automatic PC security update

As promised, publisher Electronic Arts and developer Crytek have released a new PC update for their recently first person shooter sequel Crysis 2. This automatic update is the first of a planned series designed to book multiplayer security in the game.

According to the MyCrysis message boards, the update goes after "accounts that we have identified as exploiting an unfair advantage". Those accounts have now been reset and according to the message board post, "if the activity persists they will be banned permanently."

Meanwhile Crytek has once again put down rumors about a possible DirectX 11 patch for Crysis 2 in its message boards, stating, "No announcements have been made on this topic and anything read on other sites is purely speculation."

Crysis 2 dev team going after PC cheaters; rumor claims DirectX 11 patch months away

Crysis 2 remains a fairly controversial game for its PC owners with many saying that Crytek's latest first person shooter needed more development time. Today on the message board a Crytek rep said that the game's multiplayer modes will get some help, specifically on keeping cheaters and hackers out. The message board post states, "We are currently taking steps to permanently remove cheats from Crysis 2 and those individuals that choose to utilize them."

Meanwhile reports via unnamed sources that the long awaited DirectX 11 update for Crysis 2 is still two to three months away from being released. The article claims that Crytek only started putting DirectX 11 features in the game last November and that it wasn't ready to be put into the final version before its release last week. Neither Crytek nor publisher Electronic Arts have officially confirmed that a DirectX 11 patch is even in the works.

Review: Crysis 2

It has been four years since its release and Crysis is still being held up as the machine-killer of all PC games. Whenever you buy a new rig, chances are you will hear the inevitable, "Well, yeah, but can it run Crysis on the highest settings?" As a game, however, it had a number of faults, including unintuitive suit usage, hilariously idiotic AI, and a lack of focus in many of the massive levels. Crysis 2, as strange as it seems, feels like a direct response to these criticisms. A developer redressing a game's flaws in said game's sequel? No way! That's not to say, however, that Crysis 2 is without its own flaws. While it's a fantastic game worthy of picking up, it's also currently suffering from one of the worst launches we have ever experienced. This is the gist of Crytek's latest effort: an excellent game, but one filled to the brim with experience-altering issues.

Crytek: No DirectX 11 patch today; 1.2 PC patch coming later this week

A number of web sites have been reporting today that Crytek had plans to release a new patch sometime today for the PC port of its just released first person shooter Crysis 2. The patch was reported by these sites to finally update the game to support DirectX 11 graphics cards. However a post on the official message boards has put these rumors to rest.

According to Crytek's community manager, "No patch was ever confirmed, I have no idea why this website even posted such information." He added, "When there are any big announcements regarding Crysis 2 they will be posted on MyCrysis, if you read something about a patch for example, but don't see it on, then it isn't genuine." On the plus side the community manager stated in another forum post there will be a new PC patch for the game available via auto-updater later this week but there's no word on what the patch will contain.

Download: Crysis 2 Day 1 Patch

This day 1 patch for Crysis 2 addresses a number of gameplay issues and bugs based on player feedback, including the complete removal of the auto-aim system from the PC release. A full list of changes can be read after the jump.

Download Crysis 2 Day 1 Patch (35 MB)
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Crysis 2 PC multiplayer workaround revealed

Crysis 2 for the PC has been out for a couple of days in the US but apparently a number of players have been having issues with the multiplayer serial key in Crytek's latest sci-fi shooter. Some players have been getting error messages stating the multiplayer key was already in use when that was not true.

While Crytek has yet to issue a patch to correct this issue, publisher Electronic Arts has issued an easy workaround procedure that should solve the problem for those players:
  • Go to multiplayer and type in your key
  • Navigate back to Single Player
  • Go back into multiplayer and re-enter your key


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